As he approached the guards frantically locking the back door, Shao Xuan didn’t slow down, instead, he sped up. 

If it were possible, Shao Xuan would have escaped over the wall but it didn’t seem possible. Not only were the walls tall and out of his range, but they were also polished smooth too. If he were to use a tool to jump over the wall, he would need to slow down but if he did, it was highly likely that he would get caught. 

If he couldn’t jump over the wall, he only had one choice - that was to force himself through the door. Luckily, they only locked one layer of the doors and not the other. 

Looking at the figure charging towards them, the guards near the door could feel their hearts pumping with adrenaline. They couldn’t see his face as he was running at such a pace their eyes couldn’t catch-up. They were sure it was only a person and not a giant but they still felt as scared as they would be if they were facing a beast. 

This wasn’t even the arena, there’s only one opponent now. Don’t worry, do not fear, it is all going to be fine. When the guy gets closer, we will just go at him or if he chose to jump over the wall, the other guards will shoot him down.

Closer, closer. 

The guards were twitching from nervousness, their eyes focusing on the figure, the shouted in their minds, No way! He’s coming towards us!  
There were actually two layers of the door but in a rush, the guards only locked one because they thought it wasn’t necessary, the first stone door would be enough to stop him. However, at this moment of uncertainty, they didn’t have the time to lock it even if they wanted to.   

As Shao Xuan rushed towards the door, he maxed out the totem power he had in his body. Even though it never stopped pumping, his reserved powers were spent, again and again, allowing it to flow through his body though it wasn’t like a volcano that was near eruption. The lava was kept in, slowly accumulating waiting for the right moment to erupt. Sho Xuan’s coursing power was doing the same. 

Every place he stepped on would crack under his weight and the cracks got larger as he approached the door. 

The guard who stood in front of the door ran away upon witnessing his wrath. There was no way he could block Shao Xuan. 

When the timing was right, Shao Xuan let out a strong and fierce howl. Just like a human missile, he aimed straight at the door and punched. 


It was as if the ground shook. 

Following a soul shocking roar, the stone door caved as it couldn’t handle the pressure from the punch. A clear hole was formed in the middle. The person who caused such a scene had already run through it.  

The guards surrounding the door all faced the door as they stared in shock at the hole. The hole was as scary as a bite from a beast but this person who did this was much scarier than a beast! 

It was terrifying! Utterly horrifying! 

A guard wiped the sweat off his face, remembering the force that was used to knock the palace door. His ears were still ringing from the forceful encounter, his soul still shivering from the sound. 
Outside the palace, a row of archers were stupified by the scene. One moment they were staring at the door, the next moment they heard a bone-chilling war cry that was accompanied by stones flying about. Then, they saw the figure of the person they were supposed to catch run past them. It all happened too fast. 

It wasn’t only the guards around the back door, there were some other people hidden outside the palace. They were near the houses by the palace, stationed there to observe the palace. They were not from Snow Plains City. 

When they heard the noise, they wondered what happened there, suspecting that their partner who broke into the palace had got caught. Before they came, the young master had told them how to avoid the silknoses- if their partner failed again, they wouldn’t dare to meet the young master anymore. If they failed, they could only give up on the mission. 

However, they didn’t expect to see someone burst through the back door of the palace. 

Everyone on the lookout was astonished.

He actually broke through the back door of the Snow Plains City palace!

Where the fuck did this tribesman come from?! 

At the time, the Snow Plains lord was in his quarters. 

He was too disturbed by the ruckus outside to take a nap. 
He held his anger as he listened to the report from his men, the expression on his face turned scarier by the moment. An oppressive cloud covered the palace,  no one dared to step out of place. 

Within the desert cities, people from Snow Plains City were fairer. At that moment, the Snow Plains Lord was only red in the face with his veins nearly popping out. He had lost too many battles and this intruder was the straw on the camel’s back. 

After reporting to the lord, the slave trembled as he stood there, waiting for the lord’s orders. 

“There were so many people but not a single guard could catch that person?” said the lord, each word as if a growl. 

