Before Yi Shi was settled on the top of the wall, more people arrived on the wall. They were from the Yi family. 

They were very surprised to see Yi Shi here. Usually, Yi Shi barely showed up and they almost forgot he existed. 

“Ooh, Yi Shi’s here! Why are you here? Not working at the farm?” one of them teased. 

The Yi family had the least land compared to the other great six families. By the Ji family’s standards, they were poor bastards who had no land. Even if they had other resources, no land meant they were poor. However, the Yi people did not think so. They thought only talentless people worked in farms. The smart ones were all sitting at home collecting cash. 

That was why to these few Yi people, Yi Shi was the stupid one. 

Perhaps in the past, these people were not ranked as high as Yi Shi in the family. The situation was different now though. No matter how useless they were, they could still sit at divination street and do readings. Yi Shi did not have this ability and merely relied on his ancestors to get a small piece of land. 

That was why Yi Shi was only a minor figure now. These people did not take him seriously, mocking him. 

Yi Shi was not provoked, instead explained, “I just came back from the farm. I heard there’s going to be a show here so I came to watch.” 

The rest did not want to continue the conversation. The tower looked quite full and they did not want to stand on the wall like a guard. 

When they left, they noticed the bag Yi Shi carried with him. When they remembered that he had just returned from the farm, that bag must contain money! 

They knew Yi Shi helped people with accounts at the farm and looked at the bag tied to his waist, Yi Shi must have earned a lot this year!
Their eyes darted around. One guy turned. 

“It’s meaningless to watch the show here like that. What about we do something fun,” he offered. 

“Like?” Yi Shi looked at him. 

“Why don’t we place a bet. I heard the Lu family will fight that… who? They’ll be fighting.” The other person had already forgotten who the other side was. 

“I heard they’re fighting two Flaming Horn tribesmen. Isn’t this fight… a little… inappropriate?” Yi Shi said with a frown. 

“Inappropriate? Hasn’t it always been like this?” The other guy did not think much of it. He had already seen too much of this. The strong bullied the weak in this world. If you didn’t have the numbers, why would you go around upsetting people? And if people came attacking, that would be your fault. 

No matter what the cause was, these bystanders did not care. They were just here to kill time. 

“Didn’t the Lu family lose previously? I think they might not even win this round,” said Yi Shi. 

The other person was stunned for a moment then grinned. “So you’re saying the Lu family will lose?”

“I think… so.” Yi Shi did not sound sure.
“Then let’s bet on it!” 

“Bet what?” someone interjected. 

“Oh, it’s Yi Bing!” he said in a tone completely different from what he used on Yi Shi. As if he was sucking up to Yi Bing. 

Yi Bing was clad in a grey-white outer coat. He’d just arrived at the top of the wall and he was interested in a bet too. 

Yi Bing was different from Yi Shi. While he had no land, he had been living well for a while because he was good at divination. More importantly, he had a capable father. He was probably higher-ranked than Yi Shi in the family. 

“We were just talking about the fight. Yi Shi says the Lu family lost once so they’ll lose again.” As if Yi Shi’s uncertainty had turned into straight fact. 

“I didn’t…” Yi Shi was interrupted before he could finish.

“So I’m going to bet against him,” the other person interrupted. “I bet the Lu family will win!” 

Yi Bing was initially uninterested in a bet that did not rely on any strategy. However, he saw Yi Shi panic and looked at the money bag on his waist. He changed his mind and clapped. “Count me in. If the Lu family wins, that bag of money is ours. If the Lu family loses, I’ll give you five of that bag. Every bag will contain the same about of money you have on you now. What do you think?” He didn’t care about the money, he just wanted to bully Yi Shi. 

“But what if they don’t fight today?” asked Yi Shi. 

“They definitely will. The Black Bears are coming with the two Flaming Horn tribesmen now. We’ll see them soon,” said Yi Bing. 

Yi Shi wanted to say something but the other guy quickly said, “Deal! Come, Yi Shi, hand over your pouch first. We don’t want you running off.” 

Yi Shi untied his money pouch unwillingly. The other guy snatched over and counted the money. 

“Alright, Yi Shi, we’ll keep this bag first. If Lu family loses, we’ll pay you back.” Yi Bing called the other guy counting money and they went to the tower. They did not invite Yi Shi. 

When he saw these people enter the tower, Yi Shi’s panic turned into glee. He was going to be rich today! Thank goodness I brought so much money! Five times! I won’t have to watch the farm next year! 

The row of people went up the tower and found good seats. It was a good feeling watching from above. 

Although they knew the Lu family was going to win, out of habit, Yi bing decided to conduct a reading before the Black Bears arrived. 

He took out a pouch made of exquisite silk and leather and poured out a few jade stones he used for readings. 

As the session went on, more and more sweat sprouted from his forehead.

