“Shao Xuan!” 

“Ah Xuan, are you alright?!” 

There were frantic shouts from the troops. 

Due to the intense grey flames, their view was blocked. Especially around Shao Xuan, there was where the shaman focused all his energy. 

Shao Xuan knew the fireball was an attack targeted at him. Even through the dark grey fireball, he could feel the venomous glare from the shaman on the other side. 

Shao Xuan had headed the Flaming Horn’s invasion, why wouldn’t the shaman hate him? Plus the Wanshi shaman had met Shao Xuan before too. In The desert, while he was still with the White Stone City’s young master, he had seen Shao Xuan, Lei and Tuo. He was the one who helped plan to kidnap Tuo and Lei, yet the incident had escalated out of his control. Since then, Shao Xuan had been on his list of people to be guarded against. If he ever met Shao Xuan again, he was not to underestimate this person. 

Since it was difficult to kill everyone, he had to squash this largest threat first! 

Above, the fireballs had already piled up into a mountain, growing every second. The pile of grey fireballs pressing on Shao Xuan was growing faster than the pile on the Flaming Horns. 

Previously, Shao Xuan could still run to pick up the wounded. Now, all he felt was the mountain on his head. He felt weak all over, he couldn’t walk or run. 


An arrow shot through and landed two steps away from Shao Xuan. However, due to the flames, the other person probably couldn’t see his target clearly, hence the missed arrow. 

Someone wanted to take the opportunity to kill Shao Xuan. 

Under the influence of the fire seed, within such a powerful field, any outsider would also have to spend a lot of energy to aim at a target. 

Shao Xuan felt Wanshi people approaching. They probably realised the Flaming Horn armies would be difficult to fight against, therefore directing their attention here. There were too many Flaming Horns grouped together. The power of the fire seed generated from the crowd also repelled Wanshi people. 

While they could not see the area around Shao Xuan clearly, they could sense that the person within was not from Wanshi. Why wouldn’t they attack? 

Sensing the movements, Shao Xuan knew there was no time. He swung his arms with all his might to shake the ‘frozen’ feeling off. Other than the extreme pressure from above, he felt the same feeling as when he met the king stoneworm. It felt as if his entire body had turned to stone and his muscles were out of his control. 

Not breaking free would mean death! 

Shao Xuan sensed that the Flaming Horns were slowly approaching too. If the numbers were too few, they would not be able to resist the fire seed’s weight to approach and save Shao Xuan. They had to move in a large group but with the  Wanshi people stopping them, their movement was slow. Shao Xuan could not wait for them. 

Reality was the same as his guesses. Tuo and the rest were frantically trying to help Shao Xuan but once they left the group, they would feel a crushing sensation. Forget about saving Shao Xuan, they might not even be able to make it. The nearer they got to Shao Xuan, the more obstacles to overcome. The fire seed’s attack was stronger on Shao Xuan compared to anywhere else! They had to inch towards him slowly as a group, or wait for more people to arrive. 

But time stopped for no one. 

Shao Xuan breathed laboriously, every nerve felt like it was crushed, frantically wanting to break free from its bonds. 

The totemic power within him had reached its limit. His joints seemed to creak, like a rusty gear finally turning again. Within his mind, the totemic flame rolled and roared. But this wasn’t enough, it was far from enough! 

An outer shell of white light covered the ball of totemic flames in his mind. The outer was so bright it outshone the totemic flames. Shao Xuan could not see the flames inside, he couldn’t identify the red totemic flames nor the blue power of inheritance. 

Shao Xuan almost had the feeling that his totemic flame was being smothered. 

Within the egg-shaped shell, fine white elines extended outwards, channeling totemic and inheritance power, surging across his entire being. 

The flood of power seemed to melt his frozen muscles, bringing his blood to its boiling point. His strength slowly grew until all his muscles shook. After much creaking, he could finally raise the arm holding his sword again. 

Red sparks leapt from his body. This time, they didn’t come from his bone ornaments. They had apparently gone into deep sleep after crossing the ocean anyway. He hadn’t been able to use its powers for a long time. Today, these sparks came from the surface of his skin, they were not related to the bone ornaments. These sparks were a contrast to the dark grey layer of flames enveloping Shao Xuan. 

As the number of sparks grew, the grey flames grew too, swallowing Shao Xuan whole. 

Pressure came from all directions like hard stone pressing against him. 

IN the beginning, he felt small ripples but soon, the ripples intensified. The pressure on him grew immense but flames erupted on his skin and grew brighter and brighter. 

Faster! Faster! 

Shao Xuan felt a gust of willpower unleashed from every pore, pushing away every obstacle. 

Break! Break! Break! 


It was the sound of cracking stone. 

Crack… Crack… Crack… 

The sound grew more frequent around him. 

The obstacle was slowly pushed away, the weight on him slowly lifted and the fatigue he felt was fading. 

Beneath his feet, the ground cracked. When the flames first crashed on him, he had not left any marks on the ground. Yet, now when the pressure weakened, deep footprints appeared on the ground. They came from the eruption of power within. 

His slowing heartbeat quickened. Shao Xuan took a deep, powerful breath as if he was about to release all this stress, then let out a long roar. 

