Shao Xuan immediately leapt off the tree the moment the creature appeared.

In order to handle the problem, Shao Xuan thought it was better not to fight at close quarters. This was because the creature was agile and had an inherent advantage with the surroundings.

It was a strange animal, it looked like a brownish monkey in a bigger size yet at the same time, it wasn’t like a monkey. It had long and flexible limbs, its soles on its feet and toes were equally long. 

It could also hide its sharp sickle claws in-between its toes just like a cat! The creature could wave its arms like waving a whip with blades. Then, it would also use its hidden sharp claws between the toes to move quietly.

The monkey glared fiercely, fangs could be clearly seen in its opened mouth while it waved its sharp claws at Shao Xuan-- all of this showed that this ferocious animal was in a violent mood. It was treating Shao Xuan as its enemy rather than prey.

Shao Xuan was very confused.

This animal was clearly clever, it wasn’t all that huge but it could also be considered a beast. The emotion in its eyes was so strong that Shao Xuan could barely ignore it. He didn’t know what he did to offend it, especially since it was his first time here.

After coming down from the tree, the glare behind Shao Xuan was pressing on him.

Under this murderous atmosphere, the cold light of its claws seemed like it was going to commit an angry massacre while wielding death’s scythe, eager to reap all life.

Shao Xuan could not find an opportunity to counterattack in this short time due to the dense interlacing of its claws.

Shao Xuan stomped on the ground heavily with both of his feet. After this, he leapt from his original position, leaving a pit on the ground, the soft detritus and leaves in the surroundings splattered up and turned into cinders by the approaching claws.

Shao Xuan was galloping fast in the dense forest while the pursuer for some reason had a heavy grudge against him as it couldn’t wait to swoop immediately.

Although Shao Xuan was very fast, the pursuer had no intentions to hide this time, it was giving its all to catch up to Shao Xuan. What was more surprising was that it actually wasn’t that far away from him!

The creature was capable of performing flexible and quick attacks. Every attack it made was deadly because of its long and sharp claws. It was also smart enough and didn’t seem to be a stranger to humans.  What was the best solution to get rid of a beast like that?

The air in the dense forest seemed to grow tense with this chase, the other animals didn’t want to meddle with what was happening since they couldn’t keep up with the speed of the two.

The sound of claws slashing down a trunk once again echoed, the beast was increasing its speed by using the trunks and branches for momentum. The louder the sound that ensued meant that a greater amount of force was used in its acceleration. It seemed like the beast was losing its patience.

A thinner trunk would have been directly cut in half due to its way of slashing.

‘Hmm, it’s cutting the trunk?’ Shao Xuan thought.

Shao Xuan slightly reduced his speed as he did a sharp turn and the totem power inside his body was instantly boosted. The flaming totem pattern appeared all over his body, the totem power flowing in his body surged into his legs like flood and caused his leg muscles to swell.

After the sharp turn, Shao Xuan went around and aimed at a tree. He lifted one of his legs and kicked it!


The trunk, which was so thick it would’ve needed 3 people hugging it to cover its circumference, was broken.

The broken trunk fell directly towards the brown beast still chasing after Shao Xuan.

This was completely out of the pursuer’s expectations. When Shao Xuan was slowing down, tt was already quickly catching up to the human, it planned to catch him and use its cruel claws so that it could enjoy his blood. However, reality was more cruel, all that Shao Xuan received in return was sort of a hard punch instead.


The brown figure smashed against the trunk of another tree trying to dodge the broken trunk, it made a sharp cry. 

However, it was a beast with a robust frame even though it looked skinny. The hit was painful but it wasn’t even near fatal, it couldn’t even cause any serious injuries to it..

Shao Xuan thought to strike at it again but the beast was too quick. Shao Xuan struck the trunk instead, the forelimbs of the beast wrapped around the trunk like a soft whip, it successfully avoided the collision with Shao Xuan.

The beast, now fallen unto the grass, took a few steps back.Filled with tense caution, it stared at Shao Xuan with violence in its eyes, it seemed like the beast was thinking of a plan or was probably weighing the situation.

