Breaking The Day - Chapter 65

Li Chengfeng was dumbfounded. His mother’s words had made him question his entire life. 

What if he had two souls? 

If he was the reincarnated immortal, then what were the memories he had from the modern world? If he wasn’t, then why did he have inexplicable powers? 

Everything was a mess. 

He spaced out for a while, then smiled bitterly. “Mother, if I really am the reincarnated traitorous immortal, then I definitely can’t go to the Spiritual Mountain Sect. The palace had given a kill order. If my identity was found out, I’m afraid…” 

Madam Xie shook her head. “No, it’s the opposite. I initially wanted to use ancestral prayers as an excuse to leave Cheng’an and Spiritual Mountain Sect but after these matters, if we leave now, that would be the same as admitting we hurt Sun Boren. I was asking you, have you noticed that Uncle Kun hasn’t been around?” 

Li Chengfeng’s mind raced. He gasped, “Mother… you mean the Spiritual Mountain Sect is already secretly suspecting us?” 

She nodded. “If Uncle Kun returned safely, that would mean they do not suspect us. However, he hasn’t returned. This is a terrifying message!” 

He now completely understood. Emotions unstable, he heaved a long sigh. “I understand now. We must enter the mountain despite knowing of the tiger’s presence! It’s the last resort.” 

Chengfeng was a resilient person. After making the decision, his hesitation and fears disappeared. “Now that they’re already suspecting us, then I’ll just be extra cautious when I enter the sect. But, are you sure I’ll definitely get in?” 

The Spiritual Mountain Sect only held entry examinations once a decade. They were marked very strict and while he was a proud man, Chengfeng still doubted himself. 

Madam Xie went to the nightstand and opened a small drawer. She took a golden invitation card out and gave it to him. 

He was astonished when he recognised what it was. “The Spiritual Mountain Sect’s golden invitation? You got it from Sun Boren?” 

She nodded. “If you want to enter the sect, you’ll have to bring this along and look as righteous as you can, as if it was your right. Plus, you’ll definitely pass the initial ceremony with the invitation, you won’t be eliminated that round.” 

He took it righteously, “We deserve this anyway!” 

They had paid ten years’ worth of offerings, of course they did! The poor treatment was ridiculous, plus the jerk had insulted his mother. The hatred within him faded when he thought about how the jerk’s eyes had literally been burned off. He’ll let Sun Boren go if they ever met again, the guy was already blind. 

However, the jerk probably would not recognise him anyway, because he did not have eyes! 

Li Chengfeng and Madam Xie gazed at each other solemnly and longingly. 

“Mother, I still have two requests.” 

She looked at him. “Is the first one related to Zhao Xiaobao?” 

He nodded. “Xiaobao has been with me since young, he’s basically my brother. I cannot let him live outside, homeless. Mother, please show mercy. He has been a loyal servant, let him return.” 

She sighed. “I’ll get someone to look for him. I’ve actually made arrangements for him to go to Yong’an City, the place we were supposed to go to, so he could make initial arrangements before our arrival. Can’t believe this happened though. I hope he’s alright.” 

“I knew you were a kind-hearted person! It was all part of the plan, right?” 

She smiled. “You’re smart! What’s the other request?” 

“I want Su Yuehan to accompany me to Spiritual Mountain Sect.” 

“What? You want a handmaiden to be your cultivation partner?” 

He nodded, a determined look in his eyes. 

She scolded angrily, “Have you fallen for her?” 

He shook his head. “While she is pretty, I’m not a thirsty pervert.” 

She threatened sternly, “You have to know that if you cannot control yourself during the cultivation process, and lose the Virgin True Yuan before you strengthen your base, you’ll never be a successful cultivator in this lifetime!” 

He smiled. “Of course I know that! But I am confident in myself!” 

She shook her head. “No, no. I am not confident in her.” 

He said solemnly, “Mother, Su Yuehan saved you and I experienced several life-or-death situations with her at the lake. There were a few times I went unconscious, she could have hit me with a rock and I would have easily died! She is a new servant and does not have close ties with our family. Everyone knows of our incident with the prefecture chief in this city, plus our enmity with the Zhan family! If someone made an offer and she accepted it, Mother, I would not be here today!” 

