If Ji Fang said so, it meant this place really was unsafe. 

Based on Ji Fang’s reminder, Black Bear told Shao Xuan his guess when they arrived at their base. 

He feared the  Linlu tribe might really attack now. However, other people would not interfere. They would just watch. 

“In reality, to the great six aristocratic families here, these are small scuffles. Including the incident where you defeated Lubi, it was just after-dinner gossip to them. It doesn’t concern them at all.” This matter was not important enough for the aristocrats to care. 

So what if Shao Xuan hit Lubi? What did that prove? Did that mean the Flaming Horn tribe was more powerful than Linlu? No, it did not. The power of one tribe was not represented by one person. Then again, it didn’t matter if it was Shao Xuan or the prodigy of the Linlu tribe, while other people might take an interest, the more powerful people saw this as child’s play. At this point, none of the aristocrats had shown their faces here. 

As for Shao Xuan’s life or death-- these people did not care. Instead, they would be happier if he died. Them not taking action did not mean they hoped other people wouldn’t. A Flaming Horn tribesman suffering was a good thing to them. 

Shao Xuan and Guang Yi listened to Black Bear’s analysis. 

In reality, Shao Xuan had already guessed this would happen. It was different for Guang Yi. When he heard that these people did not really like Flaming Horn, plus they wanted to see the Elder of his tribe die… What the hell?! 

He was upset! 

Extremely upset! 

But so what if he was upset? Fight them? They were just two people, could they fight the whole city?

That would be looking for death. 

In the past, the Flaming Horn people came to King City in groups of one or two hundred. They were powerful. No one would dare provoke them. Now… there were only two of them?! 

He was unwilling! Very unwilling to lose like that1 

The green vein in his forehead throbbed and his fingers fidgeted. Every time he was about to grab his knife, he forced himself to stop. He wanted to tear the place down. 

“But, you’re leaving tomorrow. You don’t need to overthink this,” comforted Black Bear. 

Too bad Black Bear’s words did nothing for Guang Yi. 

They were leaving but not on their own accord! They were leaving out of pressure, they were leaving while seething with anger! 

“Actually, I’m worried the Linlu tribe will stop you from leaving tomorrow.” Black Bear sounded worried. The roads were already blocked off to the public near Golden Grain Fields so he was sure the robbers were sent by the Linlu tribe! If they were bold enough for this, what would they not do? This time, they might put up a good fight. 

Someone came in for a report. “The people watching the Linlu people said there has been some commotion there.”

“What happened?!” Black Bear’s heart clenched. 

The messenger shook his head. “They only know that the Lu family has been in and out of their houses very frequently. They’d suddenly sent gifts to the great six aristocrats, they seemed to be planning something.” As for what the plan was, they did not know. They could not enter the core base of the great six. 

“Continue watching them! Send more people!” instructed Black Bear. 

“Yes, sir!” 

When the messenger left, Black BEar looked even more worried. “Perhaps they have already deployed their men. Tomorrow, your journey might not be smooth. If tomorrow, when our trading party leaves, and the Linlu people stop us…”

“Then fight!” 

Guang Yi clenched his teeth. If this were near his tribe, he would have brought his people over for war. The survival of a tribe depended on their decisiveness when it came to war. They could never retreat! Retreating one step meant there would be a second step, third step, until they were cornered. Their ancestors were forced over here when they first arrived. The territory they had now all came from hard battles! 

While Guang Yi was a solemn, calm person at the tribe, when it came to certain matters, he would never stay silent. 
However, this involved Shao Xuan. Shao Xuan had a special status in the tribe and the chief and shamaness placed the utmost importance on him. Plus Shao Xuan was the only person from their sister tribe on the other side. Guang Yi had no complaints about dying here but Shao Xuan must not die here! 

When he thought of this, Guang Yi as so troubled his facial muscles were all squeezed together. 

Black Bear saw Guang Yi’s reaction and turned to Shao Xuan. 

“Shao Xuan, what do you think?” He knew that the decision-maker was still Saho Xuan among the two. Plus this kid had a lot of ideas. Perhaps he had a better idea to avoid the Linlu people? 

Guang Yi turned to look too. He also wished Shao Xuan had a plan to avoid them, yet another voice screamed for Shao Xuan to fight like he wanted. He felt so conflicted. 

