Shao Xuan was dragged out of Qingmang Pavilion by Ji Ju when Ji Ju stopped abruptly and yelled, “Yellow Earth!” 

Shao Xuan had heard him mention this name before. It was the old man’s first slave, a yellow bull. 

He yelled several times and because he was too anxious, he paced in circles. 

Soon, Shao Xuan heard thunderous gallops. 

He looked up to see at the end of the dirt road was a giant bull sprinting over, leaving a trail of dust clouds behind it. 

Compared to the bull pulling the carriage, this was a giant! If it were in a forest, it would be considered a dangerous fearsome beast. 

As the large bull approached, the vibration in the ground grew stronger. Its large physique and its two horns pointing at the sky brought with it an aura of deadly power, as if it was an unstoppable force. 


The cow slowed down and then stopped by Ji Ju’s side. However, its eyes remained on Shao Xuan, regarding this stranger. 

“What were you doing? I called so many times?!” scolded Ji Ju. 

The bull lowered its head and nudged Ji Ju like a spoiled child but quickly, it seemed to have noticed something because it sniffed all over him. Then, it turned to Shao Xuan and its eyes scanned Shao Xuan carefully. Shao Xuan realised its eyes were on his bag. 

However, sensing that Shao Xuan was not a weak opponent, plus he was a stranger, the bull did not snatch the bag even though it wanted to. The bull’s eyes fell on Ji Ju and it sniffed again. It stared at his hands. 


“Shut up! I can’t let you eat this!” As Ji Ju spoke, he leapt up the bull’s back, who was as tall as two storeys. 

“Get up here.” Ji Ju patted the bull’s back and gestured for Shao Xuan to follow. 

It exhaled hard through its nostrils, scraping its hooves as if it was unwilling. Shao xuan did not hesitate, leaping onto its back. 

“Let’s go, bring us to the Thousand Grain Gold!” said Ji Ju, patting its horn. 


The bull cried and moved its hooves, accelerating. Although it was fast, it was stable. This was to protect Ji Ju. 

Ji Ju said Yellow Earth was practically another butler/housekeeper here. It helped with many plots of land with other people. Other than Ji Ju, this bull did not listen to anyone in this field, not even the chief butler could not make it move a hoof.

The Thousand Grain Gold was not planted in this area, he seemed to be emotional as he spoke. “Every time we find a new plant, we will plant it somewhere else because there are just too many variables.” He turned to Shao Xuan. “Just as Thousand Grain Gold- you planted them, you should know- other living things cannot live around it.” 

Shao Xuan nodded. “That’s true. When it started to germinate, I noticed there were many weeds in my backyard but as they grew, they all disappeared.”

Shao Xuan should have kept quiet, for Ji Ju felt a stab in his stomach. The grains were so precious, yet this kid scattered them in his backyard?! Thank goodness they were strong enough to survive! 

However, the seeds he scattered in his backyard were the ones that survived, even breaking through every block! Not just that, when this ‘Golden Grain’ master’s plants were just mere shoots, Shao Xuan’s grains had already ripened! 

He could barely keep calm! 

Ji ju, who wanted to say something, swallowed his words. He sulked. 

The large bull ran past many well-segregated plots of crop fields, different-coloured crops flew backwards as they travelled ahead. Shao Xuan could see what they were with his eyesight but he didn’t recognise any. 

The Golden Grain fields did not just have grains, there were other food crops and herbs too. This piece of land included a few mountains so there were herbs and plants who favoured higher altitudes planted on top. When he passed, Shao Xuan could see slaves working on the mountains. 

When they entered an area with no other crops but rows of armed guards, Shao Xuan knew he had arrived. 

This was a heavily guarded area. Anyone else would have been flattened before they could make it inside. However, when they saw the bull, the guards quickly moved to let the bull pass. They did not need passes, the bull was the best identification document. 

The bull stopped on the side of a wide dirt path. Ji Ju and Shao Xuan hopped off. 

“This is where the Thousand Grain Gold is planted,” said Ji Ju, pointing at a few large plots. “There were many other crops here but as the Thousand Grain Gold germinated, all the other crops died.” 

