Before the roots of the plant were bitten off, it had no particular smell. The flying squirrel wasn’t even willing to get close to it. 

However, after it bit of some of the roots, there was a faint bitter smell. 

Shao Xuan didn’t dare taste the plant, he knew that randomly consuming things in the forest may lead to death. Even a warrior with the strongest digestive system would avoid doing that. Not too long ago, some tribesmen spotted a plant that looked like a crop they grew in the tribe. They ate some and had diarrhoea for two days. At the end of it, they felt that their intestines had shrivelled up. 

Hence, Shao Xuan wanted to play it safe and test with the flying squirrel. 

When Shao Xuan took the Vein of the Sky away, the tiny animal struggled hard to get away but soon its movements slowed down to rest. It laid peaceful as if it was sleeping. Only its slow, deep breaths showed that it was still alive. 

The many cuts on it had stopped bleeding too. A cut that was deep enough to see the animal’s bone had been covered up with a scab and small changes were seen in the muscles surrounding the area. 

If Shao Xuan had left the flying squirrel in its original state, it may not even survive the night from losing too much blood. It seemed that it was healing itself now. 

The fire pit had slowly died out, Shao Xuan didn’t add any more wood to it after his meal. To get a better look at the squirrel, he took out his Water Moon stone. 

There was some beast in the area, Shao Xuan could see pairs of green eyes moving around him. They didn’t dare to attack as Shao Xuan had a really strong aura. The beasts mostly considered for a moment then left. 

Shao Xuan stared at the flying squirrel’s body without paying attention to the predators around him. He didn’t hide his aura which came useful as saved him a lot of trouble from the beasts. 

Seated on the floor with the flying squirrel tied on tree bark, Shao Xuan didn’t sleep that night. He spent the whole night looking at the tiny rodent. 

When the sun started to peek out, the flying squirrel stirred from its sleep. 

After waking up, it remembered that it was tied up and immediately struggled to get out. Its struggles only intensified as it saw Shao Xuan. Even though Shao Xuan was the one that fed it the Vein of the Sky and saved it, it still didn’t leave its guard down around him. Wild animals just highly protective of themselves against humans. 
Shao Xuan looked at the scabs on its body. Some of them had fallen off when the squirrel was squirming about and revealed a new patch of skin. 

Even the deep cut on its leg which still was slightly sunken in was much better than before. It may even fully recover in a few days. Seeing the force of its struggle, Shao Xuan knew it was highly energetic which isn’t normal for something that was injured so severely just the day before. 

Shao Xuan was filled with excitement and not a hint of tiredness could be found on him even though he had pulled an all nigher. 

I guess this chase did lead to some benefits. I still don’t know much about where the leaf came from but I found this plant! 

Vein of the Sky really is an amazing medicinal herb! 

No wonder the Ji family used such a big plot of land to plant it. 

Shao Xuan had wrapped the rest of the roots in some soil and leaves to prevent its scent from leaking out. He wasn’t sure if the scent would attract any animals but he wasn’t willing to risk that. 

Looking at the still wriggling flying squirrel and the large Vein of the Sky, Shao Xuan’s eyes filled with passion. 

A worthwhile trip! 

Shao Xuan circled the area and roughly estimated that there were no less than fifty Veins of the Sky here. It wasn’t as many plants at the Ji family field but he was satisfied. As long as there were plants here, there was still a possibility of getting the seeds which they could use to plant.  

Shao Xuan also guessed that after so many years, the reason fifty plants could survive was mostly because of the largest plant there. Just like the Thousand Grain Gold, in the battle for nutrients, only the winner gets to live, the losers only become nutrients for the winner. 

Thousand of years had passed, with countless seeds that fell on the ground and countless that germinated, only these fifty survived. 

These were the last victors of the place. When the soil quality gets poorer and poorer some would die out. Shao Xuan was lucky to have found these remaining few. If possible, Shao Xuan hoped to bring all of them back to the tribe. 

If the tribe could provide sufficient nutrients and space for them to grow, would these Veins of the Sku start a new round of madness? 

Nobody has managed to inherit the items those three Ji family members left after a thousand years. The longevity leaf doesn’t count as it was actually from the Yi family, the true treasure that they left was those Veins of the Sky that were growing nearby no one noticed. 

Shao Xuan took a deep breath to calm himself down. He didn’t know why they brought something the Yi family owned here or how they were as people but he wanted to thank them for what they had left here. 

After looking around, Shao Xuan walked up the small hill. 

This was the tallest hill in the area. 

He wanted to take a good look at his surroundings from an elevated point, in case he left out something. 

The view from the top showed the barren land where he found the Veins of the Sky. There weren’t many plants around them, the ones were all looked sickly or weak. 

The scanned the area bit by bit. He looked further ahead after he was done with the area near the cave. In that area, there were many kinds of plants fighting for nutrient, engaging in silent warfare. 

It was a normal forest land without any invasive species with the Vein of the Sky. Shao Xuan was about to leave to dig more Veins of the Sky out when he notices something familiar. 

That was… 

He looked closer and his eyes nearly popped out. 


[*In this context, the author is referring to the Chinese Cabbage]