Shao Xuan was very wary of Shi Shu. Such a person who could quietly provoke a war was too dangerous.

In his words, he felt that a tribe’s “survival” should be related to the slave masters, and the Rock Hill City was not the only place to discover the slave masters’ secrets.

There were two other big cities apart from Rock Hill City.

It was said that the Snow Plains City had already waged a war against the Flame Mound City, not knowing how Shi Shu provoked it. No matter what, Snow Plains City was in a mess right now. Since he targeted Snow Plains City, he definitely would not keep it peaceful.

Snow Plains City, as the name implied, was located in a desert same as that of the Beast Battle City. It had snow and ice throughout the year.

When Shao Xuan reached the boundary of Snow Plains City, the snow-covered land and some red and purple flowers along the road came into his sight. The unique plants belonged to Snow Plains City.

Compared to the desolate Beast Battle City, Snow Plains had more plants.

A troop of two hundred hurried by, they should be heading to the battlefield. Every face was grave, or worried. Successive wars had caused them to suffer heavy losses. Their lord now was like a madman, who would fight against everyone who came to him. No one dared to refuse his orders. And if he said, “Fight,” they had to continue the fight.

Even people from the three cities could not bear continuous large-scale wars after a long period of peace.

When Shao Xuan arrived, he saw many dead bodies and bones, some of which were buried in the sand, some of them were half-dead, being partly buried. Many of the dead bodies had been eaten by the carnivorous animals, leaving only bones, which looked rather miserable.

Shao Xuan collected some clothes from the Snow Plains City’s slaves along his way. There was not much difference among the clothes of the low-ranked slaves.

After lurking for a few days to observe, Shao Xuan grabbed an opportunity to blend into the tail of a patrol team after dark.

The slave walking in front of Shao Xuan was tired and sleepy. He did not realize there was someone behind, just yawned and kept walking.

The team leader did not pay much attention either, he was looking around and did not notice that there was an extra person in his team.

When approaching the gate of Snow Plains City, Shao Xuan pulled a cloth down over his face, which was actually a long piece of cloth wrapped around the head. It was a headpiece often worn by low-ranked slaves, which was common. Shao Xuan also covered his face with some dirt, showed fatigue, so that he looked the same as other slaves.

The gate guard standing there took a quick glance over the patrol team and did not find anything wrong. Seeing Shao Xuan, who looked exhausted and was yawning at the end of the team, the guard was glad that he just had to stay in front of the gate and did not have to run around like them. These people looked so dead.

It was getting late. They were returning after a day of patrol and were all about to head back to bed. No one was in the mood to talk.

The organisational system here was incomplete. There were many loopholes which enabled Shao Xuan to move easily.

After the team entered the city, he found a chance to sneak into a sand house.

The people in front of Shao Xuan in the patrol seemed to notice something. He turned around but didn’t see anything wrong. He thought that he might be too tired and confused, so he ignored it.

The sand house which Shao Xuan sneaked into had no door, and the people who lived there had been sacrificed as cannon fodder during the war and would not come back. Shao Xuan settled there temporarily and hid to wait for a chance.

No one came at night. As the night got darker, there were fewer people outside. The moonlight was not as bright as when it was a full moon but it could still cast black shadows under the houses.

The continuous wars had made the people in the city exhausted. Other than the night patrol, others were getting back to their houses to sleep and rest.

Compared to the former Snow Plains City, it was much desolate now.

Shao Xuan came out of the sand house, avoided people patrolling the city, and sneaked into the city centre.

The palace of Snow Plains City was similar to the palace of Fallen Leaves City, lofty and magnificent, but this one was much larger.

The guards near the palace were much stricter, and Shao Xuan couldn’t sneak in for the moment, he had to wait for the right time. Thus, he first found a good hiding place and waited for an opportunity.

The hiding place was much larger than the sand house, the building materials were mostly stones. The closer to the palace, the larger the houses built.

This house was built to store wines, Shao Xuan found many wine jars here.

These wines were not for sale, they were given out as rewards. When the slaves had done their work and were rewarded, they came here to collect wines as their rewards.

There were three people in charge of the wine cellar, who had already fallen asleep now. Shao Xuan found a storage area in the cellar and hid in it.

After looking around the furnishings and the room layout, Shao Xuan guessed that there should be five people in charge here, two of them had been sent out to other teams, leaving three in the room.

Slaves were placed in charge of the wine cellar, in other similar places, then there were also other slaves being sent out to patrol or guard the city gate, and even worse, some of them were sent to the war. 

The wars consumed a lot of manpower, and they were using the labouring slaves inside the city as substitutes. These slaves sent to war were not trained. Even if they had been doing hard labor in the city, they did not suffer as they did during the war. How could they not complain? Such low morale had created more loopholes, allowing people like Shao Xuan to take advantage of.

The wine wares looked like they had been left there for several days, indicating that those who were supposed to come to collect the rewards had not show up for days. Thinking of the battles of the Snow Plains City, Shao Xuan understood. How could there be reward after successive defeats? Even if someone did contribute, the slave master would have no mood to reward him, due to the overall defeat.

Shao Xuan had spent the long day travelling, then hiding and was constantly on alert. He was drained and exhausted now. Now that he’d found a place to stay temporarily, he could finally take a good rest and restore his greatly diminished energy. Of course, even sleeping, he must stay alert and could never sleep deeply.

He came to the Snow Plains City to search for its “history”. There was a particular place in the Fallen Leaves City for that, Su Gu once told Shao Xuan. Snow Plains City was one of the three big cities. Shao Xuan hoped to find more information from the history of Snow Plains to answer the questions in his head. If he could see the “history”, he might be able to explain Shi Shu’s words.

Although the slave masters valued those historical records, they valued them much less compared to the tribesmen. And even when they were recording, they would alter the real facts, put down others and boast about themselves.

While Shao Xuan was resting, inside the magnificent palace of Snow Plains, the Lord of the Snow Plains once again flipped a table over, the exquisite wine glasses and tableware scattered across the floor. The newly made wooden table was also shattered into pieces.

“Damn Rock Hill City!” the Lord of Snow Plains looked gloomy, his blue veins bulging. He had just received a letter from the Lord of the Rock Hill City, telling him to stop and not let the war continue.

“I am fighting the Flame Mound people, what has this got to do with him?! They interfered in this matter and now they’re trying to educate me?!” The lord was furious, “No, maybe the people from the Rock Hill are also involved in thievery!”

Thinking of this, the Lord was even more aggrieved. He shook with anger as he thought of the successive defeats. At first, he was angry at the tribesmen and wanted to kill all of them in the desert. But it was reported that the tribesmen had already escaped, so he conserved his resources to deal with other forces. As for the tribesmen, those timid little cowards had to be put aside first.

The Lord of Snow Plains did not know that, one of the timid little cowards was currently prying into their “history”.