xSome people around also noticed the big man approaching. The people who were pushed away wanted to scold this man, but as soon as they saw him, they immediately swallowed their words.

Most of the people present here knew who this man was. He was a famous wanderer, known as Black Bear. With his appearance, it was a very appropriate name, especially him in a thick brown animal leather, combined with his stocky figure. He really was like a black bear.

The surrounding crowd was pushed back as the Black Bear stepped forward with a steady pace towards Shao Xuan.

Shao Xuan did not notice Black Bear and the crowd’s movements, his attention at this time had always been focused on the stone in his hand. He knew that there were already some people crowded around him, and that there were more than he had expected.

Originally, Shao Xuan only wanted to see if he could use his stone carving to attract a few people to check the animal skins. Even if nobody was attracted, after carving the stone well, he could place it here to advertise. There would always be curious people. After all, there was no one else doing the same.

Shao Xuan’s stone carving technique was polished from grinding his tools often. When Old Ke taught him, the requirements were quite strict. His mistakes in subtle places would be pointed out to Shao Xuan, then he’d continue to polish it, to correct it, until there were no more mistakes to be seen.

Since the effect of him trying to attract the crowd’s attention was better than he thought, this had to be taken more seriously. The approximate outline had been formed, so Shao Xuan replaced the stone hammer with a knife and continued.

As he carved again, Shao Xuan also quickly entered a more focused state.

The ding ding sounds were gone, but everyone was already focused on the stone in Shao Xuan’s hands. As stone powder fell, a figure was taking shape.

The traders here had already left their hunting habits which were passed down from generation to generation. Some of the traders had stopped hunting any large beast so seeing a stone carving of something they hadn’t encountered would naturally look strange to them.

“Is this a carved giant bear?!” There were other Flaming Horns tribe warriors next to Shao Xuan talking.

The “giant” word was heard by the rest and, suddenly other people were also talking about it. They did hunt a giant bear, but how could one carve it with such vivid detail?

Although others had carved on bronze or other artefacts, they have never seen such a lifelike stone carving. This stone carving was small, but it made a person feel the deep wild mountain forest with the roaring of a fierce giant bear.

“How much is this stone carving?” Before the stone carving was finished, someone already asked.

Tribesmen generally required for a direct trade, which was mostly among the wanderers. They understood well the requirements of the tribes that some people even just directly pull out a copper knife to exchange.

When the others noticed it, those of the same mind also moved, taking out a knife a little bigger than the person in front. They directly went to find Du Kang to discuss.

The people here already knew that the head of the Flaming Horns tribe was the person standing nearby. To discuss the trade, of course directly looking for the most powerful person was the best idea. As for the boy carving, why wouldn’t he listen to the leader’s orders?

So, the people who thought they had a smart idea went to Duo Kang to talk.

Meanwhile, Black Bear, who was now standing in front of Shao Xuan, did not move. His eyes were glued to Shao Xuan’s hands, on the nearly finished stone carving.

A stone carving could convey the carving man’s consciousness when one looked closely. Black Bear found that this small stone carving radiated a savage and violent energy, making the giant bear seem like it was roaring in a forest!

If Shao Xuan was carving other fierce beasts at this time, Black Bear would not be interested. What made him like bears so much then? Their ancestors worshipped bears and worshipped the power of bears, but at the same time, they were also called hunters of the bears. Now, the tribe had transformed into caravans, with little chance of going to the mountains to hunt the big bears. But their obsession with bears was still passed down. It was the hallmark of their caravans. It’s their totem—the bear!

From the start, since he’d seen the stone carving forming in the hands of Shao Xuan, Black Bear’s eyes never moved away.

“I want 20 animal skins.” Black Bear called out.

Compared to the other people directly negotiating to buy the stone carving, Black Bear spoke more skillfully.

Du Kang, who was talking to some people, heard this and immediately ordered people to count the skins. He also told them to choose the high-quality ones, since he knew of Black Bear’s good reputation. No matter what kind of attitude he had for other matters, at least in terms of trading, he’s honest and wouldn’t be stingy.

The animal skins were divided. There were large ones, but that didn’t specifically mean that these large pieces of animal skins were the size of the actual beast. Usually, they still had to cut the large ones to smaller pieces. If a beast is huge, a whole piece of its animal skin would be too big and not convenient for sale. People bought these to make clothes and they couldn’t use something so big, so the tribe had to cut it.

Over time, the traders have formed a consensus that an inherent specification of the size of the divided animal skins would be similar for all to also better organize the pricing. When they went to town and gave the gatekeeper a tol feel, each skin had to meet this specification.

Twenty of the skins were sorted out. Du Kang had his tribesmen stack them up and handed them over to Black Bear.

After he had accepted the animal skins, Black Bear looked at Shao Xuan, “Twenty skins and that stone carving, how much gold wares do I owe?”