He spoke slowly, looking at Madam Xie, “Mother, you were the one who taught me gratitude! I must repay her for saving my life!” 

She raged, “Can’t you repay her after completing your cultivation?” 

“I’m entering a mountain of tigers now. It’s likely I either die fighting a tiger or get eaten! What if I don’t return? Plus, if you don’t trust her and keep her here, I would just be more worried! And if I’m worried, won’t it affect my cultivation?” 

Madam Xie fell silent and heaved a long sigh. “Fine, she knows too much anyway, and she’s new. Watch her closely, bring her with you. Keeping her at home might just shorten her life.”

Li Chengfeng’s chest tightened. This was why he insisted on bringing Su Yuehan to the Spiritual Mountain Sect! 

Madam Xie may look like a warm and gentle matriarch but Li Chengfeng knew that she was a very capable leader who had led the entire family to survive various hardships. She had long since turned from a gentle young lady to a matriarch who could kill when needed. During past years, when they were running for their lives, she had to make several decisions to sacrifice servants so that their family could live. 

A son knows his mother well. Su Yuehan had witnessed many things she should not have witnessed and experienced too much with the family. If he let her stay, his mother would kill this new handmaiden! Even if she liked Su Yuehan! 

What Li Chengfeng did not know that while he thought he was saving Su Yuehan, he was actually saving his entire family. Think about it. If Madam Xie wanted to kill Su Yuehan, with Su Yuehan’s demonic identity and personality, would she be a sitting duck? 

Li Chengfeng sighed. “Mother, don’t worry. I can control myself!” 

“I hope so!” Then she laughed. “Fine, girls are more gentle than guys anyway. As long as you both know your boundaries, it’s a good thing having a girl taking care of you. But you must remember, there are some things you should never speak of! No matter how close you two are!”

He nodded. “Don’t worry, I understand. Right, the Martial Saint and Saint Doctor said they wanted to get medicine from Spiritual Mountain, I might meet them on the way there.” 

“You don’t have to deliberately look for them. As long as you work hard and get stronger, you’ll meet them soon enough! There’s a saying that vengeance can wait ten years, I think repayment of kindness can wait even longer!” 

As they both spoke in the secret hall, Green Bead was instructing the other servants to drag You San and his follower’s bodies out. No one usually reported street fights like that, hence the authorities did not go out of their way to investigate either. 

Would anyone report You San’s death so his murderer would be punished? No one in the city would, not for this evil man! 

Asparta and another strong servant dragged the few bodies out and tossed them in an obscure street corner. The morgue would take them away the next day. 

However, two hours later, You San’s body started to shrivel at an alarming speed until it turned into a crumbling puppet. A silhouette with a bent back appeared at the dark street corner-- it was You San! 

He glared solemnly in the direction of Li Residence and picked the broken puppet up, his lips twisting into a sneer. “Thank goodness I had one last trick up my sleeve! Li Chengfeng, I’ll remember what you did!” As he spoke, he took one step back and disappeared into the darkness. 

Within Li Residence, Madam Xie and Li Chengfeng chatted for a long time. After a meal, they first went to check on his father, Li Chun, who was sound asleep after consuming medicine. Li Chengfeng kowtowed three times with utmost respect, then retreated back out. After a long day, Li Chengfeng finally returned to his room but noticed a small shadow by his bed. 

He was startled, reprimanding sternly in a low voice, “Who is it!” 

“It’s me!” A candle was lit, its dancing flame revealing an adorable face. It was Su Yuehan.

“It’s you.” Li Chengfeng smiled. “Have you eaten? Are you alright?” 

Su Yuehan lowered her head and slowly stepped forward. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, her face red as she clutched her scarf, hesitating, then finally unbuttoned her dress. 

Chengfeng was stunned. “What are you doing?” 

She sounded embarrassed, whispering, “I’m… here to serve you in bed.” 

His heart skipped a beat, thinking of the time her dress lifted in the lake, pushed up by the currents. His breathing grew rugged, his heart raced.

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