Breaking The Day - Chapter 8

Su Zhixian did not dare approach for the moment, only leaning against the wall 2-3 meters away from him, her knees slightly bent. 

Li Chengfeng slowly came to his consciousness. In the beginning, he was very confused but quickly, he did an energetic flip and landed. He looked in all directions cautiously. When his panicky eyes fell on Su Zhixian, he said in a low voice, “What happened to me?”

Su Zhixian suddenly looked like a pitiful girl once more. With tears in her eyes- and a hint of fear and relief- “Sir, you suddenly fainted! Thank goodness you’re awake now, or I wouldn’t know what to do.” 

Li Chengfeng was stunned. “I fainted? That’s… impossible?” 

His cheeks were burning. How could a proud man like him faint in front of a lady?!

Absolutely embarrassing! 

Li Chengfeng wouldn’t have believed that this girl was a terrifying figure. Just like how Su Zhixian wouldn’t expect to know who this weak-looking person was. 

With a shaky voice, she urged, “Sir, the people outside want to burn this place down and kill us. Sir, think of something!” 

Li Chengfeng had no time to be embarrassed. In a flash, he scrambled to the window to look outside. The person outside was indeed holding a crossbow up. He shouted, “Wait, wait!” 

The black-robed leader’s eyes locked on him. He raised an arm, signalling for the black-robed people behind to hold. All the crossbows were now lowered to the ground. 

The leader said in a deep voice, “Made your decision? I respect that you’re from the Spiritual Mountain Sect, but I am not afraid of you all! Sacrificing your life for that b**ch? Not worth it!” 

Li Chengfeng’s mind was racing as he tried to think of something. Nonchalantly, he said, “Well, if I hand her over, what would I gain?”

Su Zhixian’s eyes widened, shaking her head vigorously as she begged him silently. He gave her a reassuring look, then quickly looked around the room. 

The black-robed leader replied with a sneer, “Gains? Your freedom will be your largest gain!” 

Li Chengfeng played the usual card of contempt. “Absolutely not! I’ve already embarrassed my sect here, if I return like that, I’ll get punished!” 

It sounded very logical too. Sects demanded courage in the face of danger, as well as personal discipline. Embarrassing the sect would mean he’d be beaten if not killed. 

The black-robed man wasn’t willing to offend a powerful sect for no good reason either, so he said in a low voice, “What do you want?” 

Li Chengfeng’s eyes rolled as he thought about it. There was a sudden whoosh from the skylight. 

He and Su Zhixian looked up to realise skylight was actually someone moving the roof tiles. Zhao Xiaobao’s panicked face appeared as he whispered, “Master, what’s happening?!” 

Li Chengfeng was delighted. “Good timing! Good timing! Go, go look for reinforcements! I’ve been trapped!” 

Zhao Xiaobao looked around frantically, “By who?”

He roared, “Stop wasting time, the fire’s up my a** now! Go get help!” 

The black-robed man was growing impatient. “My friend on the inside, do not be greedy or we’ll just end up hurting each other!” 

Li Chengfeng quickly said, “I can’t make a loss from this either so you must compensate me with… hmph, eighteen thousand taels of gold will do!” 

The black-robed man let out a furious guffaw at the ridiculous price. “Archers!” 

Li Chengfeng coughed. “Hey hey hey, let’s talk! You can talk to me if you think it’s too much! I’ll give you a discount, what do you think?”

The man roared, “You from the Spiritual Mountain Sect, I don’t think you appreciate my politeness at all! Much apologies!” 

Li Chengfeng pounced on Su Zhixian and dragged her up in a flash. He showed half her face at the window and yelled, “Do you want her alive? If you do, you’d better take it down a few notches! Or it’ll be a lose-lose situation! No one will gain anything from this!” 

The black-robed man clenched his teeth, his arm in the air shook. He was about to wave his arm- and his subordinates would fire the crossbows immediately and burn the building and the people inside to ashes. 

But… He’d been on the chase for more than half a year and suffered too much. More than ten of his brothers had died, all for him to kill Cheng Qianfang? 

No, only a live Cheng Qianfang is worth something! 

