The first three moos that interrupted the Snow Plains Lord were indeed from the Red Star City’s infamous Inferno Bull. However, the next cry was not. 

The Snow Plains Lord had nothing to say. He hadn’t even gotten out two sentences before his own animal had embarrassed him. 

His face darkened with race, and with a wave, his two slaves quickly excused themselves to deal with the beast, to see what the matter was. 

Upon seeing the two great slave masters of Red Star and Snow Plains City embarrass themselves, the White Stone Lord turned paler while the rest of the slave masters were delighted. You deserve it! You’re all assholes anyway!  

However, before they could gloat, more and more cries of different beasts rang across the pit. It wasn’t just the bull from Red Star and the beast from Snow Plains, there were others too. 

The cries of different beasts became more and more frequent, each louder than the other. 

The people here were all experienced, they were familiar with these animals too. Even if they did not know the habits of these animals, they could tell what emotions these cries conveyed. 

The continuous roars and cries were filled with anger and frustration as if they were about to flip the entire world upside down. Along with the cries were sounds of loud thuds, as if the beasts were smashing against the stone walls. 

This isn’t anything good. 

“What’s going on?!” No one could sit still, nor could they focus on the sandpit. 

“Do you think the animals might be fighting in the stables?”

“Our city has a few beasts there!”

“Send people to check on them! Be careful! I don’t care if we hurt other animals, do not under any circumstance hurt our own! The battle has not ended!”

The great slave masters all sent slaves to check on the animals. 

The Lord of Snow Plains took a look at the chaos in the audience, then took a deep breath. 

“Everyone, calm down!” 

This single, powerful shout successfully attracted the attention of the audience and slave masters. The noisy arena fell silent in a second. 

Upon seeing such response, the Snow Plains Lord was slightly satisfied. Surveying the sandpit, he lifted a hand. Unwillingly, he announced, “The fourth battle has ended. Prepare the fifth round!”

As for the person in the hood who could produce the flame of enslavement, they would naturally send someone to deal with that. The most important thing was to stabilise the current conditions. 

Within the pit, the two heavy doors opened. 

The people who thought they would never leave this place alive watched as the doors opened slowly, feeling waves of relief and emotion. The three slaves sprinted out first. The four people from the Feather tribe and Tianshan tribe turned to look at the three people of Flaming Horn tribe, then quickly left. 

Shao Xuan watched as a thick rope was lassoed around the horned lizard, then it was dragged out by twenty muscular, high-ranked slaves. The beast was very happy to leave too. It did not struggle and was very cooperative. 

The beasts that participated in battles often leave exhausted and injured-- if they left this place alive. It was rare to see a beast leave in almost the same condition it had entered-- all that happened was it sprayed blood once. 

After the beast left, Shao Xuan finally turned to leave through the other door with Lei and Tuo. 

As they left, Shao Xuan quickly said in a low voice to Lei and Tuo, “Chacha will bring you both out later. It will be very chaotic here, no one will pay attention to us for the moment.” 

Lei and Tuo looked at him in surprise, for they did not understand what he meant. However, they followed his instructions anyway, since he had made the effort to tell them this. What just happened had also shocked them. They heard other people speculate that Shao Xuan was a slave master but they did not believe them. The shaman placed importance on Shao Xuan, plus he was a senior of Flaming Horn tribe. He was approved by their ancestors! It didn’t matter if he was a slave master, he was definitely a person of the Flaming Horn tribe!  

The roars and sounds of animals smashing against walls did not show signs of stopping. Instead, they were growing louder.

At this moment, within the large cell holding the Inferno Bull. 

The Inferno Bull was scraping the floor furiously with its hoof. 

Damn it, where is that stupid insect?! It burrowed into the ground, then disappeared?! 

Just when it was stomping repeatedly, the beetle that almost drove the bull insane had already burrowed quietly out of the ground from the corner. It flew quickly towards the bull’s back, held on, then bit down hard. It then used its hook-like front legs to poke the bull. 

Inferno mooed loudly once again. 

“Mooo---” It hurt! This is stupid! 


The bull’s long, thick horns shook and rammed into the stone wall once again.

These walls could only hold the bull in for so long. They were not built to withstand consecutive ramming like that, they were not built like the arena pits. 

The people who were sent to check on the bull dared not open the stone doors quickly, as they heard the powerful cries and loud thuds. Just as they were thinking of a way to calm the beasts down, they heard a huge crash far away. One of the stone walls of this building, a stone building that required huge amounts of labour and physical resources, a stone building that required sacrificing hundreds to a thousand slaves to build, had fallen.

