Because of the barrier made by his men and several slaves, the Anba City young slave master, sitting there with a haughty posture, did not suffer any injuries caused by the shock. However, the loud sound it made hurt his ears.

An Ping frowned as he took a peek at the person in front of them. He continued to frown as he stared at the man just standing there, then looked at the other’s totem patterns. It seemed that he had seen it before but, at that moment, couldn’t remember where.

Anyway, he was in a bad mood today. He was having the worst luck since early in the morning when he went to inspect something he had ordered. It was something he had booked long ago and he planned to take back. Who knew that they made a mistake with his order. In a fit of rage, he let a few of the slaves with him go, carrying the cauldron with them. Besides, he could just get a few more and he had many more at home. And why should he have outsiders cast him a cauldron when he could do it at home? What’s more, it’s cheaper to make it himself.

However, as he left the blacksmith, An Ping heard some people say that there was a free trade area on this side of the city. He then brought people over, thinking that he could exchange the scrap he had for their treasures. Not only could he deal with this failure, but he could also show the people his generosity. If the other party would not give him face, he would just force them. Who expected that this was going to happen!

What did the people around say this tribe was, the Flaming Horn tribe? The name was a little familiar.

When he caught the other’s eyes, this young master actually felt a sense of fear! To save face, he averted his eyes, but appeared extraordinarily stiff as he just turned his neck.

Shao Xuan, who was sitting at first, had to stand up because of the thing coming at him. After he blocked, his hand laid still at the cauldron’s body, his feet separated, his two knees bent and his body slightly squatting. Him standing steadily like this gave people the feeling that a sleeping beast had just opened its eyes after being provoked. Savage as a beast, this was what the people of Anba City thought of the tribal people living in the remote lands. The Flaming Horns tribe in front of them also gave that same feeling.

In the eyes of the Anba City young master, this “savage beast” had let out such strong power in the moment of it waking up. This was not what an ordinary “savage beast” usually did. This was more like the rampage of a fierce beast. He felt like he was in the presence of one. Even if the feeling was dull, it could not be ignored.

Tricky. This was what the young master thought at that moment.

After a moment of silence, the crowd erupted in conversation. They thought that the one who should be standing like that would be Duo Kang. If not Duo Kang, Guangyi should be the next expectation. However, who would have expected that it was this young man who took the attack!

“Who is that man?”

“Are all the young people in the Flaming Horn tribe this good?”

“Hey, look at the face of that Anba City master. Do you think they’ll fight?”

“It’s good if that happened. We can take the opportunity to pick up some goods cheaply. I heard that the people of the Flaming Horn tribe have got a lot of good things these days.”

Although many of the people there had these thoughts, they also knew to keep their voice down or keep it to themselves. It was just their eyes staring at the movement on the field, waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of afterwards.

An Ping’s eyelids slightly twitched. For a moment, he really couldn’t think of what to say.

With their young master still not moving, one immediately seized the opportunity to come forward, wanting to kiss ass in front of his master. Stepping forward, he pointed at Shao Xuan and the rest of the tribe, raising his chin and saying, “You. Do you want to be an enemy of Anba City, one of the Great Six?”

Because it once belonged to one of the six strongest tribes, even if it later merged, they were still technically Anba tribesmen. Until this day, the people of Anba City still liked to call themselves one of the great six, in order to show their dominance and satisfy their vanity.

Unfortunately, to the Flaming Horn tribesmen, whether you were from the great six or seven or eight, if you tried to fight us, don’t blame us for fighting back!

Shao Xuan calmly looked at the other party. “I heard you Anba people like Ding cauldrons. We wouldn’t want to take something you love so much so I’m returning this to you!”

What was clearly an ordinary hand looked so small compared to the huge body of the cauldron. However, before the crowd could contemplate that scene, he might as well be larger than the cauldron from the power he exuded. 


As the hand retracted, the cauldron shot out together with the ringing sound of the metal. The heavy, high-pitched sound seemed like it was going to exterminate everything in its path. Once again, it rang throughout the free space of the trading area.

Reflecting the sun’s golden light, the cauldron’s body careened straight towards a person who then jumped out of the way.

But the metal was flying too fast, so much so that the man who jumped out just now did not manage to escape. It collided with him. His skin burst out with bruises, a few cuts showing. The blood flowed from the wounds, while the sound of his arms and sternum breaking had been completely suppressed by the sound the cauldron was making. The people around only saw that the person sprayed out blood and flew out by the force. His body slid along as he fell to the ground.

The cauldron also fell on the ground because of its three uneven feet. It could not remain steady. After stopping and bumping several times, it then skidded to a stop. At this time, the defects of the cauldron’s body were completely exposed.

Black Bear looked at the fallen scrap of metal, his eyes filled with contempt. This kind of goods was something they all disdained to see. As for the idiot who took out this thing and tried to force a deal, he deserved to be punched in the face.

Not only Black Bear, even if most of the people who decided to not speak up, they also secretly felt that this face should be hit well. Who would think that the tribal people were dumb enough to take a defect?

