The further Shao Xuan went, the fog around grew thinner but still hung in the air. Unlike the places that he had come across, there were fewer active small beasts here. The surrounding atmosphere was not as harmless as before, full of quiet tension.

Shao Xuan tied up the animal skin bag, held his only short knife, and walked cautiously with light steps.

Then, Shao Xuan heard someone approaching.

He hadn’t encountered a human in a long time. Now that he finally got to hear someone's voice, despite being cautious, Shao Xuan felt great relief in his heart. It was great to have someone here; he was worried that this place was just a desolate piece of land.

He turned around and moved towards the direction where he heard the voice. The fog was heavier over there.

Listening carefully, there were voices of two people, and Shao Xuan could understand their conversation. The language here, was closer to the language used by the slave masters, proving that the slave masters may have come from here in the past .

His speculations were proved once again, Shao Xuan was in a better mood.

The two people were collecting dew, as well as plants that absorbed it.

"Is it enough?" A young woman clad in a thick cloth looked at her basket and asked the person next to her.

Standing next to her, the young man took a quick glance over the basket while keeping a watchful eye on surrounding, shook his head and said, "Find some more, it hasn’t rained for a long time, and it's going to be hard if this continues."

"Yeah, well, then let’s find some more. Be careful."

"I know… Careful! Step back!" The young man took two steps forward, held the young woman behind and stared ahead with a long-handled strange knife in his hand.

A few meters away, there was some movement of sand and stones, which had made a rustling sound. Something was crawling down there.

But quickly, the movement grew so large that it seemed to know it had been discovered, it came out of hiding. “Pff---" a long tube bulged out of the ground. Like water vapour, sand flew while the long tube formed into a long beast.

A three-meter-wide, 10-meter-long, dark-brown giant worm burst out of the ground. There were many feet on its body, and the body was segmented and covered with hard sheets like armours. It charged at the two humans.

There was a sudden burst of energy in the young man. With this energy, soil-coloured patterns emerged on his body. He was a totem warrior.

The giant beast arched up like a snake and attacked the two. Apparently sensing that the man was harder to fight with, and after two unsuccessful attacks, it shifted the target. It evaded the young man and attacked the young woman holding a basket with its mouth wide-open, baring its sharp fangs.

Although the young woman was weaker in terms of fighting, she was considerably fast in escaping as this was an essential survival skill living here. However, she was very dishevelled from the ambush. Thick fog, uneven ground and depleted energy slowed her down. A slip would greatly reduce her speed and impede her escape.

As the giant bug switched its target, the young man got anxious and ran over, trying to stop it before it attacked, or at least catch its attention.

And just when the two were greatly anxious, with a loud bang, the giant bug which was about to attack the young woman was hit by a sudden big rock.

Not expecting to be attacked like this, the giant bug was confused. Before it could understand the situation, it was again hit by another rock. This time, the rock went over was more violent, more accurate, and it directly hit its two sharp fangs, almost knocking it over.

The giant bug tried to hold itself steady.


A tooth fell from the mouth of the giant bug.

And its other fang was badly hurt. Even if it was covered with hard armours, it couldn’t bear the strike of one big stone after another. Plus, one of its teeth had been smashed off. This must be stopped!

There were no cries but you could tell its rage from its movements. No one would be able to keep calm if they were knocked over while hunting for food.

Casting aside its original prey, the giant bug turned to find out where the stone came from. It could already sense the position of the stone thrower. An average person would have limited vision in this fog, but the giant bug was different, it could even accurately localize its prey within a few hundred meters in a thicker fog.

The giant bug rushed toward Shao Xuan's direction in fury, and it thought the tiny little stone-thrower would definitely run away quickly when he saw it. But reality was completely different from what it thought, not only did the stone-throwing human not run away, he rushed right over to it, and he was not afraid at all.

Shao Xuan had hunted for a long time. When he was on the seafloor, he had been repeating boring activities like eating, drinking, sleeping and running. And as a Flaming Horn tribesman who had been used to the exciting hunting life in the mountain forest, he was itching to hunt after he had landed, and almost wanted to kill the camels he came across. If it was not for conserving his energy, he would’ve done something. And now, with this scene in front of him, he certainly would take action.

