Breaking The Day - Chapter 66

The fatal flaws at each life stage are: sexual desire during youth; violence during adulthood; and greed during old age. 

The youth are filled with surging blood and qi, sexual desire at its peak. Teenagers are like a boiling pot of soup with rolling steam and high pressure within the pot, with a huge fire burning beneath it, the pot ready to overflow any moment. 

In terms of cultivation, this was the golden age for cultivation because the Essence Qi within the human body was at its peak. If one could control their desires, suppressing their boiling blood to convert it into Essence Yuan, then this was already halfway to a successful practice. When one matured into middle and old age, the cauldron within the body slowly cooled down, and it would help tremendously if their blood and qi had already been converted to essence qi for cultivation. 

Li Chengfeng was a young man, and youth of his age were all easily aroused animals. It was rare for a young man like him to still remain a virgin despite his frequent visits to the brothels. 

Most city folk were already married by eighteen or nineteen here. Within Cheng’an City, many teenagers of fifteen and sixteen were already parents. Even a girl of twelve or thirteen being a mother was not unheard of. 

If it was not for Madam Xie’s strict house rules and Li Chengfeng meeting Liu Zhixi, hence putting all his efforts to chase after his dream girl, he might have been a father already. 

However, Li Chengfeng had no desire to even think about it around this beautiful girl. This was the person he was indebted to, a saint. 

His mind raced. He had just had a long conversation with his mother and the handmaiden was already delivered to his door the moment he entered his room. Was this a test? It must be! If he showed even a hint of desire, then his mother would definitely change her mind. 

Li Chengfeng straightened up and said solemnly. “Who sent you here?” 

Su Yuehan lowered her head, as shy as a budding flower and said gently, “It is only my duty to serve you.” 

He said with a half-smile, “Since when was that a rule in our family?” 

Her eyelids trembled as she whispered, “You have saved my life a few times, I have no way to repay you except…” 

“Except with your body?” His chest tightened. “Don’t kid yourself! That’s enough! I only made one joke at the cliff and you were already furious, with a temper like that, I don’t think you would want to repay me with your body.” 

She looked up suddenly, the shock of having a secret exposed in her eyes as she clutched her clothes tighter. She then suddenly fell to her knees and stared at him, begging pitifully, “Save me, Young Master!” 

Li Chengfeng could barely react in time, reaching out to help her up. “Is everything alright?” 

On the verge of tears, she said, “I am sure that although I have survived multiple misfortunes with you, I have seen too much, know too much and I can’t forget what happened even if I tried. Although Madam is a kind person, once she decides to be ruthless, she can even chase out Xiaobao, a friend who has followed you since you were young. A person like me will definitely be killed to silence me! If you pity me, you must save me!” 

She kowtowed but Chengfeng quickly stopped her and pulled her up. 

He regarded her from head to toe. This girl is… impressive! So that was why she could survive alone for so long. 

“Who told you to say that?” 

She lowered her head. “I figured it out myself.” 

He smiled. “And I thought it was something serious. Don’t worry about that, my mother…” 

Before he could finish, her face changed and she kowtowed. 

He pulled her up, exasperated. “Enough already, I’ve already talked to my mother about it. In two days, I’ll be going for the Spiritual Mountain Sect’s great ceremony. I have a golden invitation so I will be picked. And you shall be my partner, you’ll go with me.” 

Her shock turned into joy and she wanted to kowtow again. “Thank you for saving my life!” 

He stopped her, half-angry, “We do not simply kowtow in the Li household. Go pack up, you’ll be following me to Spiritual Mountain.” 

She smiled, no longer frowning pitifully. “I knew you would not abandon me.” 

“Well, you didn’t abandon me either, no?” 

Somehow, this triggered the memory of Li Chengfeng pushing her out of the water despite being bitten by countless black fish. Her chest tightened as she forced a smile. “You’re the one who helped me, I haven’t done anything.” 

He grinned. “You did not kill or hurt me when you had the chance, nor did you take credit for anything! This is a great deed! I owe you.” 

Her heart skipped a bit. Awkwardly, she tried to leave. “Young Master, it’s late. If you don’t have anything else you need help with, I’ll go to bed.” 

“Just go then.” He gave a small smile as Su Yuehan ran off with small steps. 

The path of cultivation was one of many obstacles. With such a smart and likeable girl by his side, his days would definitely be better. The young master, who had endured several near-death scenarios and finally decided to be a cultivator, was suddenly filled with hope for the future. 

Su Yuehan, who had exited the room, felt her lips curl into a smile too. She studied the Li Residence in the darkness of the night. The walls around the estate did not look tall, anyone could leap over them. She had won over the hearts of many major clans in her lifetime, only listing to the Dragon King of the Zhan family. This run-down Li family was nothing! 

Which man did not possess desire? With her beauty and tricks, this young man would definitely be wrapped around her finger! 

As for the emotional conversation they had… Hmmph, does that boy think he can make me fall with his mediocre tricks? 

Women were emotional creatures. If this were back at the lake, she might be crying now. But she had no intention of doing so.

After leaving the lake, Su Yuehan had slowly recovered from the trauma. The heartbroken, emotional girl had turned back into the ruthless thousand-faced demon. 

Li Chengfeng lay in bed, thinking about his future plans. 

Would anyone deliberately investigate his background upon his entry into the Spiritual Mountain Sect? How would Zhan Qisheng react when he found out they would be in the same sect? 

Li Chengfeng had suffered so much, and so many Li family members had died. He must make the fourth young master of the Zhan family pay! 

He could not help but chuckle to himself, though his laughter carried with it contempt and killing intent. 

Let the fun begin! 

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