Shao Xuan thought it would attack again but he soon realized that the beast was giving up the fight since it decided to leave. It was the beast’s decision after considering the pros and cons of the fight, it might have found that Shao Xuan was not an easy opponent to deal with.

However, it was too late for the beast to leave, Shao Xuan would not let go of such a beast that attacked him so easily.

Now, their roles were reversed, the beast was eager to escape from Shao Xuan while Shao Xuan had become the hunter.




The forest that used to be so peaceful before now had sounds of trunks being kicked away from time to time. This caused quite a few resting birds to fly away from the sudden sounds. Even the animals that were originally heading towards their direction also made a U-turn and left as soon as possible. They wouldn’t want to get involved in the fight, at least not at this critical period.

Although the broken trunks couldn’t directly hit the brown beast, it still brought a certain degree of obstruction to it.

At this moment, the beast was greatly regretting launching an attack on Shao Xuan. It originally wanted to unleash its anger on Shao Xuan, but who knew he was the wrong person to mess with? 

It was never afraid of fighting against humans because it thought that it could handle them especially since when they were young and alone. However, it was rare to see a person who used trunks as a weapon against it. The beast couldn’t cut off such thick trunks with its claws no matter how sharp they were. Therefore, the beast would get smashed by the trunks if it couldn’t dodge and escape.

The beast was already panicking in the first place so it couldn’t perform the right responses. The situation was getting worse and worse.

In the forest, Shao Xuan had already caught up with the beast.


Another trunk had been kicked off. The broken trunk hit the beast from its side at a perfect timing.

The thick trunk with its mossy smell caused a strong gush of wind that seemed to blow everything in its radius over.

The beast was hit by the broken trunk and let out another cry of pain before it finally fell onto the ground.

After already being hit by trunks several times, it seemed like this hit was effective on the beast as it couldn’t stand up immediately this time. 

Seeing as the beast still wanted to run, Shao Xuan picked up the fallen trunk next to him and dragged it over, he then swung the trunk as if it were a baseball bat and hit the beast.


The beast who had just risen up was struck again.

The fallen beast screamed aloud, however, the scream was no longer the fierce scream it used to be but now a series of short cries with a pain in its eyes. All of its claws were hidden and it curled up on the ground with its head in its arms, begging for mercy.

Looking at the pathetic beast, Shao Xuan threw away the thick trunk in his hands and walked over to a nearby tree. He ripped off the long vines from it and tied a knot. Before the beast could react, the knot of the vines had been wrapped around its body in a way so that its whip-like limbs and claws were unable to cut off the vines.

After he was done, Shao Xuan grabbed the beast by the neck and lifted it up.

As the beast felt the fingers holding its throat clenching slowly, it felt that it was getting more and more difficult to breathe. It felt its body weakening because of the injuries it sustained from the chase, plus it was suffocating. It was useless for the beast to struggle by moving its trapped limbs.

Shao Xuan’s main objective by doing this was to find out why the beast was so hostile to himself before the fight. Suddenly, he heard several footsteps approaching quickly. It must have been because of the noise they created from the chase that drew them over. Perhaps they were people from the nearby tribes? Or maybe something else?

The footsteps rang as men came very quickly, each man huge. They were approaching eagerly. 

The five approached and stopped to look at the beast in Shao Xuan’s hands. Obviously, Shao Xuan didn’t expect to see other tribespeople here. One of them wanted to say something but was suddenly stopped by his companion. 

Shao Xuan was currently facing away from them, therefore, the five people couldn’t see his appearance clearly. Shao Xuan was wearing clothing made of common fabric in order to protect himself from the poisonous insects in the forest, he was also clad in some hide. Although the clothes and hide were a little torn, the totem pattern on his arms and legs still remained unseen.

The five tribesmen looked at each other before the one who seemed to be the most dignified took a step forward. When he was about to say something, Shao Xuan turned around.

Upon seeing the totem pattern on Shao Xuan’s face that had yet to disappear, the man’s words were stuck in his throat. His eye twitch while the other rest had their eyes bulging so much it seemed like they could pop off at any moment. 

‘Oh my god, why is there a Flaming Horn tribesman here?!’