Although those watching the scene at some distance at the back wanted to stay away from the battlefield, they still did not walk away. Watching the buzz was not too big a deal. For most of the tribesmen here, these Anba City slave masters with the An surname usually had to be given face, but they would not really fear them. Naturally, they were willing to see the Flaming Horn tribe fight with a young master. This matter didn’t involve them personally anyway.

On the other hand, seeing his subordinate on the ground, An Ping’s face contorted.

It’s a provocation! It’s a provocation to the authority of Anba City!

Not able to sit still anymore, An Ping suddenly got up and waved a hand. “Give them a fight!” He paused, then added, “Get those glowing stones back for me!”

After getting the order, several figures around An Ping went straight towards Shao Xuan.

But this time, Shao Xuan did not move. When the other side rushed out, from his side and rear, the same number of figures rushed out. Du Kang and Guangyi even rushed to the front.

Did they not see these people?!

If all of them relied on Shao Xuan saving himself, they’d be scolded by the shamaness and the Chief when they returned.

The sonorous sound of metals clashing resounded, as well as the collisions of muscles and flesh. There was punching, followed by the cracking sound of bones breaking, then a figure hit the ground.

Plop plop…..

The sound of figures hitting the ground sounded in succession.

An Ping’s face twisted with these sounds. It became more hideous, but he did not have the guts to fight in person.

When the last person who had rushed out also hit the ground, Duo Kang and others returned to their camp to stand around Shao Xuan. Duo Kang pulled out an axe that had been exchanged not long ago and threw it to Shao Xuan.

Shao Xuan caught the axe, then he rotated the handle between his fingers, firmly holding it in his palm afterwards. They then stared at An Ping and the others still with him.

If they were not coated with colored mud, these people’s bright flame-like totem patterns would give an amazing show. If it was only just one fierce beast waking from its sleep earlier, now, it was a hoard of fierce beasts!

The aura of a hundred people was concentrated on one spot like a flaming axe. This axe would slash and hack away at any obstacle fearlessly! The bystanders could feel the intimidating energy radiating from them.

You have your high seat, I have my arrogance. There was no talk of reason in this free trading area. The person first to break the rules would not be eligible to mention the word “reason”!

At any time, the rules of the Flaming Horn tribe have always been very clear. You want something? Alright, trade honestly with us according to our agreement. You should offer as much as we are offering, not less! Otherwise, we will beat you up!

There was a sense of anxiety in the air.

Even the people who were just watching the excitement didn’t dare make a noise.

At this moment, suddenly from outside of the crowd came a gentle sound.

“What’s going on?”

As the sound was heard, a path also opened up from the crowd.

Unlike An Ping, the person who appeared at that moment was not so showy, but he was more noticeable. Many tribesmen in the trading area knew who this other person was. While An Ping gave people a sense of empty leadership, the appearance of this person was one of nobility. This was the man who was the main source of power in Anba City.

Hearing that gentle voice, An Ping’s face suddenly changed. He put away his twisted expression, but his eyes were still filled with panic and fear. After a thought, he decided to tell his story. How could he let those tribesmen take advantage of things?

After thinking thus far, An Ping trotted to the person. Seeing the other turn to look at him, An Ping shrunk his neck but continued with his plan to complain. His opening was “Those barbarians…”

Not only the Flaming Horns tribe, but even the other tribes watching also had their eyebrows raised.

Barbarians? At least these people here follow basic rules and etiquette, but what about you? Also, did you really think these people wouldn’t fight back?

An Yan quietly stood there, listening to An Ping complain. His expression remained the same, not uttering a sound but keeping his calm.

Suddenly, without looking like there was any attack, An Ping’s body jerked. He coughed out blood as his body flew out.

The lively crowd watching hurriedly rushed out of that area, letting An Ping directly fall to the ground. If it hadn’t been for An Yan here, they would have stepped on him a few times.

An Yan didn’t care about An Ping, only thinking that how could Anba City raise such a fool. Fortunately, they were the ones in power in this area. As for the other branches who would raise fools like An Ping, they were naturally a bunch of stupid goods, what a waste! An Yan wouldn’t waste a thought on them.

An Yan knew that the tribesmen in the trading area were angry. Simply taking it out on An Ping would appease these tribesmen. Looking at the people around, sure enough, after seeing An Ping get beaten, the anger on their faces was a lot lighter.

With a light smile, An Yan Lang said to the people around, “I am An Yan of Anba City, but we also follow the rules. Since we provide the place for trade, naturally, you should also follow these rules.”

After saying that to Shao Xuan and the other people, he beckoned his people to carry over a big box. An Yan continued, “That crystal, I want it for five swords plus five bags of grains. Is the price acceptable?”

The area went quiet. Even if one originally wanted to argue, after thinking about it, they decided to forget it. In the first place, they couldn’t offer a better price than that. There wasn’t anyone else that generous. Secondly, they didn’t want to fight with this Anba City young master. Those were unspoken rules and this was a reasonable man, so they should also give each other some face.

Meanwhile, Black Bear’s eyes flashed where no one noticed. Rules? The rules were trash!