On the next morning, Su Gu invited Shao Xuan to tag along while he went to enslave another fighting beast at the pit. 

After resting for a night, Su Gu could not wait to enslave the scorpion. He was already impatient after not visiting the Beast Battle City for two days. As long as he could successfully enslave this scorpion, he’d be able to bring it to the city for battle. 

It was the same at the pit, nothing had changed. Having received news of Su Gu’s arrival to enslave an animal, the slaves responsible for the pit were already waiting. 

Shao Xuan surveyed his surroundings. Since arriving, he had not seen the Lord of the Fallen Leaves again. It felt as if no one knew where the lords where. He’d visited the Beast Battle City many times but he only saw little slave masters of each city, never the lord. Perhaps he would be graced with their presence the day the fighting pit within the city was open for public. 

Movement within the pit pulled his attention back to reality. The slaves had teamed up to control the scorpion, especially Su Gu’s few slaves who were there to suck up to him. Although they had limited capabilities, their enthusiasm made up for it just to impress Su Gu, so he would unshackle them sooner. 

Once the scorpion was under control and its tail tied up, Su Gu finally started his enslavement. 

Today’s enslavement took longer than yesterday’s. Although the scorpion was tied up, he was obviously exhausted and drenched in sweat at the end. 

The slaves quickly brought a damp cloth for him to wipe his sweat while the rest assumed their positions in caring for the young master. Seeing there was no stool around, one was even smart enough to crouch on the ground so Su Gu could sit on his back. 

After a moment’s rest, colour returned to his face. He stood up and looked at the scorpion up close. 

This scorpion was very different from yesterday’s lizard, it was a lot more aggressive. When Su Gu came near, its tail shot up again, pointing at Su Gu. Although it did not stab Su Gu, it was still defensive. 

Shao Xuan was surprised. “Haven’t you enslaved it already? Why is it still so defensive against you?” 

Su Gu was not upset at the scorpion’s behaviour, instead his eyes were shining with excitement. “Stronger animals are more difficult to tame. It’s acting this way because I had help when I enslaved it instead of fully relying on my own capabilities.” 

“There’s a difference?” Shao Xuan asked, puzzled. 

“It’s only natural. There is a difference between animals who willingly submit after losing a battle compared to ones who were forced into enslavement with the help of other slaves. My father’s mount was enslaved after he defeated it, hence why it is very obedient to my father despite it being so powerful.” Su Gu pointed at the scorpion and said, “An animal like this one will still bear enmity after successful enslavement. It does not matter though. As long as we keep a strong grip and make it listen, it will be fine. It will only be until the battle.” 

Then, with utmost confidence, he declared, “Someday, when I am stronger, I’ll tame one on my own too!” 

Although the scorpion still showed signs of unwillingness, it was a lot better than the day before. It revered Su Gu, especially when his hand was engulfed in blue flames. However, it still wasn’t as afraid as the time it met Shao Xuan. 

Su Gu circled the scorpion, testing it. If this scorpion was up against a human, its chances of victory were higher than the lizard. 

With high expectations for this scorpion, Su Gu naturally paid more attention in its care. When he checked on the scorpion, he called the slaves responsible for the pit over. 

Su Gu was surrounded by slaves now, some there to protect him in case the scorpion rebelled, some were there to answer questions. 

Shao Xuan did not lean in to listen. He’d found a dung ball within the pit, a lot larger than the balls rolled by other beetles. There were bits of other stuff in the dung ball too. 

When he peered closer, he realised there were insects rolled into it similar to the dung ball with desert ants yesterday. The insects inside weren’t ants though, there were other kinds of underground insects. 

After looking around, Shao Xuan finally saw a flash of blue under a pile of thin branches. 

At least it knew it had to hide. However, the huge dung ball it rolled was still too obvious. Thank goodness the rest of the slaves did not see this ball. 

Naturally, this insect-and-dung ball was rolled by his beetle. But since when did the beetle start eating insects? 

Perhaps sensing Shao Xuan’s presence, the beetle moved closer. 

“Shao Xuan, what are you doing over there?” asked Su Gu. He did not come closer, it was too dirty. 

“Nothing.” Shao Xuan retreated, he did not want to stay long among the wastes of various animals. 

“Also, the Beast Battle pit will be opened to the public three days later. You all will go with me.” Su Gu briefed them about what to expect. 

Shao Xuan took note of what he said. He had to be careful whenever he was in a place filled with slave masters and their slaves. 

After returning, he told Lei and Tuo what Su Gu had explained. 

On the second morning, Su Gu rose early. He was going to make his lizard fight humans today and had sent a messenger to invite Shao Xuan and the rest over. However, Shao Xuan had no plans to leave the house today, he’d wanted to practice unshackling today. Although he’d seen Su Gu do it, he was still not confident enough to do it on his own. All he could do was imitate. He would have no chance to practice if he was following Su Gu around. There were many slave masters at Beast Battle City, someone would see him. 

However, while Shao Xuan did not want to go, Lei and Tuo were very enthusiastic. They’d been home for two days and not allowed to leave.  They were eager to follow when Su Gu mentioned the event. They weren’t very interested in watching the battles, they wanted to walk around and get to know the animals. There were many beasts they hadn’t seen in Beast Battle City. They wanted to learn more through observation. 

When everyone left, Shao Xuan took a moment to listen. Once he was sure he was alone, he locked the door. As he recalled the surge of energy and its rhythm Su Gu summoned when he was unshackling a slave, he started to imitate Su Gu’s actions. 

However, for some reason, it did not work. Something had gone wrong, somewhere. 

After several failures, he was exhausted. Retracting his energies, Shao Xuan sat on a stool, frustrated. He’d also made many mistakes because he could not focus. 

In the afternoon, one of the slaves who usually followed Su Gu around came to ask if Lei and Tuo were back. 

“I didn’t seem them, what happened?” asked Shao Xuan, panicking. 

“There was a brawl a while ago. After everyone calmed down, the young master could not find them, he was furious because of this,” said the slave unhappily. 

Shao Xuan dropped what he was doing, took a knife and headed towards the Beast Battle City.