As the totem power inside flooded all over his body, Shao Xuan could even hear the powerful beating sound of his heart, just like pre-battle war drums. Blood was pumping, and there was a sense of impatience and excitement in every part of him.

How long had it been since he last felt like this?

After a long silence, Shao Xuan once again found the joy and enthusiasm of his first hunt with his tribesmen in the mountains. His power turned violent, like surging waves waiting to sweep across lands. Every footstep on the ground made a thud, like an animal’s claw heavily striking the ground. Shao Xuan was more like a fierce beast living in a mountain forest compared to the two young people before him.

Shao Xuan fully stretched, grounded himself, and then suddenly burst out the next moment.

As the giant bug rose and prepared to attack, Shao Xuan stomped the ground, the sand and stone under his feet exploded outwards. The airflow caused by his stomp was travelled across the air, and the fog mostly dispersed.

The strong surge of power charged his being, and Shao Xuan was like a cannonball rushing toward the giant bug, breaking through the thick fog, then he finally kicked the bug's throat, a section which couldn’t be reached by the fangs and its two slightly longer forelimbs.

The giant bug actually felt Shao Xuan's aura before his attack- and it was somewhat hesitant but it was too late now. It would never back down!

Even if it could sense there was something strange, so what? 

Shao Xuan's foot was way faster than the giant bug, making it impossible to react!


The sound of a hard collision, like a giant hammer striking a rock mountain, rang across this world shrouded in thick white fog.

The young man took the woman farther away while the giant bug switched its target to Shao Xuan. Thinking about who helped them, he looked back at the giant bug and immediately returned to join the fight. But as soon as he turned his head, with a bang that had left their hearts skipped a beat, a clear giant bug body flew out through the thick fog……

It flew...

The two human’s eye twitched. They even wanted to rub their eyes to see if it was a hallucination caused by the heavy fog.

After landing, the long body of the giant bug rolled over the ground as sand and rocks flew, knocking over a few cacti.

There was also the sound of hard pieces of stuff falling, one of which fell to the feet of the young man. He took a look, it was the scaly shell that fell off from the giant bug, and there was an adhesive layer of skin on the inner side of the shell. The armour-like shell that protected the bug was kicked into pieces by the man!

"Uh..." the man swallowed, "who is there?"

Holding the knife in his hand, the young man said in his heart, even with a knife or sword, it’s still impossible to break or even make a deep scratch in this armour... But this guy just kicked it into pieces with brute force! Tsk, the bug must have been kicked so hard!

The giant bug which was kicked and rolled over the ground could feel Shao Xuan’s rising power. Seeing Shao Xuan was about to give it another kick, it had no time to wallow in pain. Instead, it twisted its body and quickly burrowed into the ground. It would be unable to eat for a while because of the injury on its throat. The other injuries on its body would also take time to heal. Anyway, it would not come out for a while, no, it would even leave and avoid this place.

As the giant bug left, the two young people who were collecting dew nervously looked at the figure approaching them.

Although they were grateful for his help, the two were still stunned after watching Shao Xuan fighting the giant bug. They were so nervous that their foreheads were dripping with sweat. They tried to say something, but their throats were stuck and could hardly speak a word. 

They didn't know what tone to use and what to speak. And they were afraid of being kicked out like the giant bug if they pissed him off.

Shao Xuan slowly walked up to the two. The fight had just ended, and his internal strength had not yet subsided. And it seemed as the fight wasn’t enough for him, there was a fluctuation of airflow over his body surface, and even dispersed the fog around him.

After running on the seafloor for so long, Shao Xuan was both physically and psychologically stressed, but he managed to survive it. And instead of weakening, his body seemed to be rejuvenated and had become stronger. The leg that kicked the giant bug was slightly numb, but it wasn't hurt at all. The moment he rushed out, he seemed to have known that his leg would not hurt.

As Shao Xuan got nearer, the two young people finally could clearly see Shao Xuan’s face.

Shao Xuan hadn’t changed his clothes for a long time. His clothes had been torn into rags, revealing parts of his body, and his smooth muscles looked like the toughest, most polished piece of rock ever.

If one hadn’t witnessed the scene just now, it would be impossible to imagine how scary the power within this person was.

The two regarded the person who kicked the giant bug. He was quite young, and his eyes, which were looking at them, were rather friendly, and did not feel malicious.

From his appearance, they could hardly have imagined that the young man would have such an ability.