Breaking The Day - Chapter 6

Based on his usual personality, he would’ve said ‘f*** this’, shake his sleeves and turn to leave. Who’d want to be dragged into mud like that? A man like Young Master Li would not intervene in matters like that. 

But there was also a famous poet who wrote: “There was once a beauty in the north, her beauty was enough to demolish cities and nations.” Su Zhixian was such beauty, one who was pretty enough to drag him into drama like that. He had heard of her name too. 

The beauty was in front of him. She looked so pitiful as she cried, her soft voice begging him for help. Her skin was like jade, her curves were enticing; he smelled some intoxicating fragrance wafting off her that was enough to convince him. 

At this point, even a person with a heart of stone would not want to abandon her! Plus Li Chengfeng would not bear to see a lady like this. 

Li Chengfeng had intended to trick the other guy but he didn’t expect them to actually attack them. At this moment, he felt like his head was going to explode. He was about to abandon her but the words did not make it past his lips. He hadn’t realised that he was already drenched in his own sweat. Wiping his forehead, he said, “Don’t cry, don’t cry! I… I… Let me think of something.” 

She immediately stopped sobbing but large drops of tears still fell from her eyes. She covered her mouth but tears flowed down her hand like bright pearls. They disappeared into the ground, perhaps telling of her fate soon. 

Li Chengfeng dared not look directly at her. He peeked out of the window to see the leader outside talking in a low voice to a subordinate. The subordinate suddenly turned and sprinted off. 

Li Chengfeng felt chills down his back, knowing they were going to make their move soon. If he didn’t do something soon, he might die here. 

His mind raced as he muttered to himself, “This is bad! Why did I have to come in here? I have nothing to do with that Silver Hairpin! Why did she want to hurt me? And why does that man want you? Is Zhixi an accomplice in this? Sigh, Zhixi…” 

He quickly refuted himself, “No, no… No way, how could Zhixi be an accomplice?” 

Su Zhixian had a ray of hope. “Perhaps they’re here to catch Zhixi?” 

Li Chengfeng gave her an odd look. “Why don’t you go out and ask them?”

She cried again. “But if they’re not after me, who else? Why did I wake up here? Why not somewhere else? And sir, why are you here? Why aren’t you somewhere else?” 

And this snapped him back to reality! 

Yeah, why him? 

If they were here for Su Zhixian, then could it be that Liu Zhixi brought her here? Silver Hairpin looked anxious just now, and then looked happy to see me. She couldn’t wait to bring me here. It’s obvious she knew something about this! She wanted me to take the blame! 

Li Chengfeng made many speculations and muttered, “Silver Hairpin is just a servant, she might not be the main culprit. But Liu Zhixi… Why would she want to harm me? We have no enmity between us?!” 

Su Zhixian suddenly whispered, “Sir, it is difficult to read one’s intentions sometimes!” 

He shot up with fire in his eyes, “A woman’s heart is more venomous than the hornet’s sting!” 

He slammed a palm on the bedpost, snapping it in half. The chiffon curtains on the bedframe came drifting down as the bedframe swayed to the side. He suddenly noticed a small piece of clothing fabric under the bed! 

Stunned, he squatted down to move away the chiffon curtains to look at it. He was so surprised he fell back on his bottom!

There was a person under the bed. This person was clad in green clothing with pretty flowers embroidered on the sleeves. It enhanced the beauty of the owner of this dress, who had her arms crossed in front of her. He saw her delicate, long fingers, each resembling a marble carving. Her eyes were shut tight, her face pale. There was no sign of life. 

This was Liu Zhixi! 

Li Chengfeng only needed one look to confirm that she was Liu Zhixi! 

That was because he had watched one of her musical performances before. While she had a veil on, the unique flower designs drawed on her forehead and her thin, graceful fingers were deeply etched in his mind. 

Li Chengfeng got up to test her pulse at her neck. Two moments later, he fell back on the bed as if he had lost his soul. He muttered to himself, “What happened? Who killed her? Why would they want to kill her?” 

As he muttered to himself, the man outside started yelling impatiently after seeing that nothing was happening in the building. “Cheng Qianfang! You’ll never get away with this! Just follow my orders…”

Li Chengfeng felt a deep impact on his head, then a sharp ringing in his ear. Everything went blur as he felt his head grow heavier. He leaned sideways, then collapsed.

The last face he saw was Su Zhixian’s panicked face, her pretty lips opening and closing as if calling out to him. But he couldn’t hear anything. He slipped into darkness. 

Now that Li Chengfeng was unconscious, Su Zhixian heaved a sigh of relief. One of her hands extended from behind her back, holding a mudra. There was a soft blue glow on her fingertip. 

She looked at him, not sure to laugh or not. She was no longer the pitiful, fragile girl. Her eyes were cold as she turned to look outside. The man was still yelling. “...Cheng Qianfang, hand over your True Yuan Pills now! Treat it as an act of generosity for this lifetime of yours!” 

Su Zhixian scoffed. “Hmmph, such recklessness! If I weren’t wounded by Zhan Qitian, would you be so arrogant today?” 

The man said in a cold voice. “Cheng Qianfang, finally dropped your act? Then come out this instant, I’ll be gentle on you!” 

Her eyes darted around. “Let me think…”

As she spoke, her thin, phoenix-like eyes squinted in delight. Her smirk was cold. “A handsome man indeed, can’t believe he’s a virgin though! Can’t believe a virgin man of pure Yang energy was delivered to my doorstep at a moment like this! At least some of my powers still recover now!” 

The man outside yelled, “Cheng Qianfang, you were struck by my master’s Dragon Flame Wave. Even if you run to the corners of the world, the dragon flames will still burn your intestines! Accept your fate, you’ll never get away with this!” 

Su Zhixian’s face paled, her teeth chattering. There was indescribably fury and fear in her eyes. She had been suffering every single day, and it was pure torture! 

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