This was the first time Shao Xuan used his blue flames publicly. 

Although it was not a good idea, for after they see these blue flames, he would be a target of the slave masters… but after thinking about it, it was still the best solution. 

Once the blue flames appeared, the slave masters who were initially cheering stared as if he had just held them by their necks. 


“Didn’t you say he was from a tribe? He’s a slave master?!”

“Yeah, who is this person?!” 

“I can’t see, he has a hood on!” 

As slave masters, they all knew since young what the blue flames meant. If you couldn’t produce a blue flame, you were not a true slave master. 

The blue flames were the symbol of enslavement! The proof of your status as a slave master! 

Not just the young slave masters, even the few lords sat up straighter. The people who were lounging around lazily, the people who were sipping wine absent-mindedly and the people who were flirting with pretty ladies suddenly had their eyes on the pit. 

Especially Su Gu. He was initially worried, but now he was so shocked his jaw almost touched the ground. Slave master? He was no freaking slavemaster, he knew Shao Xuan was a tribesman! A true tribesman! He even saw Shao Xuan’s totem tattoos at the oasis how could he be a slave master? 

However, Su Gu recalled how Shao Xuan asked him this question: Can tribesmen take slaves too? 

How did he answer his question then? Did he say it was impossible? Su Gu craned his neck as he watched the pit. He rubbed his eyes. They were blue flames! 

Dao Yu was sitting with the people of White Stone City. He was initially grinning with delight when he saw Shao Xuan enter the pit, he wanted to see them die a tragic death. However, his expression changed, regretting overlooking a person like that. He was sure this kid was a tribesperson. It was because of this he was secretly a little worried and terrified. If he knew earlier, he would’ve definitely removed such a huge threat first! 

The Lord of White Stone City was about to smash his glass on the ground.

Where are the tribespeople I came here to watch? Why is there a slave master in the pit?

What? You say that’s a tribesperson? 

You idiot! Do you think I’m blind? Can a tribesperson enslave a beast? Can a tribesperson produce a blue flame like that? Oh my fucking god, his flames are brighter than mine! 

The Lord of White Stone City was holding back his anger. 

The few slaves quickly looked down when they saw the seething lord, fearing they might be collateral damage. 

However, the Lord of White Stone City valued face, even if something unexpected happened at his event. He still had to sit through it, he could not rage here or the other lords would mock his crisis mitigation abilities. That was why not only could he not vent his anger here, he had to put on an I’ve-got-everthing-under-control face. 

Within the pit. 

Shao Xuan faced the beast with an arm raised, wind and sand blowing around the flame in his hand, moving towards the beast. It was like a predator who smelled food, it was hungry. 

The horned lizard had lifted its muscular front limb, but froze the moment the blue flame appeared. It roared, then stopped, then roared again. This happened a few times, as if it was protesting against Shao Xuan. 

A person who could get a desert beast to protest meant that the beast considered him a threat. The few roars it released previously were merely the lizard teasing its prey. Right now, they were cries of protest. 

It glared at Shao Xuan, fearing the blue flames. 

Shao Xuan lifted his head slightly. Due to the hood on his head, the crowds high above could not see his face, but the beast could. 

On his face, the dark totemic tattoos on his face turned a red that resembled molten lava. If it weren’t for his clothes, you’d be able to see all the tattoos on his body turning a similar colour. 

After a few cries, the giant beast lifted its front legs to move again. 

The audience thought this beast was about to retaliate, it would smash this ignorant kid into pulp! However, they realised that was not the case. 
The beast did not place its front limb forward. Instead, it stepped back. 

It was retreating! 

A gigantic beast like this one was retreating! 

Anyone who had enslaved beasts before knew that beasts would retaliate when they were enslaved. That was why many slave masters needed many slaves to help hold the beast down when they were performing enslavement. But what about the lizard in the pit? 

Why was it retreating? 

Only the horned lizard, so close to Shao Xuan, knew. 

The people far away would never be able to experience the power exuded by him, but the lizard could sense it. 

No, I cannot go any nearer! 

Hence, it chose to step back, roaring as it did as if it had faced a strong enemy. 

This one step backwards meant it was afraid, it was nervous. At this moment, Shao Xuan took another step forward, this step more powerful and decisive as ever. The flame in his hand was now flickering in the beast’s direction. 

Shao Xuan knew that the horned lizard had become cautious and weary after it had been caught by humans, hence it was very careful when dealing with humans. The first step it had taken into the sandpit was merely an experiment. It needed to know how strong the humans in the pit were, and it tested the strength of the walls around it. The people here didn’t seem strong, they weren’t threats but the walls were too hard to smash through. Hence it decided to focus its attention on Shao Xuan and the rest to vent its frustration. 

However, it now sensed this threat, though it did not want to admit defeat. 

This was not the time to show any sign of fear or hesitation. Shao Xuan made himself look more powerful as the beast hesitated even more. 

Yes, just like Su Gu said, the beast was very smart. But the smarter it was, the more it could think-- not like some battle beasts who did not think and just fought their opponents head-on. 

Dao Yu and the people of White Stone City would never have guessed that a beast they’d spend so much time picking, had fallen into Shao Xuan’s control like that. 