What people here call “gold wares” mostly referred to bronze. It was also the target of people of the Flaming Horn tribe.

At this point, Shao Xuan had just finished the stone carving in his hands.

He heard what Black Bear said, so Shao Xuan blew the leftover crumbs on the stone carving, then looked up at the man to say calmly, “Thirty.”

Black Bear gazed at Du Kang and Shao Xuan, back and forth, the stopped at Shao Xuan. He nodded. “OK, another 10… Not more than that. And it’s best if it’s bearskins. If there are no bear skins left, then something close to bearskin.”

Du Kang grinned and motioned to the people behind him to tidy up ten more.

While others tidied up the skins, Black Bear took the stone carving and stared at it with a very satisfied look. He carefully placed it in a thick fur bag, then pulled his coat from its tether. With a whoop, his hands clutching the coat opened in a domineering way, facing Shao Xuan and Du Kang and the crowd.

Under the coat, Black Bear had exposed the large and small sword, axe and other bronze he had. Some were inserted in his garment, some with large points like his axe, sword and such were inserted in his waist. Some were lightly hanging on the side of his coat.

Shao Xuan did not speak. He had a few guesses.

No wonder Black Bear intimidated people. He really was carrying something intimidating!

With so many things inside his coat, how could it not be heavy? This was not a bear but simply a humanoid weapon carrying machine!

However, it also proved that Black Bear was really strong, strong enough to carry so many things around every day and live to the present. Someone with not enough strength could not sustain it for long.

Duo Kang’s eyes brightened at the variety of objects before him. There were not just a few good things there. Whether big or small, they could exchange a lot with the thirty skins they had. Duo Kang’s heart was full of anticipation.

When the deal was completed, the rest of the surrounding people also shouted out to make trades. Five, ten skins, they’d buy since Black Bear was already there first to trade. They would not doubt the quality of these skins taken out by the people of the Flaming Horns tribe now. 

Everyone knew that the stuff Black Bear would buy wouldn’t be bad. Even if they didn’t know the Flaming Horn tribe, following Black Bear would definitely be right!

They were not as generous as Black Bear, but with the number of people buying, Duo Kang was more than happy. However, these people also wanted the stone carving but it was already bought.

After a day was done, the animal skins they had sold out was nearly half of what they brought, which made Du Kang very happy. In the next five days, they may not be able to sell so much, but today, they had unexpectedly gotten a lot of sales, all because of Shao Xuan.

If it went according to this speed, it won’t take them ten days to finish and return.

In the evening, they huddled in a set of simple tents to rest. Shao Xuan took the time to carve a stone again, but this time not of a giant bear, but another kind of fierce beast.

For the next two days, Shao Xuan would take out a stone carving every day. Like the first day, it would encourage the crowd to buy more, which also interested them in wanting to buy animal skins. The carving drew a lot of attention. Although many people couldn’t buy dozens of skins at once, they would still look around the Flaming Horns tribe’s area because of that stone carving. A large number of the animal skins were exchanged because of the stone carving. There were traders buying, but the slave owners also sent their people to buy.

On the fifth day, the animal skins brought by the tribe were almost sold out. They didn’t have to keep staring at the goods for long as they could exchange it for copper weapons or grains or such soon. Each of them would get their own. Meanwhile, the Taihe tribe had come with high expectations this time. They’d brought over some of their rarer herbs so they could sell things much faster than before, but no one expected that the Flaming Horn tribe would have Shao Xuan!

There were not many animal skins left, so Shao Xuan stopped his carving. Seeing that the Flaming Horns did not have much stuff to sell anymore, he decided it was time to get his own stones out. For this reason, he had asked for help to watch over it yesterday so that these stones could shine all day under the sun. Now, when they were placed in a slightly darker place, you can see the obvious light on the stones.

These days, more and more tribesmen had come to Anba City, dominating the place with their yelling and quarrelling voices, all fighting to outshout each other. From time to time, you’d see people injured from actual fights.

Shao Xuan would not shout to join these voices. Instead, he made a wooden card with words written in bright plant pigments—”A unique glowing stone that will absorb sunlight—Water Sun Stone.”

The crystal of the Drumming tribe produced from the light of the moon was called the Water Moon Stone. Therefore, Shao Xuan changed moon to sun with this stone that absorbs sunlight.

The wooden signboard was propped up with a long pole inserted on the ground. Shao Xuan did not have to yell to wait for people to come to his area. The wooden sign Shao Xuan made could turn to let people see it in all directions so everyone could see the words on the wooden board.

New things could always attract attention. Just now, when the other tribes were finally relaxed that the Flaming Horns tribe were almost out of animal skins, nobody expected that people would flock around them again in such a short time.

This is impossible! It’s just a sign, what’s so eye-catching about it?!