Breaking The Day - Chapter 99

The mountain path wide enough to fit four horse carriages was completely silent as Li Chengfeng stared with his jaw on the floor. He turned to Su Yuehan, whose cheek twitched. “Young Master, can we make it to Cangjin Court?” 

He said drily, “P-probably not…?” 

She suddenly pointed at them both. “Eh, look! Aren’t they the two swindlers who tried to fake the injury from before?” 

He squinted and his eyes widened. One had very evil-looking features while the other was short. They were definitely them. 

What a small world! 

Li Chengfeng’s mind raced and almost clapped his hands. Ah, I was just about to sleep and someone sends me a pillow! We can understand if they swindled people at the foot of the mountain but I can’t believe they’re now pretending to be Cangjian Court seniors here! 

It’s your unlucky day to have met me! 

Li Chengfeng put his hands on his hips. “You two idiots! I’ll forget about you swindling people at the foot of the mountain, I’ll let you live, but you want to do this again? You must have a death wish!” 

Both of them paused for a moment, then tempers flared. The shorter guy yelled, “Senior, it’s that swindler!” 

Li Chengfeng raged, folding his sleeves up as he rushed forward. “YOU’RE the swindler! How dare you pretend to be Spiritual Mountain Sect seniors in broad daylight?” 

The short guy also raged, “Nonsense, I’m from the sect! My senior too!” 

Li Chengfeng stepped forward. “NONSENSE! With your abilities? Which courts are you two from?” 

The evil-looking guy yelled, “We’re from the Cangjian Court! Who are you? How dare you speak to us that way!” 

Li Chengfeng laughed. “Me? Hah, you two were swindlers before this, how dare YOU speak to me that way?” 

Su Yuehan held back her laughter and also put her hands on her hips. “Yeah, that’s right!” 

The shorter guy galred at her and Su Yuehan immediately hid behind Li Chengfeng, making a face at them. 

The shorter guy raged, “We’re cultivators of the sect and this path leads to the Cangjian Court. What is wrong with asking for payment here? You little sh*t, how dare you speak like that to us? You must want to die!” 

Li Chengfeng laughed angrily. “Not bad, first faking injuries and then now pretending to be cultivators! Not bad! You think you even look like cultivators? I’m too impatient for karma, I’ll help karma do its job today!” 

In a flash, he pounced at them. 

The short guy bellowed, “How dare you touch us! There were too many people at the bottom of the mountain just now so we did not stay for long. And now you’ve cornered us! I’ll show you the wrath of…” 

Then, he unsheathed the sword behind his back but just as his arm extended backwards, he saw a flash and the senior next to him flew backwards. 

The short guy widened his eyes and turned to see Li Chengfeng sitting on his senior, slapping his cheek repeatedly, alternating left and right with audible slaps as he scolded, “Admit it! You’re both liars!” 

The short guy pulled his sword out and gasped, “Let my senior brother go! I’m telling you now, we really are from Cangjian Court, how dare you…” 

His sentence was too long because Li Chengfeng had already slapped the guy more than ten times. The guy cursed as his mouth swelled. He begged and sobbed, “Stop hitting me, stop hitting me!” 

Li Chengfeng raged, “Admit it! Are you a liar?” 

Tears fell as the evil-looking guy shouted, “Yes, yes, I’m a liar!” 

“Are you the only liar?” 

“He… he’s also a liar!” 

The short guy raged, “Senior Brother! What are you talking about?!” 

Li Chengfeng slapped him again. “Only the both of you? Do you have anyone else working with you?” 

He sobbed, “No, no more!” 

Li Chengfeng slapped him a few more times. “Nonsense! Which swindler doesn’t have a lookout? Or a bookkeeper? How do you two keep your accounts and divide your earnings? Where do you keep your money? Speak! Tell me everything!” 

The short guy was utterly shocked. Oh my goodness, we’ve just met a fellow experienced criminal too! 

The crying guy already felt dizzy as he yelled, “Seniors! We handed them all to our senior brothers!” 

Li Chengfeng slapped him again. “Are you still trying to lie? You must be talking about your family!” 

The guy cried, “Brother, no, Master! Master, as long as you don’t hit me, you can call my entire family liars!” 

Li Chengfeng laughed. “What the heck?!”  He was about to slap him again but the guy suddenly shrieked and went unconscious. 

Li Chengfeng looked at the short guy, who instinctively sensed danger as if he had met the devil. He took a step backwards with the sword in hand, his voice sounding like a strangled rooster. “You… what do you want?!” 

Chengfeng got up and stepped forward. The short guy pointed his blade at him. “Don’t come any closer or I’ll kill you!” 

“Great, I’d like to see you do that!” 

The short guy gritted his teeth. “You’d better be careful! I’m known as ‘Current’ in the Cangjian Court because I can cut steel like it is mud, and your hairs will break with just a breath of mine… I can kill people a thousand miles away, and…” 

Li Chengfeng appeared before him and looked down as if the sword did not exist. The tip of the blade was now touching his chest as he sneered. “And what?” 

The short guy had obviously never faced the wrath of the King of Troublemakers, for he suddenly bent his knees and collapsed, kowtowing, “Have mercy, Master! Have mercy!” 

Su Yuehan could not help but burst out in laughter. 

Li Chengfeng picked him up from the ground. “Who are you? How are you bold enough to pretend to be Spiritual Mountain seniors?” 

Before the short guy could speak, Su Yuehan suddenly pointed behind Chengfeng. “Young Master, he ran away!” 

In a rage, Chengfeng flicked his wrist and snatched the sword from the short guy’s hand. He waved the blade at him, scaring him into shrieks. He fell backwards on his butt, screaming, “I’m dead! I’m dead!” 

But he touched his forehead, then his body and realised he was unscathed so he scrambled up. 

When Li Chengfeng turned to chase after the evil-looking guy, the short guy ran in the opposite direction. Su Yuehan pointed at him immediately. “Hey, stay where you are! No running!” 

The short guy was so startled he stood on the spot but this sudden movement ripped his robes in half. The bottom half drifted to the ground, revealing the bottom half of his body. 

Su Yuehan turned red. 

The short guy finally realised that when Li Chengfeng waved his sword, he had ripped his robes in half. He was completely naked underneath so he quickly covered his parts with his hands, scrambling for the ripped parts to cover himself and then ran away. 

Su Yuehan let out a guffaw as she watched the butt-naked man run for his life. She then had an idea to use a subtle spell. With the flick of her finger, she used a wind blade to cut his butt. 

The guy screamed, then fell on his butt on the ground. He had just touched the ground when he shot up again like a spring, still covering his parts. 

Su Yuehan was almost in tears at his point as she clapped. “Karma always gets you! The tiny liar just met a big liar…” 

Li Chengfeng glared at her. “Who are you calling a liar?” 

She swallowed her words and giggled. “The tiny liars met a big hero!” 

Satisfied, he turned around. She made a face behind him and tutted, rolling her eyes. “More like a very shameless liar!” 

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