Listen to its cries now. Compared to the roars when it first stepped in, this just felt pitiful. 

As it saw Shao Xuan approach, it continued stepping backwards. Its tail hit the wall so it had no choice but to change direction. It continued stepping backwards. 

The consecutive roars made sand fly, as if coming to smother the flame in Shao Xuan’s hand. 

However, every billow of sand could not stop this enemy. 

Fire from the Fire Seed could not be extinguished by wind, nor could it be smothered by sand. How could it disappear just from a beast’s measly cries? 

One stepped back, one stepped forward. 

Shao Xuan forced the horned lizard, step by step, back to the centre of the pit. 

Not just the rest of the fighters, even the slave masters, who’d watched countless battles, were stunned. 

What was going on? 


This was something that didn’t happen in a hundred years! 

“Who is this bastard? He looks even more arrogant than the young master of Snow Plains!” 

“Do you think this was deliberately arranged by White Stone?”

“You think it’s a young master from White Stone?”

“I don’t care who he is, he should hurry up! That beast looked so fierce, what a waste!” 

The slave masters in the audience did not know how to react. Some people even hurled things they were holding- ceramic wares, stonewares directly at the beast in the pit to provoke it. 

But while the beast was provoked, it did not direct its rage at Shao Xuan, instead roared ferociously in the direction the stuff came from. Strong wind rushed at the viewing boxes, scaring the young slave masters so much they hid behind their slaves. 

They saw the horned lizard turn his head to continue stepping back until its tail touched the wall. 

Shao Xuan had forced the beast from one end to the other end of the pit. 
When it could no longer retreat any farther, the muscles around its eyes started to twitch, its eyes turning red. 

Shao Xuan braced for its final lash. 

He watched as the twitching around the beast’s eyes become more and more obvious, it swelled more and more and its eyes became redder and redder. 


Two streams of red liquid sprayed out of the beast’s eyes. 

The smell of blood came from the pit. Although it was not very unpleasant, it was enough to make stomachs churn. 

Not just the people in the pit felt that way, for the breeze brought the smell high up to the viewing boxes. 

The slave masters, who had been eating nonstop, vomited immediately. The rest who didn’t turned very pale, immediately looking for someplace to escape. 

All except the Lord of Fallen Leaves, Su Lun. Instead, he let out a hearty laugh. He was happy to see the people of White Stone City suffer. 

“That’s enough, the fourth battle has ended!”

In the desert, when horned lizards met a beast they could not fight, they would spray blood from their eyes to chase away the predator threatening their lives. 

This horned lizard had done the same thing when the people of White Stone City first captured it. It was terribly afraid then. The red stains around its eyes when it entered the pit were from that fateful day. Right now, just one person was enough to make it spray blood once again. 

How afraid was it? 

Who could scare a horned lizard like that? 

Even the Lord of Fallen Leaves was puzzled. Was this kid truly from the tribe? 

No matter what, when the lizard sprayed blood from its eyes, any experienced person would know that this fight could not proceed any longer. Dragging it out would just be a waste of time. 

However, although he knew this in his heart, the Lord of Snow Plains still did not like this person who had out-performed his own son. “This fight was awful, just ruined everyone’s moods!” 

This was a slap to the face for the Lord of White Stone City. He was the one who’d bragged that everyone would love this battle. What happened then? 

He said it ‘ruined his mood’. This was two merciless slaps to his face, loud and clear. 

The Lord of Snow Plains City did not even look at the Lord of White Stone City, who was trembling with anger. As the host of this year’s event, the Snow Plains Lord thought to himself, You White Stone people are cheapskates, sending us such a useless piece of trash! I’ll show you the power of my city! Let’s switch it up with our beast from Snow Plains!  

Standing up, the Snow Plains Lord cleared his throat. Although the arena was huge, he could make his voice travel to every corner of the bleachers. 

“Since the beast from White Stone has proven to be useless, then Snow Plains shall send another to replace it….” 

Before he could speak, there was a cry from a beast. 


He was very annoyed to be interrupted, evident from his expression. After a pause, he continued, “Bring the…”


Another cry from a beast, this time louder. 

The lord’s expression darkened. He huffed, then continued. “Bring out our…”


The third moo covered the lord’s voice entirely. 

The Lord of Snow Plains was so angry he’d been interrupted three times that he hurled his glass unto the ground, glaring at the people from Red Star City. It sounded like the Inferno Bull sent by them! 

Although they were very far away, plus they had the sandpit between them, the Lord of Red Star City could feel the piercing glare. There were many people looking at him too. 

With a dry cough, the Red Star Lord turned to give a few instructions to his men to control the bull but do not hurt it. 

Before he could finish, there was another cry. 

Everyone was now looking at the Red Star Lord. 

He was about to say “I’ve sent my men” when he stopped himself.

Eh? That’s not right! 

“This doesn’t sound like our bull, it sounds more like… the one from Snow Plains.”

Everyone turned to look at the people from Snow Plains. 

The lord of Snow Plains City, clad in white, stood out like a sore thumb. 

The lord, who was previously angry because he’d been interrupted, turned green.