When Shao Xuan left the Fallen Leaves City, the Feather tribe’s camel automatically followed Shao Xuan and left with him.

Shao Xuan initially thought that the camel couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, knowing that it was no good staying in the city, so it decided to follow him. But once they stepped out of the Fallen Leaves City, Shao Xuan saw the camel turn its head and bleated to him, as though bidding him goodbye. Immediately after that, it headed in the opposite direction, ignoring Shao Xuan completely.

Shao Xuan stared at the camel’s silhouette and walked quickly towards the camel. He untied its rein and left the leather bag filled with water around its neck. Shao Xuan had a water bottle and a stone given by Yang Sui that could condense water with him, so he gave another bag of water to “Mud”.

Shao Xuan patted “Mud”s neck and said, “Good luck, don’t get eaten.”

There were also wild camels in the desert which he saw during his trip to the desert. These camels travelled on the mountain ridge together as a group.

Although, his vision was slightly distorted in the scorching desert.

“Mud” seemed to be in a good mood, raising his head and bleating again. It walked forward slowly and the long strip of fur on its head moved along the wind.

When “Mud” had left Shao Xuan’s sight, he looked at the rein in his hand and sighed. He kept it inside the leather bag, pulled up his beige-coloured clothes and trotted in the direction of the White Stone City.

The White Stone City was given that name because it was surrounded by many white desert stones. 

In the desert, there were hardly any rocks that could withstand the endless strikes of the sand storm, therefore the rocks had all kinds of weird shapes.

When Shao Xuan saw that the ground was filled with many white stones, he knew he was not far from the White Stone City. He had to be careful as there might be guards from the White Stone City patrolling the area.

Shao Xuan was informed by Su Gu that the young master of the White Stone City returned to the White Stone City with his men after the Lord of the White Stone City had passed away. A war between the people had begun as they all wanted to fight for the throne.

 What was the cause of death of the Lord of the White Stone City and who killed him?

Ironically, his children were only fixated on fighting for the throne. They hardly cared about investigating their father’s death.

While Shao Xuan was heading to the White Stone City, back in a stone house in the White Stone City:

Dao Yu looked haggard; as though he had lost a lot of weight.

Any exposed skin was covered in wounds, his face was covered with wrinkles and muscle necrotic wounds which looked terrifying at sight. His left arm was the worst as it was bandaged thickly with a cloth. A pungent herb smell came from it and he looked physically weak as if he had a serious illness and was on the brink of death. 


Dao Yu spat another mouthful of blood. He lied down on the wooden bed with thick leather spread across it and tried to force a smile at the person in front of him, “Young…...young master!”

The young master of the White Stone City who used to discuss affairs with Dao Yu stopped him when he saw Dao Yu struggle to get up, “You don’t need to get up, just lie down, lie down!”

He glanced at Dao Yu’s terrifying face and tried to suppress his disgust. Although he wanted to leave right away, he still remained a friendly and caring expression, pretending to be worried about Dao Yu’s injuries.

The day when the Lord of the White Stone City was murdered, the white stone tile that symbolized his identity as the Lord was lost as well. Dao Yu was in charge of tracking the murderer and although he failed his mission, he picked up the stone tile and passed it to the young master.

No one doubted Dao Yu since Dao Yu wouldn’t gain any benefit and nor did he have the ability to kill the Lord of the White Stone City. Lord of White Stone City was so capable, how was it possible for him to be killed by a slave? Seeing how sickly Dao Yu looked now, he must have been poisoned during the pursuit.

This young master was secretly excited when he received the white stone tile from Dao Yu. With this in hand, he would have a greater chance in inheriting the throne.

If it was any other day, the young master would not have paid attention to the slaves. But now, Dao Yu looked too sick and he was basically useless to him now. He still looked alright when he first returned but as time passed, Dao Yu’s illness worsened. Luckily, he stayed well hidden so not many people in the White Stone City knew about Dao Yu’s condition.

There were three guards protecting the Lord of White Stone City, one died so the remaining ones were Dao Yu and another guard. Each of them supported different young masters and although they were both slaves, they knew too many secrets and had many subordinates having worked next to the Lord. These factors had to be taken into account especially since he had not inherited the throne successfully.

A rigid dichotomy situation was happening in the White Stone City, if the opponent knew about Dao Yu’s condition, they would take advantage of it and create chaos. Therefore, this young master had to keep Dao Yu’s condition as a secret. He agreed to let Dao Yu recover from his sickness at his home as long as Dao Yu promised to stay hidden.

The young master couldn’t stand Dao Yu’s rotten face and the pungent smell of herbs any longer, so he came up with an excuse and left immediately as soon as he got the information he needed from Dao Yu. In the meantime, the young master was thinking about putting him to death as soon as he inherited the throne!

 After the young master had left, Dao Yu’s eyes turned cold and he laughed sarcastically. He switched into a comfortable lying position and unwrapped the bandages around his left arm.

His left arm was full of rotten and necrosis wounds and at some parts, even his bones were visible which made it look more terrifying.

He struggled to move his hands and his whole body trembled out of pain. But Dao Yu wasn’t bothered by the pain and his eyes were full of excitement and anticipation.

“I never thought that the Core Seed would be so powerful!” Dao Yu couldn’t stop staring at his arm that was rotten to the point only bones were left.

Poison? It was a treasure! A treasure that could make the world go crazy! Everybody wanted it but Dao Yu managed to get it!

While he was thinking about the treasure that he stole, he heard footsteps approaching his direction.

“Who’s there?!”

 He glanced fiercely towards the direction of the sound and he saw a person clad in a cloak.

When Dao Yu saw this person, his fierce glance slowly vanished and on his rotten face, it was replaced with respectful reverence.  

Dao Yu immediately looked stronger than before as he rolled over his bed, kneeled down and bowed to him.

“It looks like you have succeeded.” The person with the cloak said softly. It was a woman’s voice, clear and soothing.

“Yes.” Dao Yu raised his head slightly and looked towards the person with the cloak and said cautiously, “That core seed…”

“Keep it to yourself.” The person with cloak said inattentively.

“Thank you, young master!” Dao Yu’s eyes were filled with inexplicable joy.

“Shi Shu wanted me to inform you that if you can take down the White Stone City, it will be yours too.”

After a few more words, the person with cloak left a bag of herbs for him and left silently.

Dao Yu held onto the bag of herbs carefully and boiled it before drinking it. He finished everything, no herb was left behind. These herbs helped speed up his recovery.

After drinking the herbs, he looked at the darkening skies. He called over two people and whispered a few words to them before jumping out of the window.