There was a group of people hiding along the path Flaming Horn usually took, their patience wearing thin. While there were people tracking them in the forest, a third group took another path. 

A group of people clad in golden armour marched ahead. The people in front rode on tall stallions. They were specially bred for this and well taken care of. They were energetic, their hooves clicking on the ground. Pebbles on the ground were broken into crumbs under their hooves. The crowd of horses sounded like rumbling thunder. 

The people riding on these tall horses carried long metal spears, their armours glinting in the sun. With their cold faces, everyone felt a gust of cold wind as they passed. Winter had passed and the temperatures had risen. Yet the sight of these people sent chills down their backs. 

Many people used this path so there were fewer weeds and trees blocking their paths. The ground was flat and it was good for carriages. Tribal trade teams often used this path. However, this path was narrow. Even large trading parties had to rearrange their formations when they passed. Two tribes would not be able to pass at the same time unless one team walked off the path on the grass. 

There was a group of traders from some tribe ahead. The person on the horse urged his horse ahead, waving his spear as they sprinted ahead, his sharp spearhead piercing the wind coldly at anyone in its path. 

“Move, move!” everyone shouted, their carriages and animals moving aside. All they could do was avoid these people. 

The traders were scared of this group. Any courage would disappear. 

These people were cold and violent. 

These people were fast, Due to the abrupt turn, a wagon filled with goods was almost tipped over because of a rock on the ground. Some goods fell on the ground but the traders had to leave it behind. A young man wanted to go pick it up but an older member dragged him by his shirt. 


The horses arrived, their spears charging with a gust of wind. A spear brushed by the young man. Every hair on his stood on end in the face of such violence. These people were ready to sweep everything in their paths. The young man stood frozen as if he was going to shatter any time. 

To these people on horses, everything in their way, including people and objects, were the enemy, 

Kill! Destroy! 

The persin front waved his spear with a twist of his wrist. It growled like an animal about to pounce. 


The goods on the ground were swept aside. However, the swipe was too strong so the sack tore and its contents spilt mid-air. Pieces of fabric fluttered. 

However, no one dared say a word or check on their goods. If they approached, they would be impaled with a spear. These people were strong. If they were impaled, they’d either lose a limb or die. 

After the riders rushed past, the ground still shook. Dust flew in the air but the traders did not approach immediately. They rested for a while. When the clouds of dust dissipated, they slowly passed again. 

No one dared walk before they did. Everyone just waited until the riders were definitely gone. They’d just seen one of the riders stab his spear at a guy! That gesture meant ‘get the hell out of my way’ and ‘die’! 

This was nature! If you weren’t strong enough, you’d have to make way. 

When they were gone, the trading party slowly got on the path once again. 

“Who were they?” asked someone. 

“Didn’t you see the words on their banner?” said an elderly member. “They’re likely from King City.”

“The aristocrats? What are they going to do, all suited up like that?” Everyone shuddered. Which unfortunate tribe provoked the city? They rarely saw the aristocrats mobilise troops like that. 

“Who knows.” They discussed along the way, wondering who the soldiers were going to attack. They would ask the people in the city. 

On the path, there were several carriages adorned with patterned silk. 

A large beast resembling a white rhinoceros with multiple horns pulled a carriage. Inside, there were several people dressed in luxurious clothing. In the middle, sitting on a cushion was a young-looking male. However, his hair was silver-white. 

The young man had a square wooden board before him. There were squares and circles drawn on it, seven white jades scattered on them. Every piece of jade was shiny.

“Yi Zong, how was the reading?” asked a young girl in exquisite leather impatiently. 

The person on the cushion pointed in a direction. “There, the Flaming Horn tribe is still in the forest. They haven’t stopped.” 

“What the hell are they planning?!” The girl slumped dejectedly, cupping her cheek as she looked in the direction he pointed. Yi Zong was one of the best in divination from the Yi family, no one doubted his readings. 

“Do you think they’re afraid of us? So they panicked and moved. Maybe they are looking for a new place to settle down. These tribesmen like to hide in the forest though,” remarked another young man in the carriage. 

The dense forest had a complicated terrain. Trees were dense and there were all sorts of venomous insects, fearsome beasts, king beasts etc. No one would be stupid enough to attack them inside. That was why they told interested parties about Yi Zong’s divination results. As long as the Flaming Horn exited the forest, they would kill the tribesmen immediately! 

It’s best if they could corner the Flaming Horns to a secluded, far place. Let other people chip away at their manpower, then they’d finish the tribe in the end. 

Fire crystals? Salt? Based on Flaming Horn’s personality, they would not give them away so easily. They’d definitely keep it close. Maybe robbers would get a little. They would not regret much if robbers got to their salt and crystals first. Their goal was just the people. These people just wanted to improve their reputations through this Flaming Horn matter! 

Ever since the fire seed vanished, the power of the tribes became less concentrated. Many wanderers appeared. These people from various tribes might band together due to interest or hobbies, forming a new type of power. These people were often professional robbers or assassins. Just like the famous robber group, Qingfeng, or the famous hired assassins- Night Tribe. 

When there was a huge reward present, they became hungry wolves sniffing out their prey. 

“Are the Flaming Horns that scary?” 

“I know about this. When the Flaming Horn guy slammed the Lu family head into the air, I was sitting in the city gate’s tower. At the time…”

He described what happened. “I heard our ancestors had always wanted to destroy Flaming Horn. They just always hid in the forest and in the end, they were forgotten. This matter would be remembered again every time Flaming Horn causes trouble in the city.”

“I heard the Flaming Horn people can command the king beast? Is it true?” asked the girl.

“You believe that?!”

“Why not? Don’t they all say that? No way, I’ve got to question the Fox chief,” said the girl as she pulled apart the curtains and gave an instruction to the people outside. Soon, the Fox chief, who was in the carriage behind, was called over. 

The Fox chief was uncomfortable as he stepped into the carriage. He used to be a tribe’s chief, he was practically king. However, now that they were taken in by King City, he still felt inferior to these young aristocrats. These were the elites of their generation too. 

“How do you do,” greeted the Fox chief, suppressing his nerves. 

“You’re the Fox chief? I heard you all were slaughtered by Flaming Horn?” asked the girl. 

The Fox chief’s head throbbed. Slaughtered?! Didn’t he bring a whole group of Fox tribesmen to the city? Weren’t they people? Also, why did she sound so condescending? Does she look down on us? 

He clenched his fist and sighed, holding back his anger. “Flaming Horn, is very dangerous.”

As he spoke, he recited his script. The details relating to the king beast were vague, making it sound like the Flaming Horn tribesmen could really command the king beast. 

“Alright, I understand. You may go.” The girl waved him away like she was swatting at a fly. 

He took a deep breath and leapt out of the carriage. 

When he left, she frowned. “He’s lying!” 

“I told you the Flaming Horns aren’t as scary as the rumours tell. They’re just exaggerated for the sake of sparking anger against them. As for the incident at the city gate, it must be some secret technique. That Shao Xuan guy shouldn’t be that strong.” The young man leaned sideways, crossing his arms. “So what if the Fox chief is lying? As long as we obtain our goals.”


The sound of fluttering wings could be heard outside the carriage. 

The people inside perked up and opened the curtains. A striped bird flew in. There was a thin leather scroll on its claw. 

They opened the scroll carefully and read it. 

After reading, Yi Zong said, “Qingfeng failed. They’ve given Flaming Horn’s location to the Night Tribe.”