Shao Xuan had to admit, what Shi Shu said was stuck in his mind. Therefore, Shao Xuan decided to take advantage of the chaos in the desert and seek some useful information to help with the survival of the tribe.

What Shi Shu said about “The extinction of the tribe” wasn’t completely right or wrong.

If Shi Shu was right, there would not be any noticeable change nor evidence to prove it in such a short period of time. At the same time, Shao Xuan could not deny the fact that the legends did mention that the signs were true. However, this was still based on a rumor. Shao Xuan would not know if it was legitimate and it would be pointless to ask the other tribes as they would never tell the truth.

Shao Xuan again moved forth deeper into the desert. He planned to take a look at the Fallen Leaves City first after knowing Shi Shu had triggered a war. After all, Su Gu and Shao Xuan had collaborated before. He was planning to advise Su Gu to be prepared for the war and hoping he would have much less to lose.

But when Shao Xuan approached Fallen Leaves City, he realized that the Fallen Leaves City had already sent troops and started the war against the White Stone City. Slaves lined up in order, wore appropriate equipment and from the looks of them, it was obvious that they were already prepared for it.

Such a quick response?

Could it be because they knew Dao Yu was dead? Knew that now is the most chaotic and weakest time for White Stone City?

 Shao Xuan saw this situation, he could not stop overthinking.

Shao Xuan thought about Su Lun’s previous attitude and the Fallen Leaves City’s quick response, he then squinted and looked at the tallest building in the Fallen Leaves City.

Was Su Lun one of Shi Shu’s men? If Su Lun was not, then did the both of them have some sort of deal together? 

If what Shao Xuan was thinking was the truth, he did not have to worry much. No wonder Su Lun was so calm and never looked worried when he heard that the desert was going to fall into chaos.

Shao Xuan decided not to show up. He stayed and observed the Fallen Leaves City for a while before he left.

He went to a deserted place and started to summon “Sapphire.”

Besides leading its troops to hunt for food, “Sapphire” was also following Shao Xuan. Both of them always had a certain level of connection and it could also feel Shao Xuan’s thoughts.

After a moment, Shao Xuan then saw a blue beetle crawling out from the ground.
Now, when the blue beetle stood on the ground, the height of its back reached Shao Xuan’s knee. It had a big appetite, not to mention it had a swarm of insects following, Shao Xuan could easily imagine the killings happening under the sand without seeing it. The other insects or small animals that hid under the sand could hardly escape but to get eaten. 

 Shao Xuan looked around his surroundings,

From Shao Xuan’s knowledge of the location of other cities, this deserted place is far from other cities. Thus, not many people should be around here.

 “Hey, Xiao Shi.” Shao Xuan squatted and looked at the beetle in front of him. 
[Note: Xiao Shi, his nickname for Sapphire, literally translates into Little Shit/Poop]
Before Shao Xuan enslaved it, it was so small in size. But now, it has grown so much, even beyond Shao Xuan’s expectations.

This blue beetle did not understand what Shao Xuan wanted to do. It only realized Shao Xuan’s motive when Shao Xuan reached out his hands with the blue flame. It was so exciting! It kicked its hind leg and rolled a ball. Kicking its hind legs when it was feeling excited was one of the unchangeable habits for the beetle.

Shao Xuan decided to unlock Sapphire’s second lock. He used to think that it was not the right time as “Sapphire” needed more space for growth and to familiarize itself. Also, there were too many possible variables. But now, Shao Xuan realized that this beetle was so much better in adapting compared to other fierce beasts. “Sapphire '' only took a short amount of time to gather a swarm of beetles, even switched their diet into meat, and it did not gather them to roll dung balls like what they were born to. Therefore, Shao Xuan decided to release another lock. It would be beneficial for Shao Xuan if “Sapphire '' was developing well.

“Sapphire” managed to gather and lead a swarm of insects not long ago. Would it be possible for the current swarm to develop into a much larger swarm of insects in the future? Shao Xuan was excited by the thought of it, but at the same time, he was also unsure if things would go beyond his control.

Just when Shao Xuan was releasing the second lock for “Sapphire”, inside the double-story stone house of Rock Hill City:

Shi Shu had brought Dao Yu’s corpse back into the city and passed it to an old man.

