After running away successfully, Shao Xuan found a place to check Chacha’s injury. Only when he ensure the injuries were minor, they took flight again. 

They didn't fly back to Fallen Leaves City immediately. Instead, they flew around Beast Battle Desert to find a quiet place with few people and beasts. 

Other than the moments when travelers from other cities passed by, this desert that snowed was usually free of human and beast activity. Especially now, when the pits were about to open again, the number of travelers had greatly reduced. For Shao Xuan, this was a good thing. 

He needed a quiet place where no one would interrupt or notice him for him to think. 

He had felt a barrier, something that blocked him from his powers. He felt it when he was practicing his enslavement magic. It was even more obvious when he was removing the first lock from the beetle. The totem tattoo on his arm was very close to his wrist, it only needed a little more time for the tattoos to reach it. 

Usually, Shao Xuan would have chosen to slowly prepare and only act when he was ready but the circumstances were different now. Especially after that short encounter with Dao Yu, he was even more firm with his decision. He had to break through this barrier as soon as possible!    

Dao Yu has every intention to kill them, Shao Xuan was sure of that after the incident. He wasn’t sure where Lei and Tuo were or if they were well. If Dao Yu wanted them to go into the pits, their lives were temporarily safe for now. 
He shook his head, Shao Xuan knew that the most important thing now was for him to break through that block he had. Shao Xuan was a little more special compared to others but there was no way he could stand up against an advanced totemic warrior. There were certain skills and coincidences that weren’t inhibited, especially in places like these. A mid-rank totemic warrior like him would not stand a chance. Still, if he had this breakthrough, the chances of saving of Lei and Tuo were higher. 

When Su Gu saw that Shao Xuan returned safely to Fallen Leaves City, he felt immensely relieved. 

“Want to go to Beast Battle City?” asked Shao Xuan. 

“Of course! I heard that someone from White Stone City recently brought a beast into the city. Great timing, I’ll go there beat their asses!” Su Gu ordered his slaves to bring the scorpion and prepared to leave. 

Shao Xuan packed up and once again followed Su Gu into Beast Battle City. 

When Dao Yu received the report from his subordinate, he felt dumbfounded. Shao Xuan was just defeated this morning and now he is going to Beast Battle City? Was he not afraid of facing the same fate as his two friends? 

“Should I go find more people to teach him a lesson?” someone next to Dao Yu said. Even though he said it was just to give him a ‘lesson’, his posture was closer to someone that had the intention to kill. 
Dao Yu fixed the floral shirt he just put on, without a care, he said, “It is up to you.” His mind was only fixed on how to please the White Stone King, he didn’t want to spend any more energy on other matters. 

At this moment in Beast Battle City, Su Gu was in a battle with a young master from White Stone City. 

Su Gu had a particularly strong fighting spirit then, flames were spitting out of his eyes whenever he saw someone from White Stone City. I don’t care about anyone else, I’ll just mess up you people from White Stone City! 

As if it felt Su Gu’s anger, the scorpion that normally disrespected Su Gu in the enclosure performed well in the pits and satisfied Su Gu.

The opponent’s beast was wary of the scorpion’s tail, little did it know, this scorpion’s fighting style was unlike the few scorpions it defeated in the past. As soon as it was in the pit, it’s pliers were sturdy. 

Unsure whether it was because when it was in the enclosure, it got agitated by Shao Xuan then enslaved by Su Gu, a storm of anger was hidden within it. 

Shao Xuan didn’t stay around the pit, he chose to walk to places nearby, especially to areas where human slaves were battling, to observe how masters from different cities enslaved creatures. 

It was during these types of moments, the blue flame in Shao Xuan’s mind was very active, the enslaving method of masters from different cities was similar. Shao Xuan paid close attention to the small differences between them. He imitated their movements, letting the blue flame in his mind maintain its energy. Even if it got more active, this would be beneficial for the breakthrough he needed, this was the very reason he wanted to visit the city. 

While he was observing the slave masters, he noticed that he was being followed so he had to also avoid a few sneak attacks. It would not be wise to reveal his totem tattoos here, he would also never dare pick an unbridled fight here too. This was slave master territory, it would be better for tribesmen like him to keep a low profile. 

Just as Shao Xuan was entered the pit that Su Gu was in, the battle had just ended. Su Gu was smiling widely as he let the slaves check on the scorpion, Shao Xuan knew, he had won this round. 

It was then as the bystanders were talking about the recent battle, a riot started. 

Suddenly, a bear-like beast not far from where they went berserk. The slaves controlling it had slipped up and let the derailed beast charge towards the crowd and specifically towards the pit where they were at. 

The beast rushed towards them with great speed. Each step was as quick as a meteor, shaking the ground as it moved. Each step shook everyone to their core. 
The slaves only cared for their masters, they didn’t bother about anything else. 
The smaller riding beasts nearby were neighing while running about. When they had differing opinions with their riders, the whole scene became even rowdier.  
A person riding a giant gerbil was tugging at the string, signaling it to run towards the left, but the gerbil reacted by running towards the right in panic. In this state of confusion, there was a pause to let the human and beast to contest, when the was a decision, another human riding a beast crashed into them. 

The crowd surrounding the pit was running around, screaming. Two, in particular, ran quickly towards Shao Xuan, one towards his left, the other towards his right. 

The moment they looked at Shao Xuan, his sharp senses were awakened. 

With the experience of the incident involving Lei and Tuo, Shao Xuan came prepared. He knew what he had to do and skilfully ran into the crowd. 

The person on his left took out a small blade and hid it with his wrist. Just as he was preparing to make a move as he got closer to Shao Xuan, a few large gerbils rushed forward blocking him so he could only wait for them to pass. When they did, Shao Xuan had disappeared. As he was going to search around, a black figure flashed before him, he couldn’t see what it was but it was at that moment a sense of dread overwhelmed him. 


A soft sound like this would be hard to notice in this noisy environment. 

That person wanted to raise its hand to check on his aching neck, only to realize each movement of his was slow as if he was stuck. Blood came spurring out like an open dam from his neck and flowed down his body. 
The cow-like beasts that were running about used their horns to shove anyone in their way. A slave master from Red Star City riding on one of those beasts didn’t bat an eye on the blood pouring about or the people being shoved around, his only focus was to control the beast beneath him and get away from this mess. 

The other person near Shao Xuan moved away when the gerbils came. When he looked over, he couldn’t find Shao Xuan but only saw his teammate getting shoved by a cow. 

Looking at the other person’s failure, he only thought that the person was dumb, not only did he miss their target, he also got shoved by a cow. Just as he was looking for Shao Xuan, he felt a pain on his wrist then a tremendous force pulling him in another direction. When he got a look, the rabid bear was charging towards him. 

He got anxious as the bear charged on but the rope-like thing on his wrist locking him down was strong. He tried to cut it with his sword to no avail, the force even got stronger and pulled him closer to the bear. He could not see the source of the force. 

Panic, fear, failed struggles, the force on his wrist got tighter. Just as he made the decision to cut off his arm, it was too late, the bear was right in front of him. 


Blood splattered everywhere, the person was shoved with such force he flew. 

To any other person, this would be a tragedy where a stranger was killed by a rabid bear. 

When things calmed down, the chaos settled, only a mess was left. After a day had passed, no one talked about it anymore.