“He… h-he… was too fast…” replied the slave, the end of the sentence much softer than when he started speaking, fearful of the lord’s gaze. 

If the intruder was exposed at night, he may have been caught but now the night shift wasn’t here yet and they were vulnerable in certain areas. Not to mention this intruder was apparently so strong that he even broke the back gate. 

The person in front of him went flying with one swift kick, the lord roared, “I want him dead!” 

This incident reminded him of the incident when the core seed went missing. 

He ignored the slave he kicked and ordered the others, “Call in the Golden Armours. If the intruder isn’t dead, tell them to not come back!” 

These Golden Armours got their name from being the only team with golden armour and golden weapons. 

They were a group of people personally trained by the Snow Plains City lord. There were a thousand of them, five hundred were on the front lines fighting the people of Flame Mound City, the other five hundred were stationed in the city. Now, for just one intruder, the lord had sent two hundred soldiers after him. For what? They could have guarded the other areas of the city, why send them to chase after one person? Wouldn’t it be a waste? It could even be a ploy from another city. 

People wanted to advise the lord but they were too afraid to do so. 

The golden-armoured soldiers were not as strong as individual fighters than the army but they were deeply loyal to the lord. They also had a strong determination to carry out their missions. 
At the lord’s orders, the soldiers were packed up and ready to leave. They rode their carrier beasts and brought along twenty-something silknoses to accurately catch the intruder. 

The heavy side entrance of the palace was opened to allow the two hundred soldiers to leave. 

“The Golden Armours! It is really them! Who was it just now? Who was it that led the lord to send them?” 

“I don’t know, I can’t think of anyone.” 

“I don’t care who it is or where he came from. He’d already attracted the attention of Snow Plains City and the Golden Armours were mobilised to catch him. We’d better take this opportunity to ask for permission from the young master to invade the palace.” 

They already had someone in the Snow Plains City, they were just waiting for the correct timing to attack from the inside and the outside. With this mess, Snow Plains City would not be able to save themselves.

Shao Xuan, who didn’t know that the Snow Plain City lord had sent a squad of killer soldiers to kill him, just wanted to leave the city. 

Many within the city had heard about the commotion in the palace and thought another civil war had started as it often happened here. They were curious for a while but lost interest soon. The guards in the palace would handle it soon enough, they didn’t need to bother. 

Many saw a figure that zoomed past them but didn’t know who it was. Even if someone tried to stop him they would fail as they were much weaker. 

Shao Xuan got rid of everything that blocked his way as he ran.

At this moment, the city gates had not closed even though it was the evening. The patrol officers would come by from time to time but nobody gave them the authority to close the gates. 

A few guards were discussing whether the incident just now was an assassination when they heard a sound as if a gush of wind had passed them. 

A man was running at a crazy pace, bringing up a tiny sand storm wherever he passed by. “What was that?!” 

“I think … someone ran out.” They wanted to chase after the man but they knew they didn’t stand a chance. 

“Could it be the assassin from the palace?” 

“Then should we close the gates?” 

“What’s the point of doing that, he’s gone!” 

“If there were other assassins, wouldn’t this allow them to all run away?” 

They discussed for a while and decided to close the gate- if a patrol officer came by, they would open it. 

As they were closing the gate, they heard a thunder of footsteps. A look in that direction and they nearly peed themselves. 

“Golden Guards, its the Golden Guards, hurry, hurry, open it!” As they opened the half-closed gate. 

Two hundred golden-armoured soldiers, each pair of expressionless eyes stare forward. They killed anyone that stood in their way, even if they were locals. 

The sounds of metals clanking and slicing of flesh combined with the brutal aura of the blood-stained weapons, it was as if a human killing machine was tearing its way down the streets, instilling fear in the slaves of the city. The timid ones hid in their houses, remembering the bad memories and covering their eyes, trying to suppress the sounds outside. The braver ones listened to the sounds of blood gushing out and swords slitting throats, wondering how many unlucky ones didn’t manage to dodge before they got killed.