The skies had not brightened. At this point, the guards had not switched shifts yet. The ones who had been on duty all night were tired. The next shift probably hadn’t woken yet. The slave masters’ birds that usually circled the skies were not up either. 

When Shao Xuan and the rest arrived by the forest borders, the night was slowly fading into morning. The birds in the forest were slowly starting to chirp again. 

Ao looked at Zheng Luo. When Zheng Luo nodded, Ao raised an arm and the people within the forest sprinted out like lightning, though treading lightly so there was only the sound of shaking grass and flapping clothes. 

The troops sprinted towards Wanshi at high speeds. The Wanshi guards weren’t useless either. Ever since the Flaming Horn’s fire seed showed abnormalities, they had been on alert. While they were tired, it was impossible for them to not notice the troops. 

“They're here!” 

One shout plunged the quiet village into chaos. 

The sound of shrill bone whistles pierced the silence of the morning, filling the air with danger. 

The Flaming Horns were still a distance away from the tribe but once Wanshi started moving, the Flaming Horns made their next move. 

Within the Wanshi tribe, many torches were being lit. Although it was dawn and the sky would brighten very soon, it was still dim out. They were at war, everything was chaotic and not being able to see clearly would cause mistakes. 

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 

Whistles rang through the skies, as if sharp arrows were flying at them. 

The fast ones quickly held bone shields up. The sounds came from above. The Flaming Horns weren’t close, arrows from the front weren’t likely. 

However, they realised something was wrong. The whistling sounds seemed to be nearer. Someone looked up cautiously, only to see a dense shower of arrows in the dim light of dawn. But… The arrows… were a little too large to be arrows? 

Thud! Thud! Thud! Crack! 

Sounds of rain falling rang across the area. 

Everyone with shields felt their arm go numb from the powerful impact. Their eyes widened when they saw the arrows on the ground. 

They weren’t arrows, they were spears! 

Like before, they had wooden handles and sharp stone spearheads. Most of the spearheads shattered upon hitting their shields due to the large impact, leaving behind a wooden handle. 

The Wanshi people were horrified. If there were only about a hundred, it was fine. Yet what they saw was a shower of spears, probably thousands! 

The Wanshi people had never seen any tribe shoot spears like arrows! 

Perhaps to the Flaming Horns did not think much of it. They were strong people after all. 

Very soon, the second shower came. This time, everyone either held up their shields or hid behind the stone walls surrounding the village. Others looked for objects to hide under. 

When they hurled their spears, the Flaming Horns did not stop running. After the second wave of spears, they quickly charged ahead. 

Wanshi’s stone wall was in sight. 

The moment the second wave of spears were hurled, Shao Xuan knew it was time. 


Shao Xuan took several large strides then ran like the wind, finally leaping up into the air and landing on Tuo’s horizontal blade. 

Tuo’s powerful arm held the knife’s blade steady, then waved it upwards so Shao Xuan flew ahead with its momentum. 

Three other people did the same as Shao Xuan- Duo Kang, Gui He and Ta. 

Four shadows shot out from the troops like four eagles soaring into the skies. 

As they shot out, an explosion of war cries erupted. 

Shao Xuan felt the cold morning breeze in his face, as well as the humidity and the smell of soil. He felt the killing aura radiating from his troops that crept into every corner. 

Teams worked together like they were on a hunt, though exuding a much stronger aura. They often had to control the life force they exuded during hunts but now was the time to unleash their powers. 

Shao Xuan had never felt so much killing intent radiating from his tribesmen. An undeniable sense of aggression was in the air, as if leaking out of every pore. Every person was no longer just a hunter in the forest, at this moment, every ounce of energy erupted like lava from a volcano. It was like a tsunami crashing into the Wanshi tribe. 

The totemic power in his body seemed to sense every bit of information around him. In a second, dark purple totemic patterns flooded across his body, making it more difficult to see him in the dim light. 