The jadestones collided with each other. Yi Bing clenched the piece of jade in his hand tightly, his face red and panted. 

“What?!” the other people gasped. 

Yi Bing shook his head, his expression unreadable. He couldn’t do it! He could not get any information at all! 

How was this possible? 

Even if the reading failed, he usually would get a little information. 

What happened?! 

Seeing Yi Bing unwilling to speak, the rest did not ask. 

“They’re here! They’re here!” someone yelled. 

Everyone stopped talking and looked towards the road. 

Large bears waddled lazily towards the gate. 

Just from these bears, everyone knew who these people were. 

“The Black Bears are here!” 

“So they did not avoid the battle after all.”

“Didn’t the Lu family say they’ll fight the Flaming horn people? Why are the Black Bears here?” some were confused. 

“The Black Bears and the Flaming Horn people are together!”

“So that means the Lu family would be fighting the Black Bears?”


The two Flaming Horn people were immediately forgotten. It did not matter if you’ve beaten Lubi, with such numbers, two people were negligible. At least to everyone. 

On the other side, Shao Xuan was walking with the Black Bears towards the gates. 

There were many people on both sides of the path. Some were from the Lu family as if to prevent Shao Xuan from running away. They glared coldly and aggressively like they were going to attack at any moment. 

“Can’t believe the Linlu tribe decided to bring so many people,” sighed Shao Xuan. 

“It’s still not too late to take another path. I don’t suggest you walk here,” said Black Bear solemnly. “The Lu family knows we’re leaving today and already brought many people. They did that to block the gates. You’ll suffer.” 

Shao Xuan shook his head. “We’ll continue walking.”

Black Bear sighed. How could this person be so stubborn? He’s forcing himself into a dangerous situation?! 

Although everyone knew what was going to happen, no one stopped. Under the eyes of the crowd, they walked towards the gate. 

When Shao Xuan arrived, two teams rushed from both sides to block the gates. They looked at Shao Xuan like a bug they had just stepped on. 

“You dare block me?!” Black Bear took a large step forward and lifted an arm to unsheathe his knife. Shao Xuan grabbed his arm. 

Black Bear looked at Shao Xuan, confused. Shao Xuan gestured towards his back. 

Black Bear turned around to see a crowd coming over. At the front of the crowd was the chief of the Linlu tribe, also known as the patriarch of the Lu family--- Luzong. 

Luzong was not tall but gave off an intimidating aura. Anyone standing next to him would feel a greater pressure compared to standing with Lubi. 

At this moment, the patriarch was with his men. He was not afraid of Shao Xuan running for there were more Lu family members outside the city gates. There were so many people blocking their path, it would not be easy to run. He had let the two Flaming horn people arrive at the city gates on purpose before appearing with his men. This is to make them feel like they were next to the exit but couldn’t escape! 

He did not plan to let them live today! 

Even if the Flaming Horn tribe knew of this, would they dare fight the entire King City?

That would be a joke! 

In the past, before coming into King City, they might worry about the Flaming horn tribe. Now, it was different, they were at King City, the great six aristocratic territory! 

They were under the great six’s protection. Even if their relationship with the Flaming Horn tribe soured, between Flaming Horn and Lu, the people of King City would still stand on the Lu’s side. All these people here to watch would support them too. 

With so much support, he was not worried about future consequences. He could be reckless now. 

Luzong’s gaze swept from Black BEar to Shao Xuan. In a cold voice, he said, “This matter only involves my Lu clan and the Flaming Horn tribe. Everyone irrelevant to this may leave.”

He just meant the Black Bears should leave. There were only two people from Flaming Horn involved, yet Luzong made it sound like he was fighting a whole tribe. 

Black Bear grinned and lifted an arm and shouted. “Everyone listen to me! Chop up every person who dares stand in our way! Kill them all! I will reward anyone who kills the most with money, golden grains and a golden knife!” 

When he spoke, the Lu family thought he was about to bring his party away. Yet he said such a thing! This was a deliberate provocation! 

The people of the Lu family’s face changed. Black Bear yelled again, “What did our ancestors say?!” 

The people of the trading party roared, “We do not yield before our enemies!” 

“Roar----” The Black Bears roared as they bared their teeth. 

The people and animals nearby were all terrified by this sudden show of power. So the Black Bears were really going into war? Not like the last time? This was a rare opportunity, they must watch this! 

Luzong’s face grew more solemn, He realised the Black Bears living in King City were here. Privately, he was unwilling to fight the Black Bears here. He hadn’t expected the Black Bears to insist on protecting the two Flaming Horn people. Since when did they become so close?! 

Luzong was weighing his decision to really fight the Black Bears when Shao Xuan said, “I think, today’s matter should just be settled between us both-- me and the chief of the Linlu tribe.”