Shao Xuan shifted his gaze from outside the window to inside. Calmly, he said, “Then fight!” 

Same answer as Guang Yi. 

When he heard this, Guang Yi wasn’t sure to feel proud or worried. His mouth opened but he did not say a thing. 

After hearing their answers, Black BEar shook his head with a sigh. “Rest up then. I’ll bring my men to escort you out of the city.” 

The two were left in the room after Black BEar left. After a lot of hesitation, Guang Yi decided to advise him. Before he could speak, Shao Xuan said, “Get some sleep so you have the energy to fight tomorrow.”

Guang Yi shut his mouth. 

Early the next morning. 

Maoda brought the group of people who planned to leave the city with him, their goods tied to the bears. Shao Xuan and Guang Yi helped. 

“Did you sleep well last night?” Maoda was worried they might lose sleep over the Linlu tribe. Unexpectedly, both didn’t look like they stayed up all night. 

“Quite well,” said Shao Xuan. “Thank you for letting us stay here.” 

“You don’t have to thank us. Boss said we benefited from your visit too,” Maoda said with a grin then turned to check on the other goods. Then he turned, his eyes were filled with worry. The latest reports denoted that the Lu family planned to stop them. However, they were still awaiting the boss’ instructions. They were checking to see if there was another way. 

This time, the Linlu tribe’s target was not the Black Bears but they could not just leave Shao Xuan and Guang Yi alone. They had their principles too. Plus, tossing Shao Xuan aside also looked like they were afraid of the Linlu tribe. For this, they also had to fight. 

Maoda looked at the bear crouching on the ground. It was just the Linlu tribe! What was there to be afraid of? They hadn’t fought enough the last time, so they’ll finish it today! 

At the city gates, the guards yawned as they opened the gates. They were about to chat but realised the silhouettes were familiar. 

“Eh? Is that Young Master Jing from the Ji family?” She didn’t usually get up this early. 

“Haven’t you heard?” asked one person. 

“Heard what?” 

Not just Young Master Jing, many people from the great six families came too.” The other guy nudged. 

Looking over, there were several carriages with emblems of aristocrats. 

“What day is it? Why are they all up so early?” 

“To watch the show,” the guy said mysteriously. 

“Show? What show? Someone’s performing here?” 

“Tsk, you’re not updated at all!” The other guy said mischievously, “I heard the Lu family had invited them over to watch.” 

“The Lu family? The new Lu family of the Linlu tribe?”

“Yep, that’s them.” 

The guard wasn’t interested. 

“Didn’t they say Lubi from Lu was beaten up? What’s there to watch.”

“It’s hard to say. They could win this time?”

“You’re saying…”

The few guards discussed. 

The young masters had already climbed up the city wall and entered the towers on both sides of the city gates. 

These young masters were the ones who received the gifts sent out by the Lu family yesterday. There was a letter in the present, inviting them here to watch. 

The rest were just here because there was a crowd. Ji Jing, Ji Yuan and the rest had already chosen a good spot in the tower. 

Outside the city gates, Yi Shi was dozing off in his carriage. When they approached the gates, he sensed that something was off! 

There were usually more carriages here since the roads near the fields were no longer blocked. He was rarely up this early too. However, something was off. 

Looking up at the towers next to the gates, he saw many familiar faces. It was too early for this! 

“What’s going on?” Yi Shi told his driver to ask the guards. 

Initially, the guards did not know much but after gossip spread like wildfire, everyone now knew. Since this was someone from the Yi family, they were in a good mood to answer questions. 

The driver returned to tell Yi Shi what the guards said. 

“The Lu family? Flaming Horn?” Yi Shi mulled over his words. He knew the young man who visited his farm with Ji Ju was from Flaming Horn. And there were only two people from Flaming horn here!” 

“Young Master, should we continue?” asked the driver. 

“No, send these things back quickly. I’ll go up and watch with them. Although the Yi family was not involved, as a descendant of the Yi family, he still had the qualifications to go up the tower. 

Since Yi Shi had already made the decision, the driver could only obey. 

When he arrived at the top of the wall, he realised there were many people here. Other than his own Yi family, there were people from the other five families too. The ones who usually slept like pigs were here, yawning. 

Yi Shi could not squeeze into the tower so he could only stand on top of the city wall. It wasn’t actually a bad spot.