Shao Xuan once asked Su Gu if there was any possibility of having someone similar to “shamans” among the slave masters. Su Gu answered yes, but it was extremely rare. This was because you would lose your identity as a slave master when you decide to become a shaman. Also, the shamans among the slave masters were different from those shamans in the tribes. Most of them had to be blood-related in order to be a shaman and they could never enslave any slaves. Therefore, no shamans were found in Fallen Leaves City.

Meanwhile, the old man with braided white hair and odd patterns on his body stood in front of Shi Shu, was a shaman. The old man’s ancestors were also shamans. In Rock Hill City, their family had a prominent status that was not lower than small slave masters.

 As the old man dealt with Dao Yu’s corpse, he was also impressed by the dead body.

 “Slaves that managed to break through mental shackles are so much stronger. This was impressive. It would be better if there were more slaves like this.”

Shi Shu was seated quietly aside. Suddenly, he asked, “Great shaman, should I enslave a few insects?

The busy old man was taking out Dao Yu’s internal organs, thinking about getting a few more stronger slaves. When he heard what Dao Yu said, he was shocked and nearly dropped the internal organs on the floor.

 “Nonsense!” The old man felt bad for using such a rude tone after speaking. After all, the person in front of him was Shi Shu, not any other subordinates or juniors. 

The old man lowered down his tone and advised, “Young Master, how could you enslave such a low-class creature? The ordinary beasts were already considered low-class, those little insects were even lower than low-class.”

The old man looked agitated and talked nonstop. The overall point was to advise Shi Shu to choose those slaves, such as the Desert Beasts, Quicksand Beast or giant lizard. Also, Shi Shu could lure tribesmen into the desert and enslave them. No matter how bad the situation was, Shi Shu should choose the creatures that could frighten people instead of those tiny insects. Only those who were incompetent would choose to enslave insects and this is not right! 

If Shi Shu was just any other juniors or subordinates, the old man probably would start to fight physically while stressing his point. But now it was the young master,Shi Shu that said these words. No matter how much the old man disagreed nor emotionally triggered, he would have to reconsider what he said.

Fortunately, The old man was well-respected by Shi Shu. Therefore, Shi Shu did listen to some of the old man’s advice. No matter what he was thinking in his mind, he remained modest on the outside.

 “Is it a bad idea to enslave insects?” Shi Shu asked.

“Yes, very bad!” The old man said assuredly. 

 “Insects are the lowest creatures?” Shi Shu asked again.

 “Yes, it will ruin your noble reputation!” The old man replied sincerely.

 “I really shouldn’t enslave insects?” Shi Shu asked again, refusing to give up.

 “Young master, please reconsider!” 

The old man threw the internal organs into the container beside him quickly and without cleaning  his hands, he bowed down respectfully to Shi Shu. He was trying his best to persuade Shi Shu to let go of this bad idea.

Shi Shu looked at the old man who bowed to him respectfully and thought for a moment. This old man was good at everything and very capable, or else he would not be valued greatly by his grandfather, his dad and himself. But the only problem was his stubbornness as he would never change his mind once he had decided. However, Shi Shu did not expect the old man to get so triggered when he mentioned about the insects.

Therefore, Shi Shu did not dare say much. He sighed and said, “Alright!” He did not tell the old man about Shao Xuan’s insects. It would be useless as the old man would talk even more to convince Shi Shu to give up on this idea.

The old man was relieved after hearing what Shi Shu had said. He always believed that these little things that could be crushed with one finger, especially those that were not intelligent- it would definitely pull down one’s worth.

After the old man thought that he managed to convince Shi Shu, he stood up and continued to mind his own business. He coated medicine on the corpse after he was almost done cleaning and left in a room. He waited for the medicine to dry, wrapped it with a cloth and placed it in a wooden coffin.

The corpses of higher-ranked slaves had been collected since the era of Shi Shu’s grandfather. The corpses were used to make into corpse slaves- this mysterious skill was what every generation of shamans spent their whole life exploring.

There were already thousands of bodies stored in the underground chamber for corpse slaves now. These corpse slaves would be very useful when the war breaks out and the city needed reinforcements. This is one of Shi Shu’s secret weapons that nobody knew of.

“Oh, young master, you mentioned the powerful tribesman. Would he really come?” The old man asked.

“Definitely” Shi Shu said confidently, “Other than me, who else could he talk to?”

Shi Shu thought he did a great job of luring Shao Xuan and was waiting for Shao Xuan to fall into his trap. But surprisingly, Shao Xuan never thought of coming over to Rock Hill City, for he went to another city instead.