While rushing to Beast Battle City, Shao Xuan listened to the story told by the slave. 

The slave wasn't sure about the details, given that during the brawl, slaves naturally protected their masters without caring for others. They also wouldn’t bother paying attention to Lei and Tuo. 

When Shao Xuan reached Beast Battle City, Su Gu’s face was filled with anger, it was obvious he was in a bad mood. 

Shao Xuan looked around but he couldn't see the lizard that was brought out this morning. He connected the dots and realised that Gu Su has lost the beast in the match.

When Su Gu saw Shao Xuan, his sour expression softened, he had always treated Shao Xuan in a polite manner. 

"I don't know where they went, I sent people to look for them but they couldn't find them," said Su Gu. He didn't feel like mentioning the fact that he lost the battle. 

After the battle, there was a dispute that broke out in the crowd, which turned into a chaotic mess. When it ended, the masters brought their slaves and left while Su Gu couldn't find Lei and Tuo. 

In this area dominated by slave masters, it would greatly disadvantage the tribesmen if they mingled about. Disappearing without a trace was highly probable so on the first day they reached Beast Battle City, Su Gu had warned the trio about this. They had been very cautious too so no one had expected this to happen. 

At first, Su Gu thought that maybe Lei and Tuo returned home or went to the other parts of the city to run some errands because Su Gu had the impression that tribesmen preferred to do things mysteriously. However, judging from Shao Xuan's reaction, he knew, these two scenarios were highly unlikely. 

After listening to Su Gu, Shao Xuan said, "I didn't ask them to do anything and I’m sure they wouldn't run away, something must have happened to them or they must have seen something."

"Where was the last place you saw them?" Shao Xuan asked. 

The ground nearby showed signs of a recent scuffle. The footprints were messier, showing traces of the kicks and tramples of many humans and beasts. 

“There weren’t far from me, but during the fight, they were pushed away by the crowd,” Su Gu’s facial expression changed as he recalled in detail about the fight. He was mindlessly angry before, but as he had calmed down, the more he thought the more it didn’t seem right, he then looked to Shao Xuan and asked, “What do you think?” 

Shao Xuan shook his head, “It’s only speculation at this point.” 

With the fact that he lost two of them and he didn’t notice the abnormality of the situation, Su Gu felt ashamed. He also felt guilty towards his partner, Shao Xuan, “I’ll send people to look for them again.” 

“If there are any tamed beasts that are sensitive to smell, bring some of them over, the search will be easier with their help,” said Shao Xuan. 

After listening to Shao Xuan, Su Gu understood what he needed to do and instructed Wu Shi to bring back beasts that fit the requirements. 

Wu Shi did not say much and hurried back to bring two wolf-like beasts. This type of beast isn’t a good fighter compared to others, so it does not enter the beast fighting pits a lot, it is mostly used to find slaves and fighting beasts that ran away or hunt for food. 

Shao Xuan hurried over and brought Lei and Tuo’s shirts for them to sniff. 

The two beasts took a sniff at the shirts then sniffed at the surroundings and ran towards a direction. 

“There!” Su Gu was startled, “Quick, catch up!” 

Meanwhile, Su Gu thought to himself: It is fine if they left on their own, but if I find them scheming with others, I will not forgive them! 

To both of their disappointment, the two beasts only ran for a while and stopped soon after. 

“Is that all? Only until this spot, and there’s nothing else?” Su Gu looked at his surroundings, the masters passing by were riding all sorts of beasts, bringing their slaves around, not a single one of them was staying still. There was no luck in asking them any questions. 

The useful footprints were already ruined by the other passersby, they weren’t able to find any clues. 

Shao Xuan blew out the whistle they used for contact but no one answered. It was the evening already but they could not find both of them, 

After they left the city, Shao Xuan even summoned Chacha who was having fun near Beast Battle Desert to help with the search.

When they reached Fallen Leaves City, Shao Xuan noticed the withered grass they purposely brought over that was still left in the corner. He picked one of them out and noted the softness was still there. 

He took a deep breath to calm himself down then mustered his inner energy while holding that withered grass. He looked at the pair of hands and string that appeared in his mind and immersed himself in it. He hoped to use this method to predict Lei and Tuo’s location. 

