Breaking The Day - Chapter 61

You San’s appearance frightened Green Bead, fear apparent on her face. 

This man was not considered ugly. He had a long face, slender eyes and small pupils. The corners of his eyes were upturned while his eyebrows were slightly downturned in a ‘八’ shape. His cheekbones were high, his cheeks slightly sunken and deep laugh lines framed his mouth. 

When You San stared at Green Bead, she felt like she was being targeted by a bald eagle, feeling chills in her bones. 

It was You San, the man who could silence all of Cheng’an’s babies with just one look. 

Even if one was not familiar with him, one look at his face was enough to tell you that this was no ordinary man. 

“Looks like…” You San’s voice sounded like any man but his words were chilling. “ was a tragedy indeed.” 

You San walked slowly into the main hall, his eyes studying every corner. Asparta and Agatha did not know this person but they could sense danger. They both leaned against each other, clutching their hands tight. 

Green Bead asked with a stony expression, “You San, what are you here for?” 

He chuckled and stared straight at her with an unmasked thirst. “I’m here to see you, Sister Green Bead.” As he spoke, he took one step forward. 

She immediately took a step back to keep the distance between them. “You San, our Li family has never crossed paths with you. What are you here for?” 

He averted his greedy gaze and looked around with a chuckle. “I heard your Li family was struck by disaster so I came to check on you.” 

Green Bead replied coldly, “Are you done? Then you may leave.” 

He smiled. “Hey, is this how the Li family treats its guests?” 

“We do not welcome uninvited guests.” 

“Anyone who enters this house is a guest, why must we talk technicalities? Plus, we’re neighbours so what’s so surprising about this?” 

She furrowed her brows tightly. “You San, stop beating around the bush. What are you here for?” 

He walked up to an injured servant in front of the hall and flipped their blanket open. “Like I said, I came to check on you guys…” He bent over and scratched the servant’s wound with his finger. 

The servant gasped in pain, fresh blood seeping through their bandage. You San touched the fresh blood and rolled his fingers, chuckling, “Looks like you’re not doing too bad. At least the Li family has not gone extinct!” 

Green Bead paled, forcing her voice to stop trembling, “You San, our Li family bears no enmity with you. Why must we force anything?” 

You San stood up and walked to her, reaching out to play with her hair around her shoulders. “Yeah, we bear no enmity. But I bear no enmity with… money either.” 

She was shaking slightly and wanted to take a step back but one fierce flash in his eyes seemed to lock her in her spot. 

He stepped closer to smell her perfume and teased, “Someone is offering to pay for your Li family’s heads. Do you think I should take this deal?” 

Green Bead was already losing it. Her voice shook, eyes reddening but she forced a smile despite her terror, “You San, how much did they offer? We’ll pay double!” 

He laughed heartily. “Money is great but we must be alive to spend it!” He took a deep breath on her skin, looking drunk. “It’s a pity. Green Bead, if only you came with me years ago, then would you be in such trouble today?” 

Tears welled up in her eyes as she forced a seductive smile. Unfortunately, it looked terrible and unlike the usually sunny smile she bore. “You San, if you would just show some generosity today, I, Green Bead… will… be… yours.” When she finished, tears flowed down her cheeks. 

He reached out to wipe her tears away, whispering, “Green Bead, guess you only cry when you’re at death’s door! It’s too late! Where are all the Li family members? I don’t want to see anyone missing!” 

Green Bead’s face fell. Since the situation had come to this, courage welled up as she took a step back and wiped her tears fiercely. “Then don’t you dare touch me!” 

You San laughed. “You? I still want you! Even if you’re dead! Not just me, my brothers too! We don’t care!” 

Green Bead’s face was ashen. She trembled, absolutely hopeless. What now? What now? What if this was Madam? What would she do? But perhaps she would not be able to do anything either! If Young Master was here, You San would not act so recklessly! 

Green Bead’s tears flowed as she thought of him. That was the young man who had grown up with her, the young man she saw every day of her life. She had been utterly devastated by his disappearance. 

In the past, she was the one who cared for him, ensuring that his food and daily necessities were all in order. However, as he slowly grew into a young man, this mischievous, reckless teenager had quietly become the family’s protector. This had grown to be a painfully obvious fact only when he had disappeared. 

The Li family could only grow their roots in Cheng’an partially because of Li Chengfeng’s cunning and courage. His notoriety as King of Troublemakers was not a joke at all. While You San was a ruthless, inhumane killer, he still was Li Chengfeng’s equal in terms of influence. If the Young Master was here, he still would not dare act so recklessly. 

He lifted her chin, grinning. “Come, come serve your Sir You San before you die. Then I will give the Li family a quick death. If not… hehe, you’ll see what I am capable of!” 

Green Bead had heard of what he could do. Even thinking of them was terrifying. Death was the only escape from his tortures! 

After a long moment of hesitation, she said with a trembling voice, “Shall we go to the back yard?” 

He laughed. “No, just here! No one leaves! I want to see how great this snobbish Green Bead is compared to the prostitutes!” 

Green Bead kept her expression stony, forcing herself to not cry. Through blurry tears, she saw the other servants who were all shocked to the core. 

Asparta’s hand moved slightly, about to step forward but Green Bead shook her head lightly. Agatha clutched his hand so he could not move. He panted heavily, glaring at You San with fire in his eyes but did not move. 

In the end, tears fell like a string of pearls down Green Bead’s cheek as she lifted her shaky hands to her first button, gently unbuttoning her clothing. 

You San’s breaths became heavier! 

Just at this moment, there was a sudden commotion outside and a loud slam. A shadow kicked the door down and flew into the hall, landed and did a roll until he stopped in front of You San. Suddenly, he spat a mouthful of black blood, then struggled to extend a hand towards You San and finally took his last breath. 

You San’s gaze focused. This was one of his loyal followers! 

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