As the most powerful group of Wanshi warriors entered the battle, the rest retreated further from the core of the battle with pained expressions. 

Wanshi could see who the Flaming Hornn leaders were from this battle. The people in the frontlines were not for the average warriors, these were left for the stronger fighters. Soldier against soldier, general against general. 

To block Shao Xuan, the group surrounding Shao Xuan were either slashed or kicked into the air, the ones who bore the brunt of his attacks were injured. Their breaths smelled like blood, as if they could sputter out blood at any moment now. Just as they got distracted for a moment, they’d be kicked high up in the air. 

Everyone cursed the kid with such terrifying strength. Even if they were just blocking one move, they felt their arm go numb and thighs sore. If this continued, they would not even have the strength to hold their weapons. 

In reality, this was not easy for Shao Xuan either. The intense fight had lasted for a while and his breaths quickened, breathing was not as effortless as before. At this moment, every second seemed to drag on, though it had just been some twenty seconds. 

At least he was strong enough to deal with these people, also borrowing the sense of intimidation from his troops. It was good that the troops quickly arrived to share his burden. 


A man holding a shiny spiked mace strode over in large steps, glaring daggers. He radiated a strong killing intent, sending shivers. 

He was one of the hunt leaders of the Wanshi tribe, arriving with Fei Ji. However, Fei Ji had gone over to the other side while he came over here with his men. 

The leader was furious that one group of tribesmen could not take down one bastard. His nostrils enlarged, spitting out steam as he glared cold. 

Everyone around Shao Xuan quickly turned around to leave. They did not want to be involved with the hunt leaders, they might just suffer as collateral damage. 

When the hunt leader charged, Shao Xuan could clearly feel the oppression in the air that came with him. The spiked mace was probably made from materials provided by the slave masters, it looked like a modified spear. At the end of the handle was a sharp tip like a spearhead, then there were many spikes behind, attached to a thicker section of the long handle. 

He waved his mace as he charged, the spikes flying threateningly like it could give a fatal blow any time. 

Shao Xuan struck the two Wanshi warriors in front so they flew back. Without stopping, he shot forwards in the Wanshi hunt leader’s direction. 

When both parties changed at each other, in the blink of an eye, the distance between them disappeared. 

Shao Xuan slashed the air in front of him with his sword, air currents swirling, bringing with it the sound of wind and thunder. 

The Wanshi hunt leader planted both feet into the ground and waved his mace, crashing right into Shao Xuan’s sword. 

Shao Xuan’s sword was custom-made by Gongjia Heng. He knew Flaming Horns were strong so this was made larger and broader than a regular city folk’s sword. Not sure what he added inside though, it was a lot heavier than regular swords too. However, this difference in weight was nothing to Shao Xuan, he even wished Gongjia Heng had made it heavier. 

The sword made an arc of light in the air, slashing down with a force like heavy clouds before the storm. 

In the moment of collision, the Wanshi hunt leader felt pain shoot up his arms, like he was just hit by a group of men. His ferocity almost faded instantly with this one strike. The flesh between his index finger and thumb tore and blood dripped down his wrists. 

Although he knew Flaming Horns were strong, this was his first time fighting against one. They were stronger than he anticipated! Every bone and muscle seemed to be shaking from one strike, his joints cracking and body screaming. It had lost its inner balance. His heart beat laboriously as if it was going to jump out of his chest. He felt the blood vessels in his arms about to burst. 

In one second, he knew he had underestimated this kid from Flaming Horn. All he knew was fear. If all the young people of Flaming Horn were like this guy, would Wanshi be able to live? 

Perhaps the chief was wrong, they should leave. 

People used to say that Flaming Horn was a prospering tribe a thousand years ago. Even the current major tribes were cautious of Flaming Horn then. No one believed that after a thousand years, Flaming Horn would successfully regain its glory. 


As if a bomb exploded on the spot, the ground beneath where they stood sank suddenly. Pebbles and soil flew in the air, a cloud of dust lingered. 

Everyone nearby felt the ground shake, the weaker ones almost lost their balance. It felt like someone had shaken their brains. It wasn’t due to the ground shaking violently, but rather due to the explosion of energy from the collision that affected the warrior’s minds and sense of balance. 

