Breaking The Day - Chapter 96

Grand Senior Sister walked into the forbidden area, then saw Zhan Qisheng trapped at the centre of the stone court. She was stunned for a moment, looked at him in slight contempt, then walked past. Two steps later, her footsteps stopped. She turned suddenly, her eyes filled with shock. 

“Zhan Qitian?” 

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes were filled with anger, murderous intent radiating across the vicinity. The air burned up as the stone court spontaneously turned into a sea of flames! 

Zhan Qisheng, who was trapped inside, glared at her coldly with shame and fury in his eyes. Flames licked around him while the tree vines curled and burned off in the heat. Some leaves caught fire too, flames travelled like a fire snake towards Zhan Qisheng. Even the hair on his skin curled in the heat. 

But Zhan Qisheng did not move. His eyes locked on her while his cheek moved, continuing to chew on the ant in audible crunches. 

“You’re not Zhan Qitian…” Grand Senior Sister regarded him from head to toe and the field of enmity suddenly disappeared. The air cooled instantly as if the flames were never there. “Zhan Qitian is not as trash as you are.” 

The fury in his eyes intensified. His voice was bitter and hoarse, as if a knife had slashed his throat when he asked, “Who are you?!” 

“You don’t have the right to ask me that now! Are you the third or fourth?” 

He opened his mouth slightly, then finally swallowed what he wanted to say. His pride had been severely hurt these consecutive days. 

He always had a low self-esteem due to being a bastard son, and this extreme inferiority complex manifested as arrogance. He deeply associated himself with the Zhan blood and took pride in it. Even if he was a bastard son, he was the bastard son of the Zhan family! Even the worst son had a respectable rank in society! 

Grand Senior Sister continued to speak. “Dragon, Phoenix, Dog, Pig… If you’re not the dog, you’re the pig. The dog is currently in charge of the Zhan family’s money and can’t leave the house. So you must be the ‘pig’, Zhan Qisheng? Why are you trapped here?” 

As if he did not hear her, he stared ahead and put his attention on a huge ant climbing up the burnt tree vine. His gaze was fixed intently on it, waiting until it arrived before his face when he suddenly bit down on the tree vine. He bit down so hard that a section of the shrivelled vines came off. He chewed both the ant and the vine vigorously, cocking his head to glare at her with slanted eyes. It was the look of a hungry wolf. 

Grand Senior Sister was as indifferent as a higher-being ignoring a puny ant’s anger and mockery. “I do have ties with the Zhan family. Do you want me to free you?” 

She turned her head and scanned her surroundings. The big guy hiding nearby quickly stepped behind a large tree, silently chanting, ‘You can’t see me you can’t see me you can’t see me…’ 

She turned to Zhan Qisheng. “Big Guy is still hiding and refuses to come out. So I’ll let you go.” 

Zhan Qisheng glared at her coldly, opened his mouth to reveal a mouthful of wooden splinters and blood on his teeth. He chewed, then spat out a ball of wood and shot hoarsely, “Go away!” 

Grand Senior Sister paused in disbelief that someone would speak to her like that on Spiritual Mountain. 

He grinned. “I want to stay here. The longer I stay, the brighter the flames of fury burn. And the brighter they burn, the stronger I am!” He did not finish his sentence. What he wanted to say was: and one day, my fury will turn into the most powerful force in the world and I shall kill you all! 

She studied him in detail, nodding slightly. “Looks like the pig is just a ruse.” 

His expression changed and turned. He felt as if she was looking into his soul. 

‘Even so, it’s a pity you’re not strong enough to defeat a dragon though.” 

He turned to look at her and said coldly. “The Zhan brothers are of the same blood. Don’t think you can drive a wedge between us with a few words.” 

She replied flatly, “Oh, is that so?” Then, she turned and left in a breeze. 

Zhan Qisheng stared at Grand Senior Sister, finally revealing the strong desire he felt in his eyes. 

This lady could trigger strong desire in many men. Although they could not see her figure beneath her billowy cultivator robes, that cold face of hers was enough to spark a brawl between the best warriors. 

She was lucky to be one of the best cultivators in the world or she might have met a tragic fate. 

Big Guy watched in awe as she left, surprised that her presence did not trigger the array mechanism .

Did she have the Pass Seal? It must be! She should not be able to enter without the seal! 

Big Guy heaved a sigh of relief then looked at Zhan Qitian. He now had a dilemma: who would have expected this guy to be from the Zhan family? The smaller guy had abandoned him with this impossible problem, so now what? If he did not let him go, making enemies with a Zhan member was trouble. But if he let him go, the Martial Uncles would blame him for not doing his job… 

Sigh, it’ll just be some punishment at most. It’s better than making enemies with this terrifying guy. A little punishment would be better than that. 

Big Guy thought for a moment, then pressed his palm on the ancient tree. A dim seal appeared on his palm while the tall tree moved with a deep creaking sound. All the tree vines retracted quickly so Zhan Qitian who was locked in a standing position collapsed in a heap. 

Zhan Qisheng did not imagine how comfortable lying on the ground could be but he only lay there for one second before scrambling up to walk away. 

“What? He’s gone?!” 

With a loud clatter, an exquisite cup was smashed to pieces with Huangfu Song’s rage. 

“He was healthy and alive yesterday, how can he just disappear?” Huangfu Song grabbed his servant furiously. 

The servant looked terrified. “I don’t know either. I went to Sir Zhan’s quarters today but the gates were shut tight and no one answered when I yelled for them.” 

Huangfu Song furrowed his brows and paced around the main hall. Ji Chunhua, Feng Wenjuan and Gu Yuelian all looked at each other. 

Feng Wenjuan offered quietly, “Perhaps it’s because he drank too much last night? That’s why he’s still sleeping?” 

The servant replied, “I asked the cultivators nearby when I returned. They said someone saw Sir Zhan and his servant leaving with their luggage.” 

Huangfu Song’s pupils constricted. “Luggage?” 

Gu Yuelian shot up. “Do you think he…” 

Ji Chunhua screamed, “Impossible, that would be impossible!” 

“Calm down, calm down. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding.” Huangfu Song was intensely uncomfortable, pacing back and forth. He suddenly halted his footsteps. “Did you go in to check?” 

The servant’s wrinkly face contorted into a frown. “I wouldn’t dare!” 

In a flash, Ji Chunhua rushed out. Huangfu Song followed her after a brief pause. 

The remaining two looked at each other, then ran out. 

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