The ripples created by the captive beasts were larger than Shao Xuan could ever imagine.

One, Shao Xuan had underestimated Sapphire’s abilities. Second, the timing.

The day of the full moon was when the beasts were the most easily provoked.

The slave masters liked having these angry beasts fight during such a time. To them, the beasts needed to be in this condition so the fights would be interesting enough. 

Shao Xuan wondered if they would be traumatised by this group-rage the next time they visited Beast Battle City. 

Shao Xuan stood on a tall sand dune, staring out at the Fallen Leaves base far ahead, and then at Beast Battle City far away. 

This night, Lei and Tuo had a rare good night’s sleep. When they were held captive, they were constantly on edge and on guard, always keeping watch to protect themselves. Until now. With Shao Xuan and Chacha here, they could finally sleep. They needed good sleep to heal faster. 

At midnight, Shao Xuan saw a bird fly into Fallen Leaves City. After a while, a small group of people hurrying towards the base. As he watched them sprint noiselessly, Shao Xuan guessed they were scouts sent out by the Lord of Fallen Leaves City.

Something must have happened for these people to be in such a hurry. 

On the next day, Shao Xuan went looking for Su Gu but he did not bring Lei and Tuo. He let them rest in a spot so they could heal properly. He had to first check if there was anyone currently out to kill the three of them- especially Dao Yu. Shao Xuan’s actions in the pit must have attracted Dao Yu’s attention even if other people did not care. 

Caution was needed during such chaotic times. 

However, Shao Xuan had not expected to receive shocking news from Su Gu.

“The White Stone Lord is dead?!”

“Yeah, someone reported this to us last night. My father told me not to leave the base. But we’re going to leave this place as soon as possible,” said Su Gu, exhausted. In the beginning, he was still curious how Shao Xuan could produce the flame of enslavement. However, after something so huge, one mere tribesman was no longer important. Plus, Su Gu still needed Shao Xuan’s help so he could not upset him too much.

Shao Xuan mulled over what Su Gu just said. 

The Lord of White Stone City, a lord of an entire city, was murdered? He was still raging at the arena yesterday, how could he be killed so quickly?” 

“Do you know who killed him?” asked Shao Xuan.

Su Gu shook his head, “No.”

“How’s Dao Yu?” 

“I don’t know. But I heard that one out of three of the White Stone Lord’s bodyguards was dead.” After a pause, Su Gu continued, “I think the dead one isn’t Dao Yu.”

After the chaos at the arena, plus the assassination of a lord, this event was definitely not going to proceed.

In the beginning, the Snow Plains Lord had been pestering his people to make investigations- to find out why the beasts were in chaos, why a lord was assassinated by in the afternoon, there was news that he’d left with his people. 

The Snow Plains Lord’s exact words were: “I’ve got something urgent. Whoever who wants to take charge can do his thing, it’s none of my business anymore!”

“What happened, what could make the Snow Plains Lord panic like that?” asked Shao Xuan.

“I heard something very important had gone missing in Snow Plains City,” said Su Gu.

“Something very important?”

“I don’t know what, we’re still listening for news. But, apparently, it’s related to you tribesmen,” said Su Gu.

Shao Xuan’s eye twitched. Did the other tribes have some hidden intentions? He had guessed that they were looking for metal ores. Had they succeeded? 

The Feather and Tianshan tribesmen who returned with them had already left in the middle of last night. They did not even bid the Fallen Leaves people farewell. 

“If this really is related to you tribespeople, you should leave soon. Us, the Fallen Leaves City, cannot accept much tribespeoples,” said Su Gu.

Just as Su Gu mentioned, in the late afternoon, the Fallen Leaves lord summoned all people and their horses and left. Not a single person was left in the base. 

Initially, Shao Xuan wanted Chacha to bring Lei and Tuo away from this place. However, Su Gu had offered to let Lei and Tuo leave with them. The desert was a dangerous place two days before and after a full moon. It was best to be careful.

After some thought, Shao Xuan agreed. 

On the day they left Beast Battle Desert, the Fallen Leaves Lord did not say a word even after he saw the three of them.

As for the White Stone City, after their lord had been assassinated, the young master plus their slave masters left with the slaves. This place was too dangerous. It was better to return to their city first, they would fight for the throne then. 

Not just White Stone and Fallen Leaves- people of other cities started to leave too. As if they could sense a storm coming, they all scrambled to leave.

After the people left, only the original guards of Beast Battle City were left. The guards from the three major cities were left guarding the place.

At night, a guard from Snow Plains City who’d stayed behind went out to pee. The desert night was lit by the bright full moon.

This guard walked towards a spot near a pit. There were many carcasses piled here, most of these animals had lost battles from the past two days. In the past, these carcasses would’ve been cut up and distributed to slaves to be eaten. However, everyone had left now. The carcasses piled up, all of them left in various pits. In ten days, they would be bones. Birds and worms would eat them up.

Yawning, the guard looked around. Other than his compatriots nearby, he did not see people from other cities. He decided to pee here.

Just as he was about to pee, he heard a sound. He quickly looked around but did not see anything unusual. He stopped to listen closely. The sound was coming from underneath a pit. 

Perhaps there was an animal still alive?

As he recalled how chaotic this city previously was, the guard gulped. With a knife in his hand, he craned his neck, looking into the pit. In the end, he saw a few black beetles coming out of the ground. One by one, then quickly, they covered the topmost carcass.

It would’ve been fine, but the guard realised the carcass in the pit was shrinking at an alarming speed. Its robust muscles were shrivelling at a speed detectable by the naked eye. 

He had seen animals quickly devour carcasses but that was with the cooperation of many birds and animals of different sizes. In the pit, there was only one type of beetle, eating into the bodies, their black armour reflecting the dim moonlight. There was a dense layer of beetles on the carcass.

This guard had been in the city for many years but he’d never seen anything like this. In the past, it would’ve taken at least ten days for so many carcasses to disappear. However, from the looks of it, this pile would not need ten days. Maybe even before sunrise, these carcasses would be reduced to dry bone and scales. 

The guard could feel sweat dripping down his back and felt as if his skin had been frozen. Shrieking, he ran back to his compatriots and told them about the situation in the pit.

“Insects? You’re talking about the little beetles? How’s that possible?” someone questioned.

“It’s true, it’s true! Go look if you don’t believe me!”

Highly doubtful, the guards planned to go look in a group. They had been thoroughly terrified by recent events hence they did not dare walk alone.

However, when they arrived in a group, there were no beetles in the pit, not even one. However, the carcasses had obviously been eaten by something, for they’d shrivelled and dried up.

“Wh-Why aren’t they here? They were here just now!” The guard walked along the edge of the pit but did not find one beetle. 

Under the sandy ground, a swarm of beetles, who’d just eaten beast meat, were leaving. They were all following a huge, blue beetle as they left Beast Battle City.

On the next day, when the sun rose, only a few harmless beetles were left rolling dung balls within Beast Battle City. Most of them had disappeared.