This situation was completely out of Shi Shu’s expectations, it was obvious from his expression. Victory was just within reach, everything was in his control but at this moment, he was horrified. This was the first time he’d ever encountered such a thing.

On the other hand, while Shao Xuan was maintaining a very calm face, as if he was a mysterious man, he was actually cursing privately, oh my fucking god!

He did not know practising enslavement on one beetle would escalate into a situation like right now. When he was at Beast Battle City, Shao Xuan had noticed that the beetle recruited many brothers. Now, it was more like a beetle army.

The two gigantic beasts were no longer as majestic and solemn as before. The giant rattlesnake was frantically shaking its tail to shake off the beetles crawling on it. However, more and more beetles crawled out of the ground and as if they knew no fear, they did not care no matter how loud the tail was rattling.

Initially, you could see sand between beetles but within moments, the ground was a sea of black, shiny from the beetle’s backs.

The person in the cloak watched as the beetles surrounded her. Even if she was a courageous one, and thought she was a decent fighter herself, there was no way she could remain calm now. Panic crept into her heart as she tried to kick away the beetles, who were inching closer, slashing wildly at the beetles in front with her knife then leaping onto the back of her beast.

Once she cleared a path for herself and leapt up the beast, the initial narrow walkway she’d cleared turned black with beetles once again in the blink of an eye.

The beast that collapsed an entire underground chamber with the stomp of its hooves was now powerless. The beetles did not know fear, no matter how many beetles the beast squashed, more continued to crawl up its body.

Shi Shu watched the angry ocean of beetles, thought of something, then took a roll of dried meat from his bag. It had been a long journey for him, naturally, he had food with him.

This was different from the rough jerky eaten by Shao Xuan and the rest. Shi Shu’s dried meat was made into thinner pieces as if they were pressed and then rolled up.

Shi Shu unrolled the piece, then tore a section half the size of his palm. He tossed it away.

The piece of meat landed twenty meters away from the snake.

While the sea of beetles was previously relatively calm, there was a sudden ripple of excitement as the beetles swarmed unto the piece of meat. The region around it was visibly raised, like a wave. 

Shi Shu, who was watching the meat closely, felt his eye twitched. It was just as he thought. If they were herbivores or ate waste, they would not need to be worried. He had seen beetles like that in Rock Hill City, they were mainly active around animal waste. However, his hopes were shattered as he witnessed the reality of the situation.

These insects, were carnivores.

Shi Shu had no doubt that if a beast met such a huge army of beetles, it would certainly die. Its fate would be the same as that piece of meat. 

The thought of it was enough to send chills.

Obviously, such a small piece of meat was not enough to satiate such an army. Instead, it agitated them.

As if waiting for the order to attack, more and more beetles surrounded the two beasts like they smelled food, eyeing them hungrily. If they could talk, they’d probably shout, “Wait for the signal from the boss, my brothers! Then we shall feast together!” 

The lady’s hand shook a little. When people trekked across a desert, many people feared the dangerous desert beasts. However, to her, these little organisms were a far larger threat. They were in swarms too. She had seen a lot, but never a swarm of this size.

Could she reason and negotiate herself out of this?

That would be a joke!

Speaking would be useless. These insects did not possess such intelligence.

The only option was to talk to the commander of the insects!

The person in the cloak looked at Shi Shu, then at Shao Xuan, and in the end, she watched the blue beetle at his foot closely.

If only she hadn’t tossed her bow away, if only there was a method to kill that huge blue beetle. What would happen then?

When she was about to test her theory, Shao Xuan looked over.

Their eyes met, the lady’s heart clenched as her eyes flickered towards Shi Shu. Shi Shu shook his head, so she suppressed her thoughts.

This person’s senses were too sharp! If she did not succeed in one move, it would escalate into a fight with this kid. Both sides could end up heavily injured. She definitely did not want to risk her life like this here.

“The situation at the arena, were you the one who triggered it?” said Shi Shu in a low voice.

Many people saw black beetles like this where the beasts were kept but no one thought much about them. To most people, these were merely tiny insects, usually harmless so not much attention was paid.

Shao Xuan did not deny, nor did he admit it. In a mocking tone, he said, “You speak as if you’re innocent. The chaos in the desert, you were the one who started that, no? You sent your men to kill the White Stone Lord, right?”

Shi Shu smiled too. He did not say yes, but he did not deny it either.

“Fine. We shall move on from today. You’re not bad at all, I did not know you had such abilities. But, if you want to look for me, you can come to Rock Hill City.” As he spoke, Shi Shu tossed a golden metal tile at Shao Xuan, there was the emblem of Rock Hill City on it.

He’d initially intended to take the violent route today but the situation had escalated out of his control so he changed his mind. He’d always preferred taking the more beneficial route.

Shao Xuan caught the tile. “I think, I won’t be looking for you. I’ll be returning to the tribe after I leave here, I will not participate in your desert wars.”

Shi Shu was indifferent. “Do you know why Dao Yu chose to be a slave? Why he looked down on tribesmen?”

Shao Xuan merely said, “All I know is that Dao Yu is a traitor, he must be killed.” He did not elaborate, waiting for Shi Shu to speak.

Shi Shu did not mind, trying to sooth the giant snake that was growing irritated by the beetles. “Because the slave masters will grow more powerful, the tribes will soon go extinct.”

Shao Xuan exclaimed incredulously, “Nonsense!” If other tribesmen had heard him, they would have raged. 

“I am not lying. Pay attention to the tribes if you do not believe me. Which tribe isn’t getting weaker by the day? People are problems with their powers now, right?”

When he heard this, Shao Xuan immediately thought of the Rain tribe. Yang Sui once said that the Rain tribe’s shaman used to be able to pray for rain but his powers had gradually vanished.

Seeing Shao Xuan’s change in expression made Shi Shu grin with delight. “People have noticed, they just lack the guts to say it out loud.”

Shao Xuan did not speak.

Shi Shu decided to drop another bomb.

“You tribespeople are actually very dumb. The truth is right under your noses, yet none of you will admit this. You’re all stubborn, conservative, stupid! Don’t you know that if you waste more time, it will only worsen? And you’ll all go extinct? Only the Flaming Horn Tribe is smart but merely half-smart. But half of the tribe will also be destroyed.”

Shao Xuan’s pupils constricted as he glared at Shi Shu. He mentioned ‘half’, was he talking about the broken Flaming Horn tribe? If he was, Shao Xuan did not think that the smarter half he was referring to was the current Flaming Horn people. Then that left one possibility--- Shi Shu was talking about the other half of Flaming Horn tribe, the people they had lost contact with after the separation a thousand years ago!