After he proved his point, the rest trusted Shao Xuan a little more. 

“So?” Tao Zheng looked at Zhui. 

Zhui buried the rock expressionlessly, covering it with leaves again. “Since we’ve made the decision, let’s hunt it.”

The bone beast was tempting. A good hunter was excited by a challenge. 

Once they confirmed the decision, Tao Zheng retreated a little with the rest for a discussion before they moved. If it were an animal they were familiar with, they would not need to discuss. However, they had to plan for this one because it was their first time. 

Unfortunately, the world did not wait for them. 

Just as they were discussing, a bird dove into the river like a gust of wind to catch a fish. It did a flip in the air and found a rock to rest on. 

Tao Zheng and the rest stared anxiously. Fly away, bird! Fly away quickly! 

The bird did not leave though. It had chosen this rock. 

The rest watch as the bird with a long neck flew towards the bone beast with the fish in its beak. 

They all cursed the bird in their hearts. You idiot! Why did you pick THAT rock? I’d rather you pick a diseased tree than that ‘rock’! 

Just as its claws landed on the beast’s head, all hope vanished. They would rather shoot it down now. Some of them closed their eyes- not because they did not want to see it eaten, but because they had to stop themselves from shooting the bird.

It was such a good opportunity, now it was ruined by a stupid bird!
If the bird had landed on another rock, perhaps the beast would not bother with such small prey and continue hiding. However, it would never let an animal standing on its head go. 


A roar that sounded like boulders rolling off a slope echoed. A boulder cracked open to reveal hook-like teeth, snapping up the bird who was bold enough to step on its head. 

The deep roar and the bird’s high-pitched squawk scared all the other birds away, all flapping their wings frantically to escape. The young animal they had encounter shuddered and then sprinted off. 

The squawk suddenly stopped, its fish plopped on the ground, gasping for air. It was about to leap back into the river when the bone beast stepped on its with its claws. It was now pulp. 

It was as if a hill rose from the ground. When the beast emerged from the sand, pebbles and stones crackled under its claws. 

It chewed on the bird, panting. The group could feel every rumble of its breath in their bones. 

They looked at the bone beast, shocked by its size. 

Shao Xuan climbed up the tree for a better view of the animal. 

The bone beast was similar to the dinosaur but only in terms of body shape. There was still a huge difference in its features because one was herbivorous, the other carnivorous. 

The dinosaur was a little rounder while this one was muscular. It was like comparing a fat pig to a muscular bull. 

Of course, its greatest defence was hard bone covering its entire body. 

Tao Zheng and the rest discussed in a low voice as they watched the animal slowly chew on tis food. 

“What now?” someone asked. 

Give up? But it felt like a waste. Hunt it? But they had no guarantee. This was not what they had planned. 

Tao Zheng had several ideas but they were all no use. They were too dangerous. Even if they succeeded, they might get hurt in the process. They would never risk their lives like that just for an animal. 

He felt a nudge. Zhui glanced upwards, indicating Tao Zheng to look up. 

Tao Zheng looked up to see Shao Xuan observing something in the tree. In a low voice, he asked, “Shao Xuan, what do you think?”

He still had to ask for the Elder’s opinion. This person was capable and ranked higher than him.

“Let me try,” said Shao Xuan.

“What?” Tao Zheng strained his ears, fearing he had mistaken.

“I’ll try,” said Shao Xuan, leaping off the tree. 

The rest of the team looked at him. While they were not mocking him, they did not think it was a good idea. 

“Do not underestimate the bone beast,” Tao Zheng said solemnly.

There were many animals who looked slow due to their large frame. However, they were powerful during a real fight. 

“I know.”

That bird was a fast one, yet the beast could catch it. He had witnessed its explosive strength. When it emerged from the sand, he had a general idea of its muscles and strength distribution in its body. 

“I’ll go try. Don’t worry, I have a plan,” said Shao Xuan. 

The rest of them were a little less worried when he said that. They wondered if he had other powers. 

“Be careful. If it doesn’t work out, we will save you, then retreat,” said Tao Zheng. 

“Mm. If I can’t handle it, I’ll tell you. Do not make brash decisions if I did not ask for help either,” said Shao Xuan. 

Tao Zheng hesitated, then nodded. “Alright.”

He passed his weapons to him but Shao Xuan refused. 

“Thanks but I have mine too.” Shao Xuan patten the pouch he carried then walked over to the river. 

When he left, another guy asked, “Other than that short black knife, what else does he have with him?”

“I don’t know.” Tao Zheng shook his head. 

“That knifes made of stone, right?” another asked, worried. 

Tao Zheng stopped them with a sigh. “We’ll have to wait and see.” 

As they watched Shao Xuan approach without making a sound, everyone was impressed. It really seemed like he was experienced in this. 

Then, they saw Shao Xuan climb up a tall tree and stopped. Then, he tossed something, though not aiming directly at the beast. 

Feign attack?

They all wondered if this was a feign attack. It was a good opportunity to learn. However, what happened next made their jaws drop. 

Shao Xuan charged directly at the beast instead. 

Tao Zheng almost had a heart attack. What fucking happened to ‘don’t worry’?!