Dao Yu shook, not only because of his wounds but also because of his rising fury. The pain was nothing compared to his anger of losing the core seed.

There was no one here other than Shao Xuan and Dao Yu.

Seeing Dao Yu’s reaction, Shao Xuan was more convinced that he had to keep this precious thing and make sure not to leave it in Dao Yu’s hands.

Dao Yu breathed laboriously, like an angry bull. Just when Shao Xuan was about to kill Dao Yu, he was aware that something unusual was happening.

There was an intangible power rising from Dao Yu standing there.

Shao Xuan had a bad feeling about it. Through the stone crevices, he could see Dao Yu’s changing appearance.

Dao Yu’s top was torn, numerous fine lines were extending from his head to torso, and also on his arms, until they covered all over his body. These fine lines were pulsing like the body’s meridians.

Dao Yu felt good about the changes. He could feel the flowing energy inside his body’s passages while his body was growing stronger and changing for the better. But since he was still in fury of losing the core seed, he could hardly feel the changes and hadn’t thought much about the consequences and significance behind it.

What shocked Shao Xuan was the chain-like patterns that appeared on Dao Yu’s neck. They were slaves’ tattoos from the White Stone City. Advanced slaves that had been unshackled would have fewer slaves' tattoos compared to the junior slaves.

At this moment, Shao Xuan could see the chain-like patterns seemed to tighten around Dao Yu’s neck, the bulging muscles made his whole body look swollen.

Changes were still happening. There was an intense flow of energy across his entire being. With his roars, the chains tightened more.

His ribs, backbone, four limbs, knee, elbow then all his bones cracked – which sounded like a rattlesnake shaking its tail. In the meantime, Dao Yu’s badly injured arm was recovering quickly, as if an entirely new limb was regenerated.

His heart became stronger, the blood was moving fast in the meridians on his neck. The expanded muscles seemed to bulge out to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Suddenly, there was a “bang”, as chains were snapped broken. Meanwhile, the chain-like patterns on Dao Yu’s neck broke and melted away.

His eyes twitched, Shao Xuan couldn’t hide his astonishment. He once asked Su Gu if enslaved human slaves could break free from their shackles.

Su Gu said, yes, but it was rare. Those who could do it must be geniuses, not only highly talented but also had some luck. That was not something anyone could do. There could be only one in a million.

And now, right in front of Shao Xuan, Dao Yu did it.

A flame appeared in Shao Xuan’s mind. It was not a slave’s flame. It was not the totem flame of the Flaming Horn, nor the two-colour flame of a slave master. It was a different flame beyond a slave’s ability. The flame grew with Dao Yu’s current rising power.

Dao Yu at this moment was like an Asura with fiery eyes, as if he was possessed by a demon with mighty power. Shao Xuan paled in the face of such might.


Dao Yu punched through a stone pillar, his eyes ablaze with destructive madness as if he had lost his sanity.

The palace shook more and more, the stones were falling with dust.

He must be stopped!

Shao Xuan tried to concentrate his totem strength to its maximum, the totem flame in his mind was flickering intensely, his blood seemed to boil following the emergence of his totem patterns. At this moment, he felt like he could break a thick wall into pieces. Compared to Dao Yu, who had broken free from shackles, Shao Xuan did not appear weaker.

Dao Yu had unlocked his own shackles, so what? He still had to kill him!

Almost as soon as Shao Xuan rushed out, Dao Yu’s madness switched its target from the stone pillar to Shao Xuan. His eyes locked on Shao Xuan. At this moment, in Dao Yu’s vision, all the surrounding stones, dead bodies, and even the whole palace, were out of his sight. He could only see Shao Xuan – the guy who stole his core seed and shattered his dreams!!

Seeing Shao Xuan rushing toward him, Dao Yu did not dodge. His body twitched, then he charged at Shao Xuan. He leapt and landed, the stone slabs on the floor couldn’t stand the sudden impact and thus cracked into pieces of different sizes. The stone chips flew, dust hung in the air like fog.

Their fists alternated in the air, the air seemed to be compressed and beaten by a hammer. The shock wave caused by their fight rippled out, pushing away stone chips and dust in the air.

They exchanged hits many times in just a few minutes.

After landing, Shao Xuan took a step forward and pounced at Dao Yu.

The air around Shao Xuan pressed towards Dao Yu. His fist had not arrived yet, but the air billowed over him with great power.

