Their party was also chasing after the long-clawed squirrel monkey. The cunning monkey had gotten rid of them and the team had to split up to look for it. The five of them had rushed over as soon as they heard some noises.

When they heard the cry of the squirrel monkey, they felt extremely anxious when they knew somebody had managed to catch the squirrel monkey. However, they never expected the person to be from the Flaming Horn Tribe too.

They had made sure no Flaming Horn people were following them before the operation started. This operation was a secret, most of the people from their tribe were not aware of it except the few of them. And yet, here he was.

Despite the distance, the two tribes still managed to meet each other. They were unsure if it was a coincidence or was it on purpose... Were there more Flaming Horn people nearby?

If there weren’t, the five of them were quite confident to snatch the prey back from one young warrior.

The five of them had worked and hunted together for a long time, therefore a few looks were all it needed for them to reach a tacit agreement. The leader of the team and the rest of the men gave each other a quick look, then they turned to Shao Xuan at the same time.

“We didn’t expect to meet a fellow Flaming Horn tribesman here, weren’t you all out hunting?”  the leader asked.

Shao Xuan didn’t say anything. He knew they had misunderstood him but he didn’t want to explain himself. He was confused too and it was not the right time for him to talk too much. So, he decided to listen to what they were about to say and tried to get some information from them.

From the tone of the five people, Shao Xuan speculated that the tribe of these people wer enemies of the Flaming Horn Tribe. Even though if they were not enemies, they were definitely in a competitive relationship, so Shao Xuan did not have to be extremely polite with them. Yet somehow, the relationship between the two tribes had not reached the extent of having a feud. Therefore, Shao Xuan was still deciding on the right way to treat them.

“Why do we have to meet the goddamn Flaming Horn people everywhere we go?!” one of the men whispered with a slightly impetuous tone, his features scrunched with anger and helplessness.

Although the other party’s voice was not loud, it was loud enough for everybody to hear his words clearly.

When the squirrel monkey that was caught by Shao Xuan realized that the relationship between the groups was not doing quite well, its eyes started to dart around. It tried its best to make several calls from his throat, slammed his tied legs hard and acted like it was going to die due to being strangled by Shao Xuan.

Unfortunately, Shao Xuan was not affected by it. Meanwhile, the other five people across only glanced at it once and were not bothered by it.

“Our brother from the Flaming Horn Tribe, we are very sorry. We had been following this squirrel monkey and it was our prey.” The leader of the group said.

The other party’s tone was still quite peaceful, but it was not friendly either. Even if they tried their best to suppress their emotions, Shao Xuan could still easily sense the nervousness and defensiveness from their facial emotions.

Shao Xuan looked towards the one that spoke earlier, he raised his chin and said, “Carry on.”

Carry on? Carry on what?

The leader paused for a second, he thought that Shao Xuan did not take this squirrel monkey seriously and said happily, “We can trade other types of prey with you, meaty prey and as good as this squirrel monkey.” The leader’s tone emphasized on the word “good” and “meaty”, thinking that this deal sounded convincing to Shao Xuan.

Shao Xuan acted like he was thinking about it, then he said to the five of them, “I’m not trading it with you.”

“You!” One of the men from the group could not hold it in anymore. He raised his fingers, pointed at Shao Xuan and said threateningly, “So what if you are so powerful? You are alone now and there are five of us here!” 

The Flaming Horn people were supposed to be hunting at this time, so the man thought that Shao Xuan must have run away secretly. But the man was unsure why Shao Xuan ran so far away from the Flaming Horn’s territory, could it be Shao Xuan was following them on purpose?

Shao Xuan did not care about what the group was thinking about, his facial expression did not change even as he was threatened. “There’s five of you but you still couldn’t catch a monkey, that tells me enough about your true capabilities. Since I was the one who caught the monkey, it should be my prey, so what does it have to do with you guys?”

These five people were not aware that their attitude was not right, and it then led to Shao Xuan’s decision. If the five of them revealed slightly about their good friendship with the Flaming Horn tribe, Shao Xuan would not be so merciless and turned them down so directly.

Shao Xuan saw the group move their feet subtly and asked, “So, are you going to try to take it from me now?”

“Since you refuse to trade, we can only take it from you!” The leader’s expression and glare suddenly turn murderous. Anyone slightly less powerful would’ve been nervous.

But Shao Xuan chuckled, “You really think the five of you can defeat me?”