The people standing near the fallen wall saw the Inferno Bull stomping out, its eyes had turned an evil red, its nostrils strongly exhaling dry heat. The slaves standing outside could clearly see the white steam forced out of its nose. 

A junior slave master plus more than ten slaves had been sent to calm the bull but when they saw it, all they could think was: Oh no!

What happened? Why was Inferno so angry?

The Inferno Bull’s eye colour changed according to its mood. Its eyes turned red when it was furious- the darker the red, the angrier it was. At this point, the bull’s eyes had already turned blood-red like burning-hot rocks, as if ready to burn whoever in its path. 

This fury was very suitable for the sandpit… but this was not the sandpit, nor was it time for battle. 

Inferno glared at everyone outside with its bloodshot eyes, its hoove scraping the ground. 

Upon witnessing such fury, the people of Red Star City had their hearts at their throats.

“It’s going to attack!”

“Get the lord! Hurry!” 

This bull was enslaved by the lord, so only the lord could calm it down. If other people wanted to stop it, they would have to band together many people and likely kill it. However, the lord had specifically told them to not hurt it. The only solution left was to look for its master. 

The bull let out a long cry, then hung its head with its horns facing the front. Just as it was about to charge ahead, the culprit who provoked the bull had done the same thing at a different place. There were so many beasts here! 

The first task Shao Xuan had given it was to provoke the bull. 

Two days before the arena opened, Shao Xuan had been walking around in Beast Battle City. He had heard about Red Star City’s Inferno Bull with its five consecutive wins the past five years and short temper. It was perfect for his plan.

To test the beetle’s obedience and ability to perform tasks, Shao Xuan had been observing it daily. That day, he stayed in the house all day, only going out occasionally to get something. He gave the beetle a small section of a branch, then told it to put the branch down outside the house in a corner. The beetle obediently performed the task successfully three consecutive times. Shao Xuan started to feel thankful he had enslaved a beetle this smart. 

He told ‘Sapphire’ that he would unlock the second shackle once this task was complete. To be honest, once Shao Xuan had confirmed its abilities, he wanted to unlock its second shackle but it was too soon. Su Gu once said that it might not be beneficial if the period between unlocking two shackles were too short. Some might even die. That was why Shao Xuan did not unlock it immediately, instead promising to do it after this task was completed. 

There were many other beetles where the beasts were kept, not just this blue beetle. Although they were not much of a threat alone, it was different when they worked in numbers. That was why the beasts were all so agitated. 

The arena would be open for two to three days before the full moon, and there would be around ten fights per day. Most of the animals used for battle were kept next to the arenas. Sometimes, special circumstances might require changing the beast used for battle, that was why not just the beasts used for the first day were here, some of them were meant for the second day. 

Right now, the fighting beasts that took the people so long to calm and lock them up, were all driven insane. 

In the beginning, it was just one or two but like a chain reaction, the rest of the animals were also triggered. They all had short tempers anyway, plus there was a solid reason to be angry too. 


Another stone wall fell. 

This time, as if a trigger was pulled, stone walls fell one by one, stone doors also rammed open. 

In a rage, these beasts did not function on logic or reason. Other than the slaves in charge of caring for these animals, the arena was the next thing that could contain these beasts. There was a thick layer of protection and tall walls between them and the arena right now. Failing to smash through them, the beasts charged in a different direction, ramming and smashing through things within Beast Battle City as they unleashed their rage.

The guards of Beast Battle City were made up of people from the three major cities. They were not in friendly relations with each other in the first place, plus every hole in their organisational structure was magnified at this moment. The city fell into chaos in the blink of an eye. 

The competition at the arena could not proceed because the beasts were wreaking havoc outside, plus the currently emotionally unstable slave masters still did not dare leave the arena. All they could do was sit there as they waited for the lords and slaves to deal with the beasts outside. 

It was only in the afternoon when they finally, barely, stabilised the situation outside. The slave masters who had been hiding from the chaos were in no mood to watch the competition, hence they were all escorted back to their bases by slaves. 

Shao Xuan and the other two did not return to the Fallen Leaves base. After sending a message to Su Gu, they found a place to rest. 

“Ah-Xuan, are we not returning to the Fallen Leaves base?” asked Tuo.

“Not for the moment,” said Shao Xuan.

“Why? Are you worried the Fallen Leaves lord would be suspicious?”

“Not just that, I’m worried something big might happen. But if something actually happens, it’s actually a good opportunity to leave,” said Shao Xuan as he stared at the full moon in the sky.