Shao Xuan met two batches of patrol guards around the White Stone Desert area. He noticed how the guards were not paying attention, it was obvious that the situation in the White Stone City must have been unimaginable. Besides that, according to news received, the patrolling was much stricter than before. This was probably the cause of the guards looking so unenergetic. 

But it was understandable. 

To the slaves, White Stone City was facing a critical situation now. The death of the Great Slave Master meant that they had lost their highest-ranked master. They were worried about the future development of the White Stone City due to the uncertainties, wondering who would inherit the throne and become their new master.

Shao Xuan escaped from those guards easily since they were not paying attention. He also watched out for living creatures such as birds and small animals around him. They could be watching him- after all, who knew whether the people of White Stone City had enslaved insects? It was better to be safe than sorry.

Shao Xuan arrived at a huge boulder that looked like a mushroom with an umbrella-like top. This happened because during sandstorms, the sand would scrape the surface of the rock that was nearer to the ground.

Shao Xuan let his guard down for a bit as he could avoid getting caught by the birds by hiding underneath the big rock. As the skies started to darken, there were not many guards patrolling around. Shao Xuan decided to take a rest as he was not far from the White Stone City.

He drank some water to regain his energy and he started to plan a way to enter the White Stone City secretly. He furrowed his eyebrows suddenly, recalling something. He kept thinking of a way to enter the city but Dao Yu needed to be in there. What if Dao Yu wasn’t in White Stone City? What would he do once he entered the city?

Shao Xuan mulled over his next move and decided to cut one short piece of rein that was on “Mud”, hoping to foresee the location of Dao Yu.

After Shao Xuan had completed the divination, he opened his eyes and looked at the knot of the rein that he was holding. He read the knot and drew something on the ground according to the knot. Seconds later, he managed to pinpoint the direction but it wasn't directed towards the White Stone City.

Regardless of the result, Shao Xuan decided to follow the knot’s direction.

Good thing Shao Xuan decided to foretell the location of Dao Yu, or else it would have been a waste of time.

After Shao Xuan changed his direction, he quickly made a move towards the direction indicated by the knot. Without the help of Chacha, his speed of movement was affected but it wasn’t really a significant delay.

As Shao Xuan moved, he realized he had left the White Stone Desert. Why would Dao Yu leave White Stone City during this critical time?

Shao Xuan continued to move forward and only rested for a while during night time.

He kept on searching until he reached a place.

This place was similar to other areas in the desert. All he could see were desert dunes, even the flatter plains looked like lakes reflected by sunlight.

 But the wind was slightly stronger here, causing sand to be blown everywhere.

Shao Xuan looked at the mountain-like desert dune before looking around his surroundings but found nothing suspicious. But according to the knot, he had to be somewhere here. Could he be further ahead? 

Shao Xuan had a strange feeling about this place and it wasn’t just because of the knot. There must be something around here.

As he continued to move forward and climbed the sand dunes, the strange feeling he felt in mind grew stronger.

Suddenly, the “shell” that surrounded the flame started to flash in his mind. This sudden change of thought stopped him from moving forward.

Just when Shao Xuan was confused, he heard a soft sound. Although the sound of wind surrounded him, he was able to identify different sounds within the cacophony of noises, since his hearing had improved when his power elevated. He knew the soft sound was not caused by the wind.

Shao Xuan lied down on the ground quickly. He pulled his hood up and looked towards the direction of the sound.

The soft sound could hardly be heard in the desert. It sounded like stones rolling gently as though the person who made the sound was cautious about something.

Shao Xuan lied there patiently and stared at the direction of the sound.

The surrounding sand blew and covered Shao Xuan’s body rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, Shao Xuan noticed that there was a gap in between two dunes, causing the sand around to recede.

The crack kept enlarging until it could fit a human body. Right then, Shao Xuan saw a person running out from inside. The person looked around alertly, made sure everything was clear before he beckoned.

Shao Xuan saw a person being transported out from the crack. It seemed like someone from beneath was helping the person move the body. But as soon as the unconscious person was transported out, the crack closed behind them.

The person that first came out looked around before dragging the unconscious person away. 

Shao Xuan thought about it and with the help of the sand ridges, he moved forward. He couldn’t follow closely, but he could at least tell where they were going.

The person walked for a while before moving to the back of a hill. He started to dig a hole with his bare hands and pushed the unconscious person inside. Before burying the person, he even stripped the person’s clothes off. He measured on his own body and it seemed like he wanted to keep the clothes for himself.

He tidied the clothes he took and covered the hole with sand. Before leaving the place, he looked around to make sure no one saw him.

Shao Xuan watched him return to where he came from. He removed the sand that covered a slate before knocking on it.

The slate moved and he said something to the person below before making his way down. 

Everything was back to normal as the slate closed again. The wind blew, causing sand to cover the place again, leaving no traces behind.

Shao Xuan marked down that place and walked towards the location where the man was buried. He brushed the sand off and saw the buried person. 

Shao Xuan failed to identify the man since he was dragged on the ground with his face down. Nevertheless, Shao Xuan noticed that the man had a lot of necrosis wounds on his face and body. Blood covered his face and body, he looked terrifying.

Shao Xuan wasn’t able to identify the cause of the injuries and no tattoos were found on his face. Without those necrosis injuries, he should have been someone that was tall and muscular. He would have been a decent labourer even as a low-class slave.

What was underneath that place? Shao Xuan was curious. If Dao Yu was here, what was his motive?

Shao Xuan waited, seeking for an opportunity.

Shao Xuan continued to hide behind the sand ridge until the next day. A layer of sand covered his body and it was scorching hot under the sun. However, this didn’t affect him. He continued to keep an eye on the place until he heard something.

Soon enough, a crack opened again. Another person came out, but it was not the same person that appeared yesterday, although they were doing the same thing.

The person dragged another unconscious person out and ran far away to bury the man. When he was about to dig a hole, Shao Xuan showed up suddenly which shocked him. Shao Xuan strangled him and broke his two arms before he had the chance to say anything.

Shao Xuan looked at the slave’s tattoo on his body which was disappearing from his skin. He realized then that this person was a slave of the White Stone City.