Breaking The Day - Chapter 93

Although Su Yuehan was assigned to the servant’s area, the party had reached its peak and the crowd was all mixed together. She snuck behind Li Chengfeng, listening as she ate. 

She had her likeable, adorable looks to her advantage. Whenever someone eyed her suspiciously, she would smile sweetly and their displeasure and suspicion would melt away. They were just puzzled how this one person could finish all the food displayed at her table. 

When she listened to his reckless promises, she cursed privately as her eye twitched. He’s already struggling to get himself out of his previous lies, now he’s creating even more lies?! Let’s see how you’re going to get out of this one! 

Li Chengfeng was having the time of his life with his bragging, at the same time looking mysterious and confident while Ji Chunhua next to him had glitter in her eyes and was very close to leaping into his embrace. “Junior, I don’t have that much money to buy your magical items!” 

With her gentle, breathy voice and squinty eyes, even a blind man knew what she implied. 

Huangfu Song, Su Yuehan, Gu Yuelian and Feng Wenjuan all silently cursed in unison, ‘B*TCH!’

Chengfeng smiled. “Seniors, if you want to want to buy from me, I’ll give you a thirty… cough, twenty… cough, ten…. Two percent discount! What do you think?” 

Ji Chunhua’s expression turned sour as Chengfeng laughed. “I’m joking!” 

She broke into a smile and scolded demurely, “You’re so mean, Junior Brother!” Her whiny voice almost made Su Yuehan kick her. 

Huangfu Song smiled bitterly. “Let’s not joke around, Junior Brother. Can these trades with the Zhan family be trusted?” 

Chengfeng fell silent and this made Huangfu Song panic. “What, do you have any problems?” 

Chengfeng’s swindling was already a huge success. He had aroused their interest, broke down their defenses and triggered their desires. In the end, he would have their hearts and at his beck and call. 

He looked troubled. “Theoretically, there aren’t any problems but…” 

Feng Wenjuan immediately interjected, “What is it? Is it the lack of money? Any price under two million silvers is fine! Or do you lack servants? We have two thousand servants, they’ll arrive within a month! If you lack transport, our Feng family has three shipping routes and five major land transportation routes, you can use them! And if you lack accounting and business permits, I can get permits from any of the four major associations.” 

Wow, I didn’t know that! 

Li Chengfeng regarded Feng Wenjuan from head to toe. Although she was not as pretty as Ji Chunhua, her words were enough to scare anyone. She must be a descendant of some marquis then! 

Even Huangfu Song was shocked. He had known this senior for many years, this was his first time hearing about her family background! It was too bad they were not close. He regretted his lack of interest in this relationship greatly! 

However, even a person of such position was tempted in the face of the Zhan family’s private magical weapon collection. The Zhan family had a huge store, the Flowing Sand Armour and Blood Blade must not be the only two items they owned. 

If this trade was negotiated well, a clan as powerful as a country could arise from this! 

If Feng Wenjuan could pull off this trade, she would hold a higher position and more authority in her family. Then she would be able to handle more resources. This would greatly accelerate her cultivation. Who wouldn’t want this? 

Gu Yuelian, who was left behind, started to panic. She did not have Ji Chunhua’s beauty and thick skin nor Feng Wenjuan’s shocking power. She wondered if there was anything she could do to attract Sir Zhan’s attention but all she could think of was offering her body. 

Unfortunately, if Sir Zhan had a brain, he would never have any sexual contact before he solidified his cultivation base. 

Li Chengfeng smiled. “Guess I’ll need your help in the future, Senior Sister Feng.” 

Feng Wenjuan smiled, delighted with herself, as she looked at Ji Chunhua and Gu Yuelian mockingly. Both of them rolled their eyes and silently cursed, ‘B*tch!” 

Huangfu Song was a little impatient, curiously probing, “Sir Zhan, how will you pull off this trade? Do you need me to contact the martial uncles?” Li Chengfeng did not speak. He smiled, then continued to eat and drink. Everyone else was both impatient and panicking so after another round of drinks, Huangfu Song asked again, “Junior, that’s enough of suspense! How will you do it? Just tell us. What do you need us seniors to do?”

Li Chengfeng smiled. “As long as you all are willing to support me, my seniors. Come, have a drink!” 

Huangfu Song and the rest realised Chengfeng was not willing to dwell on the subject but it just intrigued them more, triggering their imaginations. They all decided to build a good relationship with this junior. They must not miss this trade opportunity. A little profit or a good item would make their cultivation path a lot easier. 

Su Yuehan now understood what was going on. She herself was a professional liar with many identities. She was worried for him that he might end up hurting himself in the end. 

However, she now truly witnessed the level of swindling he was capable of- which was as good as her. His ability to win over everyone’s hearts was outstandingly impressive. 

Theoretically, Huangfu Song, Ji Chunhua, Gu Yuelian, Feng Wenjuan and everyone here were cunning devils adept at political tricks. However, they were all wrapped around this newcomer’s finger. Although coincidence and Chengfeng’s early arrival played a part, the greatest reason was one thing: desire! 

No one is as powerful as a man with no desire. 

A person with desires has needs, therefore weaknesses. And these weaknesses can be played and used to control them! 

One only had to flip through a history textbook to realise that famous emperors of the world could easily be swindled like moths flying into fire. From Emperor Qin to Emperor Hanwu; from Emperor Taizong to Emperor Jiajing. These were all intelligent and regal emperors, yet were played by small tricksters. 

All because they had something they desired- to live forever!

Cultivators did not have as strong a desire to live forever because a long life was the byproduct upon reaching a certain level of cultivation. However, the path of cultivation was treacherous. The only way to survive was to grow stronger. 

What was the quickest way to do that? 

With better magical items and weapons, of course! 

These people were so anxious they lost their appetite to eat. In the end, the banquet adjourned haphazardly as everyone returned with their minds filled with thoughts. 

Su Yuehan helped a tipsy Li Chengfeng back to Brocade Valley. The moment he stepped into his quarters, the drunken man was replaced with an energetic, fully conscious Chengfeng as he said, “Later, when they come, you just greet them in the front hall. Remember to tell them that I’m sleeping because I drank too much. Do not let them in. But accept all the gifts they offer, do you hear me?” 

Su Yuehan asked curiously, “Why are you so sure they’ll come tonight?” 

Chengfeng smiled confidently. “This is called letting the fish come voluntarily to the hook!”



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