Just as the man hesitated, Li Chengfeng whispered to Zhao Xiaobao, “What are you standing there for? Go get help! Do you want me to die?!” 

He squealed and disappeared in a flash. 

Li Chengfeng heaved a sigh of relief and said solemnly to the worried Su Zhixian, “Although my servant is a little slow, he’s quite intelligent. Just wait a bit and he’ll…”

As he spoke, Zhao Xiaobao peeked his head through the hole in the roof again, “Young Master! Where do I get help from? Should I go look for Old Master?” 

Li Chengfeng slapped his forehead. “My goodness! You’re going to get him? Then both Li father and son will die here today!” 

Zhao Xiaobao sighed and his head disappeared. 

Li Chengfeng huffed and gave an awkward smile. “My servant, he…”

“Young Master!” Zhao Xiaobao’s head peeked in once more. 

Li Chengfeng picked up an arrow from the ground in furry and threw it at him. Startled, Zhao Xiaobao quickly retracted his head and the sharp arrow brushed past his scalp. 

After a while, there was no head but just a timid voice. “Young Master, what excuse do I use to get help?” 

Li Chengfeng was so angry he laughed. “Nonsense, just go yell for help to catch a robber or something! Just say robbers are here to kill Zhixi, whatever to attract people here!” 

Zhao Xiaobao grunted and left. He slipped off the roof and quickly ran down an empty alley. 

He ran tens of meters to turn a corner, then saw three officials drinking at a table near a restaurant’s entrance. Zhao Xiaobao scrambled over and yelled in panic, “Sir! Sir! Something bad happened!” 

The highest-ranked official was picking his tooth. “Why are you yelling?” 

Zhao Xiaobao said anxiously, “Power...powerful men! They...they surrounded Zhixi’s place! They are going to burn the building down!” 

The official looked him up and down with a grin. “Oh, it’s Xiaobao! What has Zhixi’s place got to do with you?”

Zhao Xiaobao didn’t know what to say. 

The official snickered. “Anyone died yet?” 

Zhao Xiaobao was stunned. He did not know what happened inside the building so he shook his head and then nodded. “Someone will die soon!” 

The official yawned. “Let’s just wait until someone dies!” 

Zhao Xiaobao panicked. “Sir! Then it would be too late!” 

Before the official spoke, the other official with a big head snickered, “That’s enough. That bunch of b*tches have never looked us straight in the eye before. Do they think we’ll help them now? Hmmph!” 

The leader guffawed. “Do you understand now? Now get the h*ll out! You’re interrupting my meal! Unless the girls want a night with us men!” 

The officials laughed. 

Zhao Xiaobao was frozen to the ground, beads of sweat sprouting. What should I do now? I need to save my Young Master! 

Zhao Xiaobao suddenly had an idea but his face turned green. He was now in a dilemma.

After struggling with himself, he clenched his teeth and stomped his foot. Whatever! It was an emergency! 

He took a deep breath and started screaming. 

The lead official, who was taking a swig, sputtered and choked on his wine. The other fat official in front of him was drenched in wine from the other guy, absolutely dishevelled. There were undercurrents of fury in the silence as they both stared at Zhao Xiaobao without a word. 

On the other side, within Zhixi’s place, Li Chengfeng was buying time with the black-robed guy outside. His head hurt as he watched Su Zhixian quietly crying in the corner. He couldn’t help but say, “Don’t cry, we’ll get out of here soon.” 

She sobbed, “Will we make it in time?” 

Li Chengfeng took one look at the black-robed leader outside, who was growing impatient and angry, and his eye twitch. So he lied, “Of course we’ll make it in time!” 

Su Zhixian wiped her tears, “But after today, my reputation will be ruined! How will I live the rest of my life?!” 

Li Chengfeng watched as she sobbed even harder and patted his chest, “Don’t worry, once help comes, we’ll take advantage of the chaos and run out. If you don’t talk about today, I won’t either, and no one will know!” 

Su Zhixian was surprised. She asked timidly, “Really?” 

He laughed and said confidently, “Who would spread a secret like that?” 


Li Chengfeng: “...”

Su Zhixian: “...”

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