The five of them were angered by Shao Xuan’s condescending tone. They knew that using threatening methods on the Flaming Horn people would mostly be ineffective, therefore they planned to rob it forcibly. 

Five sources of energy suddenly exploded, water totem patterns appeared on their bodies like waves. Among them, there were two advanced totemic warriors and three mid-rank totemic warriors. They would’ve been excluded from this secret operation if they were not powerful.

The five of them knew the greatest strength of the Flaming Horn people, which was their alarming physical strength. Therefore, it would be stupid to compete with the Flaming Horn people based on strength. 

So they decided to fight based on other qualities, such as speed, flexibility and with the advantage of the number of people they had. Even though the Flaming Horn people hunted with great speed and adaptibility too, these characteristics were often ignored as other people only focused on their physical strength.

Shao Xuan knew what their strategy was the moment they started moving.

The two advanced totemic warriors rushed towards Shao Xuan with one on the left and the other on the right, wanting to limit Shao Xuan’s movement.

Shao Xuan was not anxious while he faced the five totemic warriors he’d never encountered before. In order to make it easier for him to fight, he grabbed the hand of the squirrel monkey and flung the beast directly to a big tree nearby.

The five of them were happy when they saw Shao Xuan flinging the squirrel monkey away from him. 

The other three of the warriors that were behind were particularly happy and started to change their direction, bypassing where Shao Xuan was and headed directly to where the monkey landed.

Even though the squirrel monkey’s hands and feet were tied together by vines, it’s flexibility was still surprising. Previously, it was terrified because its throat was being grabbed tightly by Shao Xuan. It was afraid of breaking its neck if it tried to move slightly. Therefore, it had no choice but to surrender. But now, it started to think about how to escape when it saw them fighting.

It turned its body when it was being thrown in the air, adjusted the radian of its tied feet. When it hit the trunk, both of the legs did a good job in buffering the impact to prevent itself from getting injured. Then, it used this strength to bounce off, trying to run away during the chaos. 

It was not that the monkey despised humans, it was confident that its ability could certainly help him to get rid of trouble when it managed to break free. If it managed to get rid of these humans the last time, it can get rid of them the next time too.


It struggled for a moment but it could not get rid of the vines.

It struggled again but failed too.

Although these vines were very flexible and were not easy to cut off, the squirrel monkey was never bothered by it. This was because it managed to get rid of the vines a few times before when it was caught by the tribesmen. Therefore, it was experienced in dealing with these vines. There were many times where it tried to act pitiful while it was being tied, then it escaped the vines easily and hid aside, laughing at the angry humans who realised they had been fooled. 

But this time, it was a mistake. It thought it could escape easily as soon as he was freed from Shao Xuan’s grip but the truth was not what it was expecting.

No matter how much it tried, its long-claws were not able to reach the vines. So it was impossible to even slice them.

The vines greatly reduced its mobility. Sadly, in the end, the three mid-rank totemic warriors caught it as it tried so desperately to run. It knew it was useless to resist because the three totemic warriors did not care about its life and might kill it with their knives.

Therefore, the squirrel monkey gave up completely and obediently allowed the warriors to catch it.  It then tried to think of a new strategy to escape.

On the other side, Shao Xuan, was being attacked from both sides, quickly moved a few steps backward to avoid the attack. While the two warriors kept trying to stab him with their daggers, Shao Xuan did not stop running, he tilted his body to one side to avoid the daggers. At the same time, he shook his shoulders then hurled himself towards one of the warriors.

The totemic warrior gritted his teeth and faced this attack bravely despite Shao Xuan’s violent collision. No matter what, he was still an advanced totemic warrior. Why should he be afraid? Even though Shao Xuan was younger than him, he was fitter. Also, Shao Xuan was not one of the most outstanding warriors among the Flaming Horn Tribe!

The two sources of energy and strength bumped into each other and made a muffled thud. If the other party’s power was described as a mighty torrent, then Shao Xuan’s power was just like a towering mountain anchored firmly on the ground.

In just one collision, the man staggered for a bit, his eyes were filled with surprise and his pupils contracted rapidly. Then, he was forced to take a few steps backward to diffuse the impact of the collision. He looked at Shao Xuan who did not step back nor was affected, it was clear that the collision was not beneficial for himself.

Even though the man knew he could not win by strength, he did not expect the difference in physical abilities to be so hu