Breaking The Day - Chapter 64

Li Chengfeng was shocked at what Madam Xie said. “Why must it be Spiritual Mountain? Because the Li family has been paying offerings? But Zhan Qisheng, who is now our enemy, is also going to Spiritual Mountain Sect! If I go, that would be a death wish!” 

However, Li Chengfeng was still severely underestimating Zhan Qisheng as an air-headed, arrogant rich son. What he never expected was that this was a crazy man who would release a magical beast on civilians!

Plus, anyone who was not blind already figured out it was done by Zhan Qisheng but… who would tell on the Zhan family? How many people in this world was powerful enough to take the fourth son of the Zhan family to court? Even if this was the least important, least capable son of the family, he was still powerful! 

Everyone knew how powerful the Zhan family’s protection was! 

Although the Li and Zhan families were now enemies, Li Chengfeng was not idiotic enough to show up in front of Zhan Qisheng before he was powerful enough. 

Plus he had also previously crossed the Spiritual Mountain Sect. Although no one currently knows of what he’d done, this was eventually going to bite him. 

However, he never regretted stealing the Spiritual Mountain’s offerings. If time turned back, he would do it again because this was not the first time he had taken advantage of the sect and he was not the only one. 

The Spiritual Mountain Sect was a gigantic beast with countless tiny parasites living on its body. Li Chengfeng was one of them, though this time he had stepped out of line. 

Madam Xie frowned bitterly. “My son, think about it. Have you seen Uncle Kun these days?” 

Li Chengfeng paused, then realised he had not seen the loyal, quiet butler in a while. “What has that got to do with this?” 

Madam Xie touched his cheek gently, gazing at him. “My son, do you know… who you are?” 

He thought to himself: Well this is new! Mother, are you going to tell me my real family name is Wang and not Li? Wait, unless you know I’m a… time traveller? That’s terrifying. 

He said carefully, “Mother, what do you mean?” 

She gazed lovingly at him, he had not seen this look in a long time. “When I gave birth to you, I remember it was December 18th of the eighth Tianqi year. It snowed heavily that day, the birth was so difficult. You really made me suffer, you. That day, there was a strange phenomenon in the skies. While I was semi-conscious, a sudden gust of wind with golden glow blew into the room, then you were born. That was why I named you Li Chengfeng.” 

Li Chengfeng recalled something, his expression changing. 

“That was the day the traitorous immortal reincarnated to this realm…” 

When he saw her look at him, he could not help but ask, “Mother, you think I’m the reincarnation of the traitorous immortal?” 

She looked at him but did not speak. 

“Didn’t you say the traitorous immortal was killed a long time ago? The emperor sent a kill order for all the babies born in the city with the golden ray…” 

Madam Xie gave a grateful smile. “The Li family bloodline should not end just like that. I left just in time. Although there was someone hunting us down afterwards, the heavens must have pitied us because two kind souls helped us escape.” 

Li Chengfeng had not heard her speak of this before, now his jaw dropped. Although he was a reincarnate, he did not remember anything from when he was a baby. 

“Who helped?” 

She smiled. “You know this person and you’ve met them a few days ago.” 

“Hmm? A few days ago? No, I haven’t met any strangers recently…” 

He widened his eyes. “The Martial Saint Zhang Zhaijun and that…?”

She placed her palms together in a prayer gesture and sighed. “Yes, the other is Saint Doctor Xie Yufei. Our Li family owes them too much. If you meet them, you must repay them as best you can, alright?” 

Li Chengfeng grew emotional. “Where is the Martial Saint now? Where did he go after saving us? Didn’t you make him stay? With him around, no one would hurt the Li family!” 

She smiled bitterly. “Do you think I hadn’t thought of that? The Martial Saint kept coughing up blood after hitting the beast down the valley so I invited them to our house to rest but they refused. The Saint Doctor said that if they cannot find the spiritual medicine needed to treat his injury within a year, he will…” 

He sighed. “I hate that I am so helpless, that I cannot repay them for the two times they saved my life.” 

“We must be grateful, especially since they saved our lives! If you become successful one day, you must repay them!” 

He nodded solemnly. “Mother, you haven’t told me why I must go to the Spiritual Mountain Sect.” 

She smiled bitterly. “You must be wondering how I knew you were the immortal reincarnate, right? Other than the peculiar phenomenon during your birth? Heh, which family isn’t bragging to the world that their child was born under some heavenly miracle in this economy?”

He laughed, “That’s true, so you really aren’t talking shi… uh, bragging, right?” 

She replied proudly, “Although our family has been declining, lying like that is still beneath us. Do you remember that Sun Boren from Spiritual Mountain?” 

He looked furious. “Of course I do.” 

She looked at him with a complicated gaze. “What do you think happened to him?”

“Huh?” Li Chengfeng was puzzled. “What do you mean?” 

“That day, when Sun Boren ran his evaluation for you, a bright golden light shone from your body. It was a blinding light that filled the room, Sun Boren’s eyes were blinded by the light…” 

Li Chengfeng’s eyes widened. He stuttered, “Me? I have such powers in my body?” 

She asked patiently, “My son, have you not noticed anything unusual with yourself?” 

He fell silent. He had indeed noticed unusual occurrences. The dream he had when he was unconscious at Zhixi’s place, the miraculous recoveries after sustaining two major injuries, uncontrollable incidents in the face of spells and seals… All these now had a logical explanation. 

Am I really the traitorous immortal reincarnate? 

But… but I came from the modern world! 

So if I’m the immortal reincarnate, who was the ‘me’ from the modern world? Which one is the real me then?! 

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