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The more sensitive ones in the crowd might’ve been able to sense this but the fire in Shao Xuan’s palm vanished immediately. They wouldn’t have been able to identify the source of this energy, merely thinking that it was some slave master who was getting excited so they paid it no mind. 

Shao Xuan then went to other pits to watch a few more fights with Su Gu. There were human battles as well as animal, though most of them were slaves who were sent into the pits to fight. 

Every year, Beast Battle City would bury as many slaves as it produced them. To the slaves, a visit to this city was a great opportunity for them. Just like Dao Yu who’d greatly increased his ranking among White Stone City’s slaves last year after a glorious battle here. 

Subsequently, Su Gu made a few more bets. He won some, lost some. When he won, he would let Shao Xuan pick a box for him. However, he was not dumb either and knew his limits. He made his pick a few times too and although the rewards were subpar, at least it did not invite suspicions. They were worth something anyway, his spoils of the day had already far exceeded his expectations. 

Now that Shao Xuan was helping him, Su Gu was naturally kinder to the three from Flaming Horn. He made an effort to tell Shao Xuan every news he’d heard from his own circle of slaves. 

Once they arrived at the camp, Shao Xuan returned to rest. He said to Lei and Tuo, “Keep watch outside the door, I need to do something.” 


Lei and Tuo did not question him for they also kept watch outside whenever Shao Xuan had to make records of the day. Some things should not be seen by slaves anyway. That was why when he said he had to do something, both of them did not think much of it. They stepped outside to take a breath of fresh air, talked about what happened that day. If someone came looking for Shao Xuan, they would report straight to him. They wouldn’t let just anyone enter. 

Shao Xuan surveyed his surroundings carefully once Lei and Tuo left. Once he was sure no one was watching, he lifted his arm. 

He had witnessed many battles happen as the result of people fighting for slaves, as well as slave masters enslaving people on the spot. 

Every time he saw an enslaving, a ball of fire would appear in his mind, similar to Su Gu’s. Although the fireball was a little different, they weren’t as major as totem fire between different tribes. 

During the enslavement, every surge of energy, every movement was etched deep in Shao Xuan’s mind. Every impression deepened whenever he witnessed a new enslavement. Sometimes, he found himself subconsciously imitating the slave masters. However, he could not test his abilities publicly as there were many slaves around him. Now that he was back and alone, this was a good opportunity. 

Before he’d left the tribe, Shao Xuan once talked to the Shaman about the abilities of slave masters. It was difficult to imagine how a group of people like slave masters could obtain such power, how they wielded it. It was actually very similar to the Flame, Shao Xuan speculated that both types of energy originated from the same source. 

Bringing his focus back to reality, he started concentrating on the energy within his body. The totemic fire in his mind roared, its blue flames were bright as every. Long tentacles of flame lashed out, then merged. 

He felt a wave crash downwards from his head, flowing down his neck, shoulders then up his arm, which was still in the air. 

Totemic patterns appeared on his face and the rest of his body as if the patterns themselves were flowing up his arm to his elbow, only stopping at his wrist. However, the surge of energy did not stop, it continued to flow forwards as if it would burst out of his arm. 


A barely audible pop.

Shao Xuan’s palm was now engulfed in blue flames. 

In the beginning, the flames that extended out of his palms were unfocused, as if they were about to disappear anytime. However, they grew clearer very soon, stabilising themselves and firmly anchored on his palm. 

Shao Xuan stared at the flames. This differed from the time he used the tribe’s secret engraving techniques on Caesar. This time, no totem appeared in his hand. It felt different too, this was harsher, more powerful and… more unkind. 

He retracted this force, the blue flames disappearing from his palm. Then, he unleashed his power and the flames appeared again. 

The repeated this a few times until he was more familiar with wielding this energy. 

Was this the same power slave masters used for enslavement? 

He did not know if he could truly perform enslavement now. 

Shao Xuan fell into deep thought, wondering if he should practise on a small animal like what Su Gu once did. 

His eyes swept across the house. Soon, he noticed a small beetle crawling out of a hole in the corner. Shao Xuan caught it before it travelled any further. 

He peered closely at the beetle, no bigger than the tip of his little finger. It looked familiar but he could not recall what type it was. The Beast Battle Desert was a cooler desert, he was surprised a beetle like this one could survive in such a cool climate. This was rare. 

However, there were many peculiar living organisms in this place so Shao Xuan did not dwell on this topic. His thought about using his new enslavement abilities on this beetle. Would it work? 

We’ll see.  

Shao Xuan concentrated on the energy within, feeling the tentacles of blue flame extend down his arm once again. 

A solid ball of fire appeared in his palm. Shao Xuan looked at the beetle he could easily squash with one finger, extended his arm and touched it. 

Upon contact, it was as if he saw strands of flame encircling the beetle, then wrapping it tightly like rope. 

As the rope of flames tightened, the struggling beetle slowly weakened and stopped moving. 

When it stopped moving, the blue flames had already disappeared. Everything looked the same. All that was different was the very obedient beetle at his feet. 

It’s done?

Shao Xuan peered closer at the beetle, then confirmed that it wasn’t dead, just standing very obediently in one spot. 

Beetles were different from humans, plus it wasn’t a very intelligent organism. Beetles couldn’t talk nor express emotions, they couldn’t communicate with humans. That was why Shao Xuan wasn’t sure if he’d succeeded with his first enslavement. Did this really count as a success anyway? 

The first turtle Su Gu enslaved had already been cooked. Shao Xuan couldn’t even cook this beetle for food but he had no plans to squash it either. He’d leave it alive for observation. 

Once the beetle sensed nothing was happening, it returned back to its hole. 

There were no stone floorings here, just sand on the ground so beetle holes were common. Shao Xuan had no intention to seal that hole either. 

As he watched the beetle walk towards its hole, he decided to take a walk outside. However, he suddenly thought of something, turning his head abruptly to stare at the beetle. The muscles on his face twitched, as if he was about to laugh but couldn’t, with a hint of embarrassment. 

He’d finally realised why the beetle was so familiar. Although there were a few differing characteristics, it was very similar to…

This beetle was nature’s janitor. It was the dung beetle.