Shao Xuan led his people towards the fire pit. 

The odd thing was, the nearer he got to the fire pit, the more slaves he encountered. There were very few Wanshi people around. Weren’t the Wanshi tribesmen worried the slave masters would destroy their fire seed, stationing these people so close to the fire pit? 

Were they that generous? Or they weren’t worried about that at all? 

This was unexpected, Shao Xuan had to be more careful. 

He gestured for everyone to be more careful, the sword in his hand never stopped waving. 

His sword was larger than most, much heavier too. That was why his movements weren’t the airy, agile strokes but broad ones without flair. Just like during hunts, he used the most efficient and direct strokes paired with the ferocity of Flaming Horn. 

His techniques came from battles and hunts. 


Shao Xuan slashed down on a high-level slave in front of him. 

This slave was higher-ranked, hence received better treatment. They didn’t wear regular leather or bone armour, instead wearing metal armour that protected both the front and back of their torso. Their limbs also had protective gear. 

Shao Xuan was aiming at his neck but the slave did his best to dodge by letting the sword hit his armour instead. 

However, even the armour that resembled a tortoiseshell was invincible. 

The armour blocked Shao Xuan’s slash but other than the ‘clang’ that sounded the moment his sword collided with the armour, there was another dull thud. 

A clear dent formed on the armour, though it was not fatal. Under the armour, the slave’s chest formed a depression, as if something heavy fell on him. There was the sound of bone crunching. 

Even metal armour could not withstand a blow like this. 

There was no time to look at the slave, who had collapsed after coughing up blood. Shao Xuan turned to face the other people. 

The ground did not have much grass, perhaps due to frequent human activities. There was a large patch of empty land, the soil on the ground was visible. Due to vigorous fighting, slashing, kicking and leaping, bits of soil flew in the air. 

Everyone had entered the battle, Shao Xuan could hear everyone’s heavy and ragged breathing, the rise and fall of chests with the low growl of an animal. Weapons flew like the wind, whistling as they broke the air, sending shudders. Sharp blades swept left and right, bringing with them a cold killing intent. Power and ferocity charged forward, the pungent smell of blood lingered. 

The ground had already been dyed red with blood. 

Shao Xuan’s extraordinary vision pierced through the slaves. He recognised one man, though it had been two years. 

It was the White Stone City’s young master. Shao Xuan had seen him at the battle arena’s viewing box. 

When the young master’s eyes met his, the young master was stunned for a moment. Although he thought Shao Xuan seemed familiar, it had been two eventful years since then. The young master could not recall where they’d met. 

The young master’s mind raced, searching for the memory. 

Shao Xuan and his men killed their way forward. The young master retreated backwards. 

Not far away, there were the Wanshi beast’s cries and roars. The Wanshi tribe’s Wanshi beasts were battling Flaming Horn’s fearsome beasts. These were killing machines raised by the Wanshi tribe. Before the Flaming Horns arrived, Wanshi had already picked out their best animals to fight forest beasts. 

These animals had been chosen over generations, they did not know fear. They lived to kill, they would die because they were killed. 

The Wanshi animals always made the slave masters think of the beast battle arenas. They also used many methods to raise fierce battle beasts. The Wanshi tribe had gotten this idea from the slave masters. 

After escaping from the desert, the slave masters often recalled life in the desert, reminiscing Beast Battle City. As he listened to the beast roars, the young master couldn’t help but think about the beast battles. Then, he shuddered. He remembered. 

It’s him! 

He’s that bastard! 

The young master of White Stone City glared at Shao Xuan. 

HE remembered! He was the guy who once appeared in Beast Battle City! 

Shao Xuan’s performance in the arena had left an impression on many slave masters. However, Shao Xuan had been wearing a hood then, his face was not clearly shown. Other people might not recognise him but after the incident, Dao Yu had told him about him, describing who this person was.

The young master might not have a deep impression if he were anyone else. But Shao Xuan had arrived with the people of Fallen Leaves City. To these slave masters who escaped, Fallen Leaves was considered a traitor. All the cities were destroyed, yet Fallen Leaves somehow survived. Not only were they fine, but their territory had also expanded. 

The people who destroyed White Stone City mainly came from Fallen Leaves! Fallen Leaves was the Rock Hill Shi family’s dog! 

