When Shao Xuan went to visit the visitors from the Hui tribe, the other tribes watched the exchange. They weren’t too far from where he was so they could feel any movement. 

As they looked at the direction where Shao Xuan was walking to, the crowd let out a deep sigh. 

The Eight Limbs tribe did it again! 

Young men normally couldn’t resist pretty young ladies. It looked like this Grand Elder of Flaming Horn wasn't an exception. 

He was walking towards the Eight Limbs tribe’s house. Right outside of it was seated Xu on top of a white spider as she combed its fur with a comb made of fish bones. Xu was a skilled warrior in the Eight Limbs tribe. Beautiful and dangerous, her courters weren’t limited to the young men in her tribe. 

The Eight Limbs tribe were pleased to see that happening. 

It would be nice if that young man was interested in Xu too, maybe we can get to know more about Flaming Horn through him. 

As she saw Shao Xuan walking her way, her hand movements stopped, her grip on the comb tightened. Her gaze slowly moved upwards. Before she could even say anything, Shao Xuan walked past her just like the wind. 

“...” Her emotions got a hold of her and Xu accidentally clawed out a large chunk of the spider’s fur. 

The crowd watching was also confused, what was this Grand Elder up to? 

Shao Xuan didn’t care much about what others were thinking, he was focused on the two auras. It was different from the ones he felt before, there were two this time. It should be the people that blended in and hid the longevity leaf. 

These two were nearly impossible to find, Shao Xuan could not give up this opportunity! 

Maybe they felt Shao Xuan approaching, the two ran away really quickly. 

You think you can run?!

Shao Xuan bent his knees and just like a spring, he propelled himself forward with insane speed. The rest were only left with his fading figure. 

The people from the seven tribes looked on Shao Xuan’s bizarre action. 

“He... what just happened?” asked someone. 

“Who knows, maybe he went off to eat? I heard those from Flaming Horn love meat. “ 

“They love meat but they aren’t lacking it. They are a large tribe now, even if he really wanted food, does he have to rush like this?” 

“Who knows, they’re from the Flaming Horn tribe anyway.” With all the changes going on, Flaming Horn’s signature rough and rude attitudes never left their minds. 

“He is quite a fast runner, I don’t think I can keep up with him,” said someone. They were just discussing following a Flaming Horn tribesman with a higher position to get some information about the tribe. After seeing how fast Shao Xuan was, they were having second thoughts. 

They couldn't understand what Shao Xuan was doing and that only fueled their curiosity as Shao Xuan was running out from the tribe. His posture made it seem like he was chasing after someone. 

The tribespeople that were originally in their houses scheming came out and jumped to the roofs to get a better look. It was Flaming Horn’s land so they can’t move about freely. 

“There’s someone running in front!” shouted someone standing atop a roof. 

In front of Shao Xuan, there were two figures running so fast that there was no way to see any of their facial features. It seemed that those two were Shao Xuan’s target. 

“Their guards are catching up! Something surely happened! Did someone come into the tribe too other than us?” 

Without much deliberation, the Feather tribe, Tianshan tribe and Hui tribe called upon their respective birds. The sky had a much better view than the roofs. If they couldn’t run around on the ground, whose to care if they were in the air? The Flaming Horn tribe only had small birds, that large eagle was long gone, they had nothing to worry about. 

“Let me come too!” 

The Longboat tribe ran towards the Feather tribe.

"Go away, go to Tianshan or Hui tribe, their eagles are bigger."

The Feather tribe mostly had smaller birds so their riding capacity was limited. In the battlefield in the sky, the two grassland tribes had the advantage but the two tribes would never let an outsider ride on their eagles. 

A few birds rose to the sky and flew in Shao Xuan's direction. 

The guards of Flaming Horn didn't notice the two intruders at first. However, once the intruders started running, their totemic energy flared up which made it easier for others to detect. 

It was obvious the energy didn't belong to someone from their tribe and it wasn't from the seven tribes that came today. It had to be the target they were looking for these past few days! 

After them!! 

Even though the guards were fast, no one could catch up with Shao Xuan. 

When the guards reached the edge of the tribe, there was already a long distance between then and the three in front. The distance increased by every passing second. Although they were far behind, they still continue pursuing, who knows they could help the Grand Elder. 

Within the guards, those that were not as fast stopped chasing after the three. Instead, they went to notify the chiefs and prepare if they were any other intruders. 

On the ground, Shao Xuan set his target on those two. His legs were moving so quick that one couldn’t see them clearly. His movements were light too, it was as if only a gush of wind had passed the grass. 

You outran me the first time, there won’t be a second time! 

I swear I’ll catch you today!

Shao Xuan accelerated. He cut through the wind, forming a hum as he did. 

The guards behind him couldn’t see him clearly anymore. They could only guess his whereabouts through feeling his fire seed energy. 

“After him!” shouted the head of the guards. There was no point turning back now. 

The Feather tribe, Tianshan tribe and Hui tribe that were in the sky were dumbfounded. They knew Shao Xuan was fast but they didn’t know he would be this fast. They were having trouble catching up too. 

The two intruders were in agony. How could that young man catch up to them? He wasn’t this fast the last time! 

Those in the sky and the guards were ignored by the two. They knew that group of people posed no threat to them, it was Shao Xuan who was dangerous. 

It was lucky that there was only one Shao Xuan and two of them. 

The two of them separated, running off into different directions. 

As long as Shao Xuan slowed down or hesitated by just a second or two, they would be able to increase their distance between them and him which could be their way out of this mess. 

However, Shao Xuan didn’t even hesitate, he immediately pursued one of the intruders without changing his speed! 

Aargh! Why is this young man not stopping!

The person Shao Xuan chose to pursue cursed at him many times but he knew it wasn’t time to be distracted. He had to think of another plan. 

The person observed the land and knew it was far from the Flaming Horn tribe and the land the Wanshi tribe once claimed. The forest was getting thicker, right in front was a dense forest. 

That’s it! 

The person was happy, he was very good at hiding in forests. 

Do you really think I can’t find you if you hide in the forest?