Breaking The Day - Chapter 7

The eldest son of the Zhan family, Zhan Qitian, had one terrifying move that was enough to strike terror in anyone-- Dragon Flames Wave! Even if his dragon flames only touched one’s skin, the burning flames would be absorbed into the body immediately. Unless a method to stop the spreading was found, it would burn forever, slowly torturing the victim until his death! 

How does one remove the Dragon Flames Wave? Su Zhixian did not know! She had been on the run for half a year now, doing her very best to look for a solution to no avail. She initially wanted to hide in Cheng'an by borrowing the identity of the Prefecture Chief’s mistress, then slowly looked for a method to cure her condition. Unfortunately, her enemies seemed to be constantly hot on her heels. 

“They must not catch me!” As Su Zhixian thought about the Zhan family’s torture techniques, she shivered. Her eyes on Li Chengfeng turned colder. 

She bent down and three thousand green strands flowed from her cheeks. When she was one foot away from his face, she matched her lips above his and inhaled gently. The unconscious Li Chengfeng’s mouth opened automatically. Then, countless tiny wisps floated from her body and into his mouth. 

When the thin strands entered Li Chengfeng’s mouth, she smiled, as if she was about to enjoy the best meal in the world. 

The man outside continued increasing his threat, secretly making hand gestures for his soldiers to inch closer to the building. 

Just as they were about to get closer to the window, something happened inside the building! 

Su Zhixian, who was continuously absorbing Li Chengfeng’s life essence, frowned when she saw golden ripples rising out of his mouth. The golden ripples felt very majestic and undeniably sacred. She shivered in fear when she witnessed the golden wisps solidifying into a vertical eye (shut) on Li Chengfeng’s forehead.

And just like a weak forest prey in the face of a beast, she was now utterly terrified in the face of two major threats! 

Immediately after, the eye shuddered a little, as if it was about to open. 

A deep roar came from the room, though it sounded as if every beast in the world was crying at the same moment. It was the kind to drill itself deep into one’s brain, sending chills down your spine! 

All the men carrying crossbows near the house were blasted backwards, startling the rest who instinctively retreated a step back. They fired the crossbows, only for the arrows to be blasted backwards by a second roar. 

The man outside’s face paled. He lifted an arm, stopping his subordinates from moving. On the other hand, he clutched the order token at his waist tightly, as if it would break any moment. The inscriptions and array on the order token contorted under pressure, green rays of light shooting outwards. 

Su Zhixian in the room was shivering in the face of the golden light. She leapt up like a spring the moment the eye on Li Chengfeng’s forehead shuddered, pressing herself into the corner. The white wisps initially infiltrating his body were all retracted back, as if running for their lives. 

Just as her wisps left his body, the golden eye did not open, but instead dispersed into golden ripples, which then entered his body once again as if nothing happened. 

The entire process ended as quickly as it began. 

Su Zhixian huddled in the corner, shaking uncontrollably. This was the lady who caused enough trouble for various sects to send people after her, yet she was now staring at the young unconscious man with deep fear. 

She was very clear that even if she were at her peak form, in the face of such power, she would still shudder! 

This was the hierarchy of nature, even a fierce wild beast would shudder in the face of a top-level demon! 

When Su Zhixian first met the young master of the Zhan family, she thought Zhan Qitian must be the most powerful person in this young generation of cultivators. He was even known as the ‘Dragon King’. 

But she was never as afraid as this! 

In terms of capability, she could squash this young man with just her little finger. But…she didn’t expect unimaginable power to be stored in this weak, non-cultivator!

Which god was this man?!

The abrupt changes did not just startle Su Zhixian, it startled the people outside too. 

The tension in the room was like ice. It was a peculiar, suffocating silence. 

The black-robed leader suddenly felt like he was caught in the middle. He knew Cheng Qianfang had been hurt by the young master Zhan Qitian’s Dragon Flames Wave, hence her powers were only at 20% capacity. He had been chasing after her because he knew it would be a major deed if he succeeded. 

A six-month long mission was about to succeed- but he didn’t expect her to still be this powerful! 

“Unless… She’s cured of the Dragon Flames? That’s impossible! If she has already recovered, why would she still be hiding from us?” The black-robed leader’s eyes were filled with shock. 

One of his subordinates asked timidly, “What now, Sir?” 

He clutched the order token tightly, his fist shaking. To retreat, or to fight? 

If he retreated, wouldn’t that mean he’d wasted six months? ‘Su Zhixian’ had killed so many of his brothers, so did they die for nothing? And if he returned to the Zhan family in this state, he would be severely punished! 

But if he chose to fight, and Su Zhixian was really cured and had restored her powers - even if she only recovered 40% - then none of them would even return alive; if she had restored 50% of her powers, she could kill the entire Cheng'an City clean! 

What now? 

The black-robed leader could not decide! 

But he wouldn’t have known that Su Zhixian was also struggling with a major dilemma. 

She had been chased by the guards of the Zhan family for half a year now, running across thousands of kilometres from the northwest region to Daqi’s east borders. And just as she thought she was cornered, she found a method to free herself,  but… This was a very unexpected incident!

What now? 

Su Zhixian did not know what to do. Her life experience was useless in the face of this. She stared intently at Li Chengfeng. 

There was silence on both sides of the walls. 

After the internal struggle, the black-robed leader clenched his teeth and said in a low voice. “Start a fire! Burn her to death!” 

A subordinate said, “But sir, we’re thousands of kilometres away from the Zhan family. If the situation escalates, we…” 

The leader turned and glared. “So we should just go back empty-handed? And all will be done? Is that what you mean?” 

The subordinate fell silent and stepped back immediately. The rest of the black-robed men lowered their crossbows and loaded black-tipped arrows. These arrows had carvings of red inscriptions. 

When Su Zhixian heard the commotion, she felt a chill. Nearby, Li Chengfeng’s a vein in Li Chengfeng’s temple bulged as he slowly regained consciousness. 

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