A cloud had blocked the sun. It grew a little darker. 

The forest seemed to grow a little solemn in the shade. 

The trees next to the sandy piece of land were very tall, this was what Shao Xuan liked best. Shao Xuan had observed the types of trees and the strength of their roots. The spot he stopped at was the best point to start. 

A troublesome beast like that was not a good opponent in a direct fight. He was a hunter, he had to use another method. 

Today’s weather and their surroundings were perfect. Hiding in a tree, he watched the crouching beast. 

However, all his predictions were still theoretical. He still had to be careful. He was not wearing the wormskin he used to wear for protection. He had used it to protect the core seed for Tuo to bring it back to the tribe. Without protection with him, he was more careful. It would do him no good to injure himself. 

He had silk thread with him though. He aimed and threw a stone nail over, tied to a piece of thread. 

The sound of the nail falling on the ground alerted the eating beast. Its relaxed frame was suddenly stiff, its body contracted. 

When it noticed the tiny human charging at it, it roared and waved its claws. 

Shao Xuan dodged and threw a small screw tied to some thread so it would circle a thick tree trunk. 

He still hadn’t used his knife yet. Although there were a few good opportunities to do so, they were not going to be fatal cuts. That would just break its skin, at most, but definitely anger the beast even more. Without knowing what the beast could do in extreme rage, it was best not to take that risk. 

He dodged another claw with utmost agility. Every time, when it looked like he was going to be hit, he would dodge it. 

Tao Zheng and the rest were sweating. To them, he looked like he was dancing on the line between life and death. They were all terrified that Shao Xuan would end up like the fish that was slapped into pulp. 

With every dodge, the beast had become agitated and each swing grew more forceful. It reached further to grab him but a large tree nearby snapped. While it did not break cleanly, the crown of the tree was still shaking furiously. 


Another tree was snapped in half. 


Shao Xuan still hadn’t used his knife. His strategy was still mainly running around and making the beast run in circles. 

“What the hell is he doing?” Zhui couldn’t help but ask. 

The rest were also confused as ever. Their initial concern had worn off. It was obvious Shao Xuan had the ability to fend himself from the beast, yet he still ran close to the beast. 

“We’ll just watch. If it really gets bad, Shao Xuan is strong enough to escape. Again, he hasn’t asked for help yet,” said tao Zheng. 

“What did he throw?” asked Wu Zhan, who hadn’t spoken. 

“Knife? Spearhead? Doesn’t look like it. Also, who throws stuff away from an animal?” Tao Zheng shook his head. 

The sun was still blocked by a cloud so it was a little dark. They could not see every detail, nor could they approach. This might just disrupt Shao Xuan’s plan and put themselves within the beast’s reach. 

That was why they all silently agreed to watch from afar. 

At this moment, Shao Xuan ran up a tree, then did a flip off it. Right under him was the beast, its jaws wide open, all its hook-like teeth waiting for it. 

“Aahhh!” Every warrior yelled. He would not be able to dodge mid-air! 

Tao Zheng was ready to run forward, cursing him. Why isn’t he asking for help yet? 

Shao Xuan looked at the gaping jaws under him. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes. Sometimes, the prey and the predator switched roles multiple times. 

It had fallen into his trap! 

Shao Xuan was approaching the jaws, he could smell the coppery smell of blood from its breath and the feathers stuck between its teeth. 

Then, just as it prepared to swallow, it saw its prey leap in the air once again.

Did he just jump? Mid-air? 

How was that possible?

Everyone’s eyes widened. 

He didn’t jump once, he was jumping, step-by-step, upwards! As if he was running up the stairs, mid-air. 

Not just the beast was stunned, everyone else watched with bulging eyes. 

How was this possible?! 

There was a breeze. 

In the skies, the thick clouds moved and sunlight streamed down once again. 

Tao Zheng and the rest saw many thin threads reflecting the sunlight around the beast. 


Shao Xuan was supporting himself on the threads! So that meant he had been tossing thread around previously! 

But how did he do it? 

He had already surrounded the beast with thread, and by now, he was at a suitable height. 

Just in time. 

A pebble rolled into his palm, in between his fingers. Shao Xuan shot the pebble in front. 


The tight thread shook. 

As if he had touched a switched, consecutive sounds of slicing exploded. It sounded like nails on a rock, piercing and deafening. Tao Zheng and the rest had goosebumps just from this, they couldn’t help but shudder. 

Just like a cocoon, the bone beast was now tied up by a thread. 

It struggled hard but the more it moved, the shriller the sound was. 

There was the smell of burning wood. 

Crack! Crack! Crack! 

Consecutive cracks echoed across the forest. Several tall trees had been sliced in half, some were sliced nearer to their crowns, other nearer to the roots. 


The beast struggled and ten magnificently tall trees were snapped in half. It was not able to stabilize itself in time, hence crashing into the ground. 

This was the moment! 

Shao Xuan did not plan to rely solely on his threads to tie the beast up. It was just to trip the beast! 

Shao Xuan harnessed all his totemic power. The mud on his face did not completely cover his patterns, the muscles in his arms rippled. With a leap, all his strength exploded and the trunk beneath him cracked. He had already sprung forward. 

He hurled himself at the beast at an alarming speed. In the blink of an eye, he slammed his fist into its face. 

The beast had just looked up after it was tripped over, to see Shao Xuan’s fist coming at it. A gust of wind came with him, causing it to squint. 


Everyone shook. Just from the sound, they knew how strong that one punch was. 

Zhui looked at the bone beast, whose head was now smashed into the ground. He thought about how the other dinosaur’s head met a similar fate and he felt his face twitch. Now that he had witnessed Shao Xuan’s power himself, he was astonished. That was powerful! 

“What... what…”

Before he could speak, another punch landed. 

The bone beast had just lifted its head when it was smashed down again. 

Zhui, who had personally felt Shao Xuan’s wrath, was speechless. 

Tao Zheng and the rest had their jaws on the floor. They felt the urge to cheer and scream for him! 

Then, they saw Shao Xuan rub his fist. He ran aside to lift a boulder, then hurl it at the beast. He did this a few times. 

The boulder was smashed into pieces, yet the beast’s head was still fine. 

Was it still struggling?

Alright, another one! 

As they watched Shao Xuan hurl boulder by boulder, Tao Zheng and the rest couldn’t help but pity the beast. All its dignity was gone!