When he finally left that state, he felt dizzy for a moment. He tried to unlock too many times today which had already left him drained so, after this string spell, he is even more tired than before. 

He shook his head to clear his mind and saw the string in his hands. He carefully identified the wordings on it, the longer he looked, the deeper his frown, the stronger the hatred in his eyes.

At this moment, Su Gu knocked on the door. 

Shao Xuan opened the door and saw Su Gu who looked like he was in a bad state. 

Su Gu walked into the house and didn’t allow the slaves to follow him. He looked at Shao Xuan and asked: “About Lei and Tuo, do you have any idea what happened to them?” 

“White Stone City!” said Shao Xuan. 

Su Gu expressed his shock, he didn’t expect Shao Xuan to be able to predict that, but that being said Shao Xuan does have an unnatural talent for predicting things. 

He passed a cloth to Shao Xuan and said, “Look at this, someone sent it over,” 

The material of the cloth was similar to the one Shao Xuan was wearing, it was a cut from Lei and Tuo’s clothes. There were only five words written on it -- see you in the pits. 

Su Gu scratched his head, he didn’t know what to say. He thought for a while, afraid that Shao Xuan would be impulsive and rush off to White Stone City, he urged, “Do not go to White Stone City Station, if you go, you won’t be able to come back,”   
“Don’t worry, I know that,” replied Shao Xuan. He placed the cloth at the side and said, “Leave this cloth here.” 

“Ok,” Su Gu had no objection to this. 

After a short exchange, Su Gu left. 

Shao Xuan thought throughout the night in his room, he didn’t feel sleepy at all, pondering over the true motive for someone to kidnap Lei and Tuo. 

The next day, Su Gu did not enter Beast Battle City as he was not in the mood. After knowing that it was the doing of the people in White Stone City, he had to hold himself back. He had already lost one of the two enslaved beasts he had, he was only left with the scorpion. He spent the day near the beast, personally looking at the slaves feeding it and listening about herbs that supposedly strengthens beasts. He wasn’t sure whether it was true or not but he still got some herbs and found some people to test it on some smaller desert beasts.   

Shao Xuan hadn’t gone over but had summoned Chacha back to ensure it won’t fly around or go anywhere close White Stone City.

Su Gu assumed that the people in White Stone City acted out on the tribesmen around him because of their resentment between them. He was also relieved that Shao Xuan had not followed them that day. 

However, Shao Xuan thought it wasn’t as simple as that, this incident was caused by the resentment from the two cities but maybe, Dao Yu was a factor as well but he wasn’t sure how Dao Yu was related to it. 

Dao Yu ……

Shao Xuan touched the sword handle at his hip. 

Su Gu had told Shao Xuan that going to White Stone City was a one-way trip, Shao Xuan also knew that his powers were not strong enough to defeat the people there. To make matters worse, they already sent someone to send the cloth over so, they definitely were prepared. 

As he couldn’t come up with a solution after thinking for the whole night, Shao Xuan sat in the house and continued to think. Since they said “see you in the pits”, could it be that they want to send Lei and Tuo into a battle? If that is the case, both of them aren’t in a life-threatening situation for the moment. The problem is, how do we get out of the beast fighting pit located in the middle of Beast Battle City?

While he was thinking, he heard something move, which turned out to be a blue beetle lying by his feet. 

Shao Xuan stared at the beetle, deep in thought.

Just as the beetle was leaving as it couldn’t wait for Shao Xuan’s reaction, he finally spoke up. 

“Come back.” 

The beetle that had already moved towards the hole immediately crawled back. 

Shao Xuan leaned over and put out his hand for it. Before this, he wanted to let go of the beetle a little later, but as the incident regarding Lei and Tuo had happened, he changed his mind. He decided to let this beetle clear the first roadblock. 

Looking at the blue flames in Shao Xuan’s palm, it was as if the beetle knew what he was doing and stayed in its place obediently. Perhaps because it got too agitated, its two hind legs kicked gently -- a habit that came from rolling dung balls for a long time.