With a mighty cry, the flames on Shao Xuan’s skin shot up into the sky, piercing through the layer of grey flames like a fire dragon breaking through its restraints. 

Without turning around, Shao Xuan moved his arms. His blade, reflecting the fiery glow, slashed horizontally before him. The three Wanshi tribesmen were two palms away from the tip of his blade yet the force that came with the sword was as sharp as the blade itself, slicing through their throats effortlessly. 

The shaman wanted to wait until Shao Xuan was squashed by the fire seed’s power, then focus his energy on dealing with the rest. However, as he waited, he realised something was wrong. 

A bead of sweat slid down his forehead. 

The Wanshi shaman glared at where Shao Xuan was. At this moment, Shao Xuan coincidentally looked over. The shaman thought he saw Shao Xuan’s glowing eyes. 

“Stop him! Stop him!!” The shaman’s frantic screams echoed, loud and shrill as it cracked.

At this moment, no one thought about his voice. They just wondered what could make the shaman panic like this. 

Did something happen to the fire pit?! 

The scattered Wanshi tribesmen started to head towards the shaman’s voice. 

Shao Xuan took one step forward, and every footstep gave out a boom equivalent to a falling fireball. 

His fatigue was gone. He felt a sense of unlimited energy like every step increased his energy tenfold. 

The footsteps quickened and lightened as the sound faded. Every footprint became fainter until no footprints were left behind, just the rustles of grass moving. 

A sword was thrust outwards, through the layer of grey flames and into a Wanshi tribesmen’s chest. The tribesman was about to load his bow. 

Shao Xuan was approaching the fire pit. He was accelerating too. 

The Wanshi tribesmen hurrying over were no match for him. When they approached, they felt a strong repulsion like they were fighting against another tribe’s fie seed. 

The shaman felt like he was up against a manic, flaming beast. Why could Shao Xuan break free? Why could he still move so easily under the weight of the fire seed? There was no time to think. The shaman had one thought that occupied his mind. And the thought made his heart sink. 

AT this moment, he regretted his decisions. Why didn’t he arrange for more guards around the fire pit? Then he was appalled that he started to doubt his own tribe’s abilities. 

Could his fire seed stop his person? 

This time, all his confidence was gone. 

Even the guards could not stop Shao Xuan, for he was too quick. His vision was not compromised by the grey flames. 

At this moment, all the greyness seemed to fade away in his vision, making everything clear up. There seemed to be a voice telling him what to do. 

The Wanshi shaman watched as Shao Xuan charged at him, thinking that he was the target. However, just as he was waiting for death, he realised Shao Xuan sprung from the ground ten feet away from him, over his head and now falling towards the fire pit. 

The shaman’s eyeballs nearly fell out of his head, his heart a tumultuous wave. He was in disbelief. This person's target was his fire seed! He thinks he can destroy a fire seed alone?! 

A madman! 

An absolute madman! 

If the Flaming Horn’s fire seed was present, perhaps he had a chance. But he was alone, did he think he could represent his tribe’s fire seed alone?! The Wanshi shaman had never heard of anyone fighting directly against a major tribe’s fire seed alone! Jumping into the flames would be suicide! 

However, very soon, the shaman felt a force pressing down on him, so strong that he was flattened on the ground, unable to move. 

Shao Xuan had leapt into the air, his palm extending towards the Wanshi pit’s flames. As his palm extended past the grey flames, he felt like his hand was brushed against cold stone. 

His palm seemed to have magnified in size, as if his palm could squash the entire Wanshi fire pit. One palm seemed to cover the earth, electricity crackled beneath his palm, as if he harnessed the energies from the endless skies. 

As he pressed his palm down, the piling mountain of grey flames shattered bit by bit. 

These broken fireballs exploded along with consecutive sounds of rolling thunder. Air currents blew manically around them. 

The tall mountain of flames weakened as parts of it broke off in an avalanche. Every Wanshi tribesman could feel this appalling change. At this moment, everyone fighting stopped what they were doing to nervously feel the changes within. 

Within Shao Xuan’s mind, the white shell brightened until an invincible force exploded. He pressed his palm down once again, this motion was filled with enough power to crush the heavens and the earth. 

The wars between tribes and fire seeds only resulted in life and death. 

I shall rise upon your death. 

Flaming Horn shall restore its former glory! 


Rumble rumble! 

An avalanche that sounded as if the skies were cracking open. 

The rumbles were deafening, the air seemed on the edge of explosion. Strong winds billowed recklessly, about to kill all living beings. 

The Wanshi people suddenly realised the strongest, most reliable, most powerful mountain of flames was about the crumble, like their determination. 

Rumbles filled the skies like waves, echoing across the lands. Even the people hiding in the forest could hear it. 

Within the lush forest, flocks of birds flew away in fear while beasts roared and ran further. 

When the rumbles finally died down, the grey mountain of flames faded like evaporating mist. Everything grew clearer. 

The afternoon sun was glaring, shining warmly on the lands. 

However, the lands that used to be teeming with life suddenly looked like they had been frozen in time. 

There was only silence!