Breaking The Day - Chapter 89

Li Chengfeng carried on with a pretentious act but no one thought it was weird. Anyone who wasn’t pretentious was definitely not from the Zhan family! 

The Marquis of the northwest was a powerful name! 

All three of the Cangxiu Court senior sisters had glitter in their eyes. A Zhan family member… the best son-in-law they could give their families! If they could form marriage ties with this person, they would be able to get anything they want for the rest of their lives! 

Cultivation did not mean remaining celibate for one’s whole lives. However, everyone must maintain their Yuan Yang Qi in their systems before they solidified their cultivation bases- which was only possible if one was a virgin. One’s cultivation base cannot be solidified properly if they already had sexual contact prior and they would never become a successful cultivator. 

Once they solidified their cultivation bases, cultivators can date and even marry. Most would prefer to marry a fellow cultivator because the path of cultivation was a lonely and difficult one. Having a good support system would be extremely helpful. Second, the combination of two families’ power and influence would make a one-plus-one-equals-three situation. They could become a power couple of the lands. 

Although Li Chengfeng was in a dishevelled state, they knew that it was due to the prior qualification tests. If he ranked first in two of them, that meant he was talented. They were also not stupid enough to think dirty clothes meant his talents could be ignored. 

The senior sisters all looked at him hungrily like wolves staring at meat. 

Su Yuehan was a little displeased at the way they were looking at him, as if they were eyeing something of hers. She huffed coldly. “Now you know how great my Young Master is!” 

The prettiest girl smiled. “We just didn’t know! Can’t believe we got to meet the famous Sir Zhan! There’s a saying that goes, one only gets to know another well through a fight- plus it was only a small misunderstanding, right?” 

The senior brother immediately realised it and helped Zhang Jinbao up, patting away the dust on his clothes and spoke gently, “Dabao, I was just joking just now! You didn’t mind that, did you?” 

Zhang Jinbao smiled. “Of course not. Senior Brother, Cheng’an City was attacked by a magical beast recently, that is why our goods have been delayed. I’m sure it’ll arrive tomorrow!” 

The senior brother replied, “It’s fine, I’m willing to wait even a week for it! I trust you!” 

The crowd suddenly transformed into a group of happy friends. 

The ceremonial officer’s son was eager to repair his relationship with Li Chengfeng. “Junior Zhan, since you’ve just arrived, can I bring you around Cangjin Court for a tour?” 

Two other senior sisters came back to their senses too. A shorter, good-natured looking senior smiled. “It’d be great, we can show you around.” 

The rest of the senior sisters clapped and giggled, “This is great!” 

The senior brother smiled. “Junior Zhan, will you give me face for this?” 

Su Yuehan snuck a look at Chengfeng to realise he looked nonchalant, generously replying, “Alright! Thank you for your kindness then! But I’ll have to settle down and change into a fresh set of clothes first, is that alright?” 

The senior brother replied, “Of course, of course. This way, Junior Zhan!” 

Zhang Jinbao was about to follow him gleefully when Chengfeng grabbed him and said in a low voice. “Senior Brother, I’ve got something I need help with.”

Zhang Jinbao was moved by this request. How honoured was he that Sir Zhan was asking HIM for help? 

“Just tell me. I can assure you I’ll do it! I’ll fight fire for you if needed!” said Zhang Jinbao without hesitation. 

Li Chengfeng pulled him aside and whispered. “I offended a crazy man at the ceremony just now. This person hates me a lot. When he arrives at Cangjin Court, I need you to go greet him for me, and just welcome him as you usually do.” Li Chengfeng made a face. 

Zhang Jinbao understood and sneered. “I understand, I understand! I will definitely welcome him!” 

When he was about to leave, Chengfeng grabbed him again. “This person is unusually cunning, and he will stop at nothing to harm me. He might even tell some absurd lie for it. Don’t fall for his tricks.” 

Jinbao laughed. “No one can stop me in this place…” 

As he spoke, he saw the four seniors staring at him with half-smiles and quickly changed his sentence, “...except for these four seniors here!” 

When Zhang Jinbao left, Chengfeng became the centre of attention. The senior brother introduced himself as the third son of the ceremonial officer, and his name was Huangfu Song. The three other senior sisters were Ji Chunhua, Gu Yuelian and Feng Wenjuan respectively. 

Along the way, Huangfu Song pointed out various buildings of Cangjin Court. “Junior Brother, look, the tallest tower is the quarters of the Cangjin Court’s Grand Senior Brother, Qian Shanxue. Grand Senior Brother is a cold guy, and extremely powerful in his cultivation. Do not provoke him. On your left, the patch of short buildings is where we attend classes.” 

Chengfeng was surprised. “Classes? Do cultivators need to attend classes too? Like a private school?” 

The prettiest senior sister, Ji Chunhua, fought to answer him first. “Junior Brother Zhan, cultivators need to attend classes too. To learn how to move your breath within your system, spell casting, combat, array drawing, forging magical items and many more. There’s a lot to learn.” She then looked at him flirtily. “I can teach you if you’re interested, Junior Zhan.” 

The two other girls could barely hold back their laughter at this girl who was usually a tomboy. They thought to themselves: you fox! 

Huangfu Song had been pursuing Ji Chunhua for a while now, and this famously beautiful senior sister had always been hot-and-cold with him. He could not believe he had just led her to another guy today and hated himself for it. Damn it! 

Li Chengfeng was used to flirting with girls and acted very naturally. “Then I’ll have to trouble you, Senior Sister.” 

She giggled. “No need to thank me for trivial matters like this!”

Everyone could not believe that these two were flirting right in front of them and were privately cursing when Su Yuehan suddenly remarked, “Ah, where is this place?” 

They all turned their attention away from Chengfeng when Huangfu Song quickly said, “What a coincidence! This is where the juniors live. Get some rest and wash up, we’ll show you around later.” 

Everyone walked towards his quarters and Su Yuehan caught up to Li Chengfeng to talk to him. She secretly whispered, “Young Master, aren’t you… afraid?” 

He laughed, giving her a look to warn her to be quiet. Su Yuehan was privately panicking. This guy was reckless! Why must he get himself into this mess the first day here! How foolish! He’ll get himself kicked out if they find out!” 

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