Shao Xuan looked around. He could see a very few yellowed grasses swaying pitifully in the wind but that was it.

It was indeed caused by the Thousand Grain Gold. There were only twenty in his backyard but all the plants around did not do well. At least he was far from the rest of the tribe. 

However, Ji Ju had many crops in the area here so the effects were very obvious. 

There was a fence made of tall trunks of wood. It had a door large enough for the bull to pass. Next to the door was a person who bowed when he saw Ji Ju. 

“Let’s go,” Ji Ju told Shao Xuan. 

These tall wooden fences were built after he planted the Thousand Grain Gold. Without Ji Ju’s permission, no one outside could look in. Even the chief butler could not enter without his orders. That was why the Thousand Grain Gold’s situation was a well-kept secret and the Ji family had to send the grandchildren over to check it out. 

Rows of Thousand Grain Gold laid out before his eyes. They all looked the same as the ones in Flaming Horn. They were as tall as Shao Xuan’s waist. 

“They have passed the first  ‘block’, the ones that didn’t make it become fertiliser. There were three blocks in total, the last ones are the best.” Ji Ju looked at the patch of green with pride. However, when he recalled Shao Xuan’s grains, his delight disappeared. 

Taking out the few grains Shao Xuan gave him, Ji Ju waved him over. There was a small structure called Qiju House. It was one of the more luxurious buildings in the plot of land. 

Sitting in the house, Ji Ju started to ask Shao Xuan about the planting process. As a descendant of the Ji family, they had many secrets to plant crops that were better than others. They could plant many crops that others couldn’t, especially grains. 

Some people used to say that if you found a very difficult grain-type plant, just look for the Ji family and they will plant it. 

However, the tables were turned. The tribe seen as savage and arrogant had successfully planted this precious species. Better than the Ji family’s Golden Grain too. What could they do? 

However, Ji Ju was more focused on the grains than other people’s opinions. He was capable of re-aligning his mindset too. 

Shao Xuan did not hide his secrets either. He told everything to Ji Ju. First, he also wanted to know why this happened. The Ji family had a deep understanding of agriculture so he might be able to help. Second, Ji Ju, based on Shao Xuan’s understanding, was not a person who would cheat him. If he learned from Shao Xuan, Shao Xuan would definitely get something in return in the future. 

“Fearsome beast meat?!” gasped Ji Ju. 

The bull nearby swivelled its ears. 

“Yes, they… I guess you can say the plants eat the meat.” 

“So they ate the fearsome beast meat, that’s how they passed the three blocks and in the end became this?” Ji Ju put the large grains on the table. 

“I have heard of some obscure methods like burying bones but feeding a plant beast meat, this is my first time hearing of this.” Ji Ju touched his beard, not noticing that he had pulled out a few strands. His ancestor’s secrets fared worse than some meat?! That wasn’t supposed to happen! 

“That’s why I came here, I wanted to know why and maybe check out your plants to see if it’s the same.”

Ji Ju’s face turned red. He did not speak. 

Shao Xuan continued. “You used your ancestor’s secret concoction, your own fertilisers. Do you think your grains might be another colour? Maybe white, green, black or something.” 

Different fertilisers, different colours? Was that possible? 

Ji Ju paused like he remembered something and shuddered. Strands of beard fell on the ground. 

“I know! So that’s what happened! Hahahaha! The five colours of gold, so this is what that means! Hahahaha!” 

Shao Xuan did not know what to do as he watched Ji Ju laugh hysterically. 

When Ji Ju was done, he ignored Shao Xuan and rushed into the house. Shao Xuan and the bull looked at each other. 

Seeing as the bull was staring intently at the grain on the table, Shao Xuan tossed the grain that Ji Ju had previously peeled at it. It was given to Ji Ju for identification so he had no plans to keep these. 

When Ji Ju finally came out once again, he saw the bull’s head blocking the entire entrance, mooing softly as it stared at Shao Xuan. Shao Xuan, who was sitting inside, had fallen asleep.