As they approached the tribe, Shao Xuan flew above the walls, unsheathed his sword and deflected an arrow flying at him. He crashed into a warrior’s shield. 


There was the sound of bones breaking. Before the person could cry, they collapsed. 

The people with their shields up probably never imagined someone could land on their shields and literally stomp them to death. 

Shao Xuan’s sudden appearance shocked all the Wanshi people around. 

There were more than ten people hiding from the shower of spears here. They did not imagine a person would fall from the sky like this. It was insane. 

However, they quickly regrouped and charged at him with their weapons. 

Like a drawn bowstring, his spine shot up straight as he and his sword dove forward. Shao Xuan brought with him the ferocity of the Flaming Horns, as if he was about to slash a mountain and a river in half. 

Everyone with a knife stopped momentarily in the presence of such power. 


The person who blocked Shao Xuan’s slash realised his weapon had flown out of his hands, then he was thrown backwards in the air. 

Shao Xuan’s eyes did not linger as he focused on killing his way through the crowd. In that moment, he was the embodiment of a windstorm, his sword glinted like flashes of lightning, his legs like a gust of wind. Whistles could be heard as he slashed his sword, every hit seemed to bring with it a thousand pounds of force. Every person in his way collapsed, every time he kicked, someone flew outwards. The sound of metal against metal, metal against stone, fist against flesh rang across the area, every sound sending a shudder to their hearts. 

Shao Xuan had no time to count how many opponents he had, he did not have the time. This was not the time for distractions, all his focus was on the battle. 

Amongst the rain of knives, swords, fists and feet, Shao Xuan rose to a heightened state of mind. His senses sharpened, he could even feel how blades moved next to him, predicting their next moves from the look in their eyes. 

Shao Xuan felt like he was holding up the ocean walls again. At the time, he was mostly borrowing his ancestor’s powers. Now, his ancestors couldn’t help him. He fought with his own abilities. 

Survival was as such. It was a dog eat dog world. 

Behind the veil of peace, there was the price of blood and killing. It was the most primitive rule. 

After being in the tribe for so long, Shao Xuan had gradually assimilated into this large organisation. He was one with Flaming Horn. He was not alone, he had many people behind him. He wasn’t fighting for himself, he was fighting for the people hiding in the shelters right now. And also for the lost glory of the Flaming Horns. 

I am a Flaming Horn tribesman. 

I fight for my tribe! 

His blood surged with excitement, and within his mind, totemic flame roared and rolled. The totemic patterns on his skin crept like vines. Beneath the purple patterns, a dim purple glow flowed within. 

The Wanshi warriors watched him in horror. He was attacked by a large group of people, yet he was not at the disadvantage at all. It was a one-man show, every hit was packed with so much power. Yet this person was like a fish, dodging the endless blades and fists coming at him without fear. 

After Shao Xuan, the Flaming Horns also arrived, They were sent over the walls in the same method, participating in the battle. 

The walls were tall, they could block out many problems. Perhaps Wanshi never considered the Flaming Horns could hurl their own tribesmen over the walls. 

Blood stained the morning red, the morning breeze was filled with bone-chilling killing intent. 

All the living organisms nearby ran for their lives. 

When Flaming Horn arrived, Wanshi’s chief and hunt leaders also appeared. 

They had already known Flaming Horn was going to invade so Fei Ji wasn’t exactly surprised. However, he couldn’t help but rage when he saw what happened. During his reign as chief, Wanshi only attacked other people, never the other way round! 

Chief Fei Ji stood high above, glaring at the battle with widened eyes. A cold glint in his eyes, he gave a deafening cry, “KILL THEM ALL!” 

Before his cry ended, Fei Ji’s men leapt forward and sprinted towards the battlegrounds. The roaring winds resembled war drums. 

Behind Fei Ji, more people charged into battle. 

Two tribes, two different energies, neither willing to step aside for their other. Like two swift currents, they crashed into each other and formed countless eddies and swirls. Even the wind seemed to lose its direction.