White Stone City’s hatred toward Fallen Leaves was now directed towards Shao Xuan. Shao Xuan was once seen with the third master of Fallen Leaves, Su Gu. Plus White Stone City’s luck had worsened since the day at the battle arena. Not only had their lord died, the entire city hadn’t lived for long either. If it wasn’t for the fact that the young master had already made prior preparations, he wouldn’t have been able to escape. 

His glare intensified as he commanded a slave next to him to pass him a bow and arrow. Locked on Shao Xuan, all his fury concentrated within his beady eyes. He took the bow made of a rare desert beast, then drew it until it was almost a circle. All his anger since escaping the desert was fused into the bow. 

He might not have talent in other areas but he was confident in his archery skills.

At this moment, he ignored everything other than his target, he did not care if he could accidentally shoot his own people. All he saw was his mortal enemy, Shao Xuan! 


The bow shook, the arrow flew at high speed, whistling shrilly in the air. The metal arrow tip broke through the air like a shooting star heading for Shao Xuan! 

Both the slaves and Flaming Horn warriors felt their eardrums sting, as if it had been pricked. 

Shao Xuan had already been guarded since the young master looked at him. He could approximately predict the other person’s actions, plus the killing intent radiating off him was undeniably clear. 

Blocking off a slave attacking from the side, he faintly saw the young master draw his bow. He did not dodge it. With both feet planted into the ground like an old tree’s roots, totemic power surged within his body, his breaths hot and fiery. With a flick of his wrist, his sword flew up vertically to block the arrow filled with the ferocity of an asteroid. 


Two powerful forces collided, releasing a crisp, piercing clanging that rang through the noisy battlefield. 

The arrow that hit his sword was deflected sideways while a light scratch was left on his sword. 

The young master of the White Stone City finally noticed Shao Xuan’s sword. He had seen all kinds of metal swords, they could vary largely in terms of style and material. 

In terms of the art of blacksmithing, White Stone City’s talent was nothing compared to the three major cities of the desert. White Stone City had little metal wares of their own, though they managed to rob some for themselves during the chaos of the war. However, Shao Xuan’s sword was no average sword. This was shocking to the young master. 

It must have been given to him by Rock HIll’s Shi family! HE could not think of another explanation. 

So Flaming Horn was one of Shi family’s dogs too! 

Absolutely ridiculous! 

“Kill them all!” roared the young master angrily, sending his slaves to fight the Flaming Horns while he retreated further to avoid the fighting. He had a group of slaves protecting him. 

The slave masters wanted to tell them to snatch Shao Xuan’s sword but before he could speak, Shao Xuan seemed to speed up. There was a flash of blood-stained metal and Shao Xuan was charging towards him. Other than sounds of a sword slashing unto metal armour, he could hear consecutive sounds of breaking bones, then a sharp blade flying along with severed limbs. A slave flew horizontally across after one swift kick. 

The young master did not care if this was his mortal enemy. His heart raced as he saw Shao Xuan charging towards him. His scalp grew numb and decided to run. The best skill he had was to run. If he left the battlefield, he would not need to be afraid of the bastard. The threat would be much smaller. Right now, they were just helping Wanshi. There was really no need to risk his life for this battle. He did not forget to tell his slaves to protect him, preventing any arrows he couldn’t see. 

Shao Xuan wanted to kill that annoying slave master hiding behind a group of slaves. Perhaps the other slaves wouldn’t really want to fight anymore if the master was dead. However, the slave master was running too quickly. He wanted to shoot an arrow but there were just too many slaves around him. He might not hit the master. 

Shao Xuan could only give this target up, proceeding to bring his people closer to Wanshi’s fire pit. 

Perhaps due to the master’s absence, the slaves seemed to be less focused, giving Flaming Horn a chance to charge forward. 

Other than the White Stone City’s slaves, there were other slaves too. These people seemed to just be fillers, they weren’t too difficult to deal with. This bunch of slave masters definitely did not have their hearts in the battle, they weren’t intending to actually help Wanshi at all. 

The closer he got, Shao Xuan felt the repulsion effects of the Wanshi’s fire seed. Totemic power flooded his entire body, as if the fire seed in his body had met its match and could not wait to fight. 

While tribesmen fought, fire seeds did not tolerate each other either. There was a sense of ‘if there’s you, there’s no me’.