In the face of Shao Xuan’s attack, Dao Yu was confident. He did not try to avoid it. A single twist of his ankle crushed the stone floor into dust.

In Dao Yu’s mind, if one could unlock the shackles, he had reached a much higher level of ability which could never be easily reached by others. Shao Xuan, who was just a tribesman, could never be stronger than him, although his power had improved. After Dao Yu had become an advanced slave, he killed several tribesmen. He looked down on their strange abilities after he had found out the secrets of the tribe flame.

Now, he had to kill this fellow who stole his core seed!

Booming sounds rang in the air like rolling thunder, as powerful as war drums. Each hit was determined to kill whatever it came into contact with. If an ordinary person encountered this, he would be blasted into pieces.

This underground palace beneath the desert was filled with roaring sound, which made all other sounds hardly heard.    

The smashed slab stones were broken into smaller pieces. The stone chips and dust were filling up space around like haze.

Shao Xuan felt like he was back at the mountain forest full of mysteries and dangers, battling with a fierce beast. When confronting a fierce beast, just a second of distraction was enough to let the beast gain the upper hand and defeat him.

And right now, it was the same. Even worse, the enemy right now was a tribe traitor.

He would never back down! The stronger the enemy’s attack, the stronger he became! If his enemy was fierce, he got even fiercer! If his enemy fought hard, he would fight even harder!

Shao Xuan’s totem tattoos started to brighten like blazing fire, just like the blue flames he showed when he was at the fighting pit, which seemed to burn people around him.


A heavy punch fell on Dao Yu.

Without stopping, Shao Xuan gave Dao Yu another quick punch on his chest.

Dao Yu flew, then fell heavily on the ground and continued to slide backwards across a distance before stopping.

When Shao Xuan was about to give him another punch, he noticed that the fine lines on Dao Yu’s body were cracks, blood flowed through them. Dao Yu was looking at Shao Xuan with his head tilted to one side. He spat blood out of his mouth while his body twitched uncontrollably.

The two punches from Shao Xuan were like signals pushing the first domino in the row, and then all other dominoes fell down one after another in a chain reaction. The invincible power Dao Yu had a few moments ago was fading quickly.

There was blood spattered on his face, his face was grim and filled with pain. He was incredibly frustrated and couldn’t believe that he was beaten.

He lost the fight?! If he was given two more days, no, just one more day, for him to regulate his strength and power and prepare, he would definitely be able to beat up this person, he must…

He couldn’t let Shao Xuan get away with the core seed. That belonged to him, only him! He was going to build his own desert city, to become a slave master, and finally one day, he would become the lord of the land. How could he die before accomplishing his dreams?!

No! How could he?!

There was no way he could lose to him! No!

Dao Yu widened his eyes and stared as Shao Xuan approached him. Dust and sand had stopped falling, yet his vision was getting increasingly blurred. His power was fading and declining rapidly. His mighty strength that unlocked his shackles had disappeared like it never existed.

Finally, in his blurred vision, the approaching figure seemed to turn into a flame with a pattern within. It was a two-horn pattern, a pattern he hadn’t thought about in a long, long time.

Shao Xuan looked at Dao Yu who had stopped breathing, puzzled. His two punches were not strong enough to kill Dao Yu, a person who could unlock his own shackles. It looked more like Dao Yu was severely hurt by his own mighty power.

Shao Xuan tried to feel Dao Yu’s wrist for a pulse, only to find his pulse had stopped. In contrast to his powerful appearance, his body was severely damaged on the inside.

Was this because of the core seed?

No, probably not.

Shao Xuan was still trying to figure out this matter when a sudden thud shook the entire palace. Huge rocks fell from above while sand streamed down through the cracks.



It seemed like someone was striking the ground above.

Soil and sand cascaded down while huge rocks started to fall. The illuminating stones became even darker covered by dust.

Fuck! Who’s up there?!

There was no time to think. Shao Xuan had to rush back to where he came from. All the torches went out, the whole palace was covered in darkness.

Fortunately, he could still see the pathway.

After Shao Xuan ran out, the place where he fought Dao Yu a few moments ago started to collapse.

This underground chamber had taken hundreds of slaves’ lives in the past and now it was going to claim dozens of lives once again. But it was all over - it itself was being buried and would no longer exist.