Breaking The Day - Chapter 62

Li Chengfeng guessed that something might happen to his family while he was away but he never imagined it would be this… serious. 

“Young Master…” When Su Yuehan was almost a hundred metres away from the house, she noticed that something was wrong. All their neighbours had an odd look and quickly shut their windows as if they had the plague. Many secretly watched through the gaps of their window panes while a few kinder ones made small gestures and waved. 

“Something’s wrong?” Su Yuehan stopped, looking up to the frowning Li Chengfeng. 

He laughed coldly. “It’s more serious than that! Alright, let’s see which b*stard dares bully my family right after disaster struck us!” 

She looked worried. “Young Master, should we hide and wait it out?” 

“Hide?” He folded his sleeves up and said mildly, “This time, my greatest lesson is, some matters cannot be avoided!” 

He looked up and strode inside. All the gangsters surrounding the house tightly were stunned to see him, beginning to whisper among themselves. 

“Eh, isn’t that the Young Master Li?” 

“Yeah, didn’t they say he died?” 

“No, they said he fell down the cliff!” 

“Nonsense, he fell from Phoenix Mountain, isn’t that the same as dying? You go jump down and tell me if you die!” 

“Then have you gone blind? This guy’s alive and well!” 

All the gangsters looked at him with reverence. They had all suffered under this Young Master before. He had mixed in the streets since thirteen, every person here had a bloody history of being beaten up by Li Chengfeng. 

Painful memories taught them one thing: do not provoke the Li family’s Young Master. Even if you win against him today, he will come back the next time and will make you suffer several times over! 

Unless you can kill him! 

But the Li family had not paid the Spiritual Mountain Sects a fortune in offerings for nothing! Which gangster here would dare kill him? 

If it wasn’t for the rumour that he had fallen into the valley and their deduction that he was dead, they would not have come. 

The members outside were not considered You San’s most loyal followers yet. Since they were afraid of the King of Troublemakers, they all opened up a path for him. The more timid ones complained of stomach aches and ran off, attracting disgusted looks. 

Li Chengfeng’s eyes scanned across everyone. These were all good-for-nothings who were here to gain some benefits from today’s raid. Their tactic was to rob their victims during chaos. Now, their legs shook as they saw his face, remembering the ways he used to make them suffer. 

He walked to one of the leaders, regarded him from head to toe and said coldly, “Brother Bai, how kind of you to come visit the Li family. Why are you all standing outside? Why not come in for a seat?” 

Brother Bai’s face paled as he forced a smile. “Young Master, calm down. We’re just here to ask for compensation for our dead brothers. We were hired to attend your Li ancestral prayers, yet they died. We need to talk about that, don’t we?” 

All the other people almost stuck out their thumbs at his adaptability. Can’t believe you thought of that! No wonder they say you’re smart! 

Chengfeng smiled faintly. “If that is the case, you should come in and we’ll run the numbers together.” 

Brother Bai quickly stopped him. “There’s no need. We heard that something happened to you and we were worried the Li family would not be able to pay up. That’s why we came! But now that you’re back, we know that you’ll be able to pay us.” 

“Oh? So you mean you would have bullied my family if I hadn’t returned?” 

Brother Bai’s face fell as he slapped himself, “Yes -- no--- no! We wouldn’t dare! We just wanted to negotiate, negotiate! Don’t you know us well? We’re all reasonable men!” 

Everyone else chorused, “Yeah, we’re all reasonable men!” 

Li Chengfeng laughed heartily. “Alright, if you’re all so reasonable, looks like I’m the only unreasonable one?” 

Brother Bai frowned bitterly. “Young Master, that’s enough of jokes. We admit our mistakes, just beat us up then!” 

Li Chengfeng’s expression faded and he said coldly, “Strip naked and swim back!” 

“Huh?” Not just Brother Bai, the rest were all startled too. 

It was winter, even early winter was winter! And there had been a snowstorm just two days prior, the river outside the alley was half-frozen! 

He squinted. “Hmm?” 

Brother Bai’s chest tightened. He was about to agree when someone could not bear to listen any longer. This person stepped out and laughed. “What nonsense! You scrawny dog…” 

This person was You San’s loyal follower. He was about to insult Li Chengfeng but before he finished, Li Chengfeng kicked and he flew like a cannonball through the door and into the great hall. 

Someone else yelled. “Brother! Li Chengfeng, that’s enough…” 

Before he finished, Li Chengfeng twisted his arm to retrieve the bone spear behind him and punctured his chest. 

The person spat a mouthful of blood, struggling to pull out the spear but Li Chengfeng lifted him up with just one hand like a prey he hunted. The person struggled but stopped moving very soon. 

Everyone quickly retreated backwards. 

Brother Bai’s legs shook, peeing himself when he saw how Li Chengfeng killed two people in a row. 

With one hand holding the spear with the person still hanging on it, he turned to Brother Bai. “I thought I heard some complaints, did you hear any?”

Brother Bai shook his head hard and stuttered, “…” 

“Then why aren’t you all swimming yet? What are you doing here? Are you waiting for me to invite you inside?” 

As if awoken from a dream, Brother Bai sprinted off but fell within a few metres due to uncontrollable shivers. He scrambled up, tearing his clothes off and running out into the alley. Everyone else, as if on cue, also tore off their clothes and ran after him to the city river, naked. 

The river was not far away from the alley. Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan watched as the naked men jumped into the waters like naked dumplings, all of them screaming in the water. A fisherman rowing his boat down the river stared with his eyes widened while his young daughter screamed and hid under the boat’s tarp. 

Su Yuehan had not seen anything like this in her long life. Her jaw dropped, then she lowered her head and covered her face. Yet her eyes could be seen through the gaps of her fingers and she could not hold back her giggles. 

These violent criminals did not even dare fart in front of Young Master Li, looks like only a monster can torture fellow monsters! 

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