This was not the end. 

Two shadows charged out of the cloud of dust. Before other people could avoid them, the deafening sound of metal against metal rang once more, now there were consecutive clangs that sent explosion after explosion. In the next moment, it looked like there was a large worm squirming across the ground in the trail of where they stood. 

The Wanshi warriors in their path felt a strong blast, like they had been hit by a flying boulder in the chest. People flew in the air like sandbags. 

The rest could not help much. The Wanshi hunt leader was worried now, not daring to hit Shao Xuan again. When he retreated, he made a few odd cries. He could not continue fighting against this kid, he was already at his limit. If this went on, he would end up worse than the people flying in the air. His head might be sliced off by this kid! 

Two shadows leapt out from a fight nearby towards them. Shao Xuan knew the other party was calling for help. He planned to finish this man, who was at his limit like a bowstring drawn to its maximum, but suddenly paused. 

The two reinforcements were blocked. 

The hunt leader, panting hard, noticed something was wrong. HE was about to retreat when someone grabbed his armour and lifted him up in the air. He was dragged across the ground in a direction and before he could react, he was tossed towards a house with one swift motion. A huge thud could be heard when he hit the wall. 

He had been a hunt leader for many years, he had led many battles and was one of the most important people standing with the leader. When had he been tossed like that before? Even Chief Fei Ji had never done such a thing. 

He was lifted like a small animal, it was humiliating. 

However, he had suffered from internal injuries. Even if he was furious, he could not get up to fight the person who tossed him after the fall. He could not participate in battle at all. Perhaps only against junior totemic warriors. He could not fight against their hunt leaders, that would be a death wish. 

After blocking the two people who came, Gui He used his other arm to lift the hunt leader and toss him aside. He quickly gestured to Shao Xuan, implying that he could take over and Shao Xuan could do his thing. 

Now that Gui He was here and other warriors too, Shao Xuan did not hesitate. He rushed out of the circle of people and ran in a direction. 

Shao Xuan’s main target was the fire pit. Gui He, Duo Kang and Ta knew about this. That was why when they watched for the Wanshi chief and his leaders, they too had to help Shao Xuan. 

Tuo and the rest were approaching too. The shaman had briefed them. They would go to the fire pit with Shao Xuan. 

These people with Tuo were hunters, some used to be under Gui He, some used to work with Ta. In the past, both groups often squabbled but now, they put down their differences to work together. 

A tribe’s fire pit would usually be at the center of the tribe. It was not an easy place to attack, there would be many people stopping them. There were many slaves there too. 

Due to the hot desert sun, the slaves were mostly darker and easy to distinguish. Among these slaves, a majority of them were from the White Stone City, distinguishable from the patterns on their bodies. 

Tuo and Lei’s eyes were ablaze with fury when they saw White Stone City’s slaves. 

They hated White Stone City the most! Not only were they close with Wanshi, they also harboured a Flaming Horn traitor! 

Both let out a long cry, slashing their blades and charging into the crowd of White Stone slaves. 

The closer he got, the more Shao Xuan could feel the repulsion from the fire seed. He believed other Flaming Horn tribesmen could feel it too. However, he also felt another feeling. 

The Wanshi hunt leader who was tossed aside by Gui He was now sitting up against the wall, hiding in a corner. He watched Shao Xuan and the rest travel in the direction of the fire pit as he panted, though a sneer slowly crept up his face. He did not chase after them, nor did he send anyone. It wasn’t because he didn’t care about it. As a tribe’s hunt leader, of course he cared about the fire pit. It represented the life and death of the tribe. 

However, the shaman was by the fire pit. The Flaming Horns would not be able to touch it, perhaps even becoming a spirit trapped beneath their fire pit after they died. 

Did they think they could touch Wanshi’s fire pit that easily? Even the cunning slave masters did not dare touch their fire seed, for it was the strongest place out of their entire tribe! Or why would they be called ‘Wanshi’? 

[Note: Wanshi translates into ‘ten thousand rocks’]