The body of the green-faced fanged beast gave out a sound similar to the whispering breeze, and like a bright green light, it rushed towards Shao Xuan. Its body looked round and heavy, but it seemed very light and floating. 

Shao Xuan did not retreat. He shifted his abdomen backwards, twisted his entire upper body to one side while moving his knee backwards. As he avoided this fierce blow, he turned his wrist and readjusted his grip on his sword handle. His blade glinted as Shao Xuan struck the green-faced fanged beast. He was ready to chop off the head of this strange beast. 

However, this beast was unusually agile and reacted right away. Right when Shao Xuan was about to chop off its head, it flipped up into the air, twisted its head, and used its fangs to block the blade. 


The beast fang collided with the blade, but it did not shatter. It only left a small scar that wasn’t deep. 

After he missed, he was pushed away by its force. The green-faced fanged beast probably also did not expect Shao Xuan’s weapon to pose such a threat to it. After being pushed back by the force of the clash, it bounced up like a ball again. It quickly swung its hooves and distanced away from its enemy. When it was about twenty steps away from Shao Xuan, it stopped and glared at him fiercely. 

Shao Xuan didn't know if it was his own illusion, or that the green colour on its face darkened. The murderous glaring eyes and the wrinkles on its strangely disproportionate face made it look even more fierce and untamed. 

In fact, Shao Xuan knew that if he wanted to get the blood from the green-faced fanged beast, he must catch it alive. The people from Rock Hill City also set traps to catch them alive, not to kill. Under circumstances where the beast was extremely aggressive and offensively murderous, Shao Xuan was not sure if he could manage to catch it alive easily. 


The green-faced fangs once again exhaled hot breath from his enormous nostrils and sprayed two hot air from the two large nostrils and stepped on its hooves. 

It was clear that it did not intend to let Shao Xuan go. In the blink of an eye, its sharp fangs appeared in front of Shao Xuan. 

Shao Xuan didn't dare deal with it carelessly. As he thought about the carcass of the beast, he had an uneasy feeling. If he was stabbed by its fangs, it didn’t matter if he was human or beast, a totem warrior of lower or higher-ranking, and it didn’t matter if his internal organs were damaged. He would definitely die. He had no evidence to prove it, but his intuition told him so.  

A strong gust of wind hit him as the beast came at him with all its strength. It was just wind, but Shao Xuan felt like he was hit by a wooden board. 

The beast still did not retreat. Shao Xuan didn't even avoid it this time but blocked the attack with the fuller blade of his sword. The friction and the collision caused bright sparks to appear. 

The fangs were like a sharp steel nail gnashing on the surface of the sword, and the friction made a sharp sound. As the fang slid down the fuller of the sword, it made a “zzz” sound. 

Shao Xuan gritted his teeth and supported the sword with all his strength. Veins appeared on his arms. 

This beast’s attack was strong, not because it had a lot of strength, but it attacked at a high speed. Under the impact of its velocity, each attack was like a shell shot out of a cannon aimed at Shao Xuan. Even without its fangs, normal humans could not bear the impact of its speed. Not to mention the fact that its fang was sharp as a nail. The sword specially forged by Gongjia Heng could barely make a small cut on its fang. It could not leave a deep cut. 

Missing his target, the green-faced fanged beast tried to escape and did not intend to continue fighting. 

Seeing this, an idea suddenly flashed in Shao Xuan’s mind. It was merely a guess. He wasn’t sure if it could work. 



The third attack, the fourth attack...

The idea in Shao Xuan’s mind grew stronger and stronger.

After he blocked four of its attacks, Shao Xuan felt that the green-faced fanged beast was much lighter than it appeared. It did not like short-range combat and preferred long-range attacks. It liked to use deadly blows on its enemy with its speed and fang. This is why it would usually retreat if its blow did not kill the first time.

But this was just a guess. To be sure, he had to feel it with his own hands. 

The green-faced fanged beast failed to hit on its fourth attack and started to become frustrated. Its nostrils that were much larger than the size of Shao Xuan’s fists were flaring and snorting madly, exhaling hot air that seemed like the water vapour rising from boiling water. It was madly snorting. After it snorted, it lifted its hooves again, ready to launch its fifth attack.  

After he experienced the previous four attacks, Shao Xuan calmly blocked this attack and didn’t give it a chance to escape. 

He pressed hard down on the soles of his feet and pushed the beast towards its retreating direction. The muscles on his free hand were suddenly pulsing with energy as his totemic strength climbed. His wrist twisted and he grabbed onto the beast’s fang. He used all his force and tried to grab the beast and throw it down to the ground. To catch it back alive, he had to make it unconscious first. 


This was Shao Xuan’s first thought. 


This was Shao Xuan’s second thought.

The green-faced fanged beast was not as heavy as it seemed, but Shao Xuan was already mentally prepared. He already guessed that it wasn’t heavy so he wasn’t that surprised. How else was it able to run on top of the grass? It did not have any wings like the other flying creatures. 

In addition, when he felt how slippery the fang was, Shao Xuan was caught off guard. The fang did not look slippery at all and had a lot of scratches left by Shao Xuan’s sword and other past attacks. It shouldn’t have been that slippery. 

However, the fang in his hand that he thought he had control of slipped out of his grip like a slippery loach. It slipped out of his grip as the beast struggled to break free. When he felt something was wrong, Shao Xuan quickly retrieved his hand. 

If Shao Xuan didn’t retrieve his hand fast enough, it would have suffered a deep cut or even worse damage. 

The green-faced fanged beast once again broke free from Shao Xuan’s grip, but this time, it retreated farther away. Shao Xuan’s behaviour just now probably scared it. 

Its luminous murderous eyes glared at Shao Xuan. Its dark pupils rapidly contracted and dilated. The wrinkles in his skin increased. It madly snorted two short breaths. Right when Shao Xuan thought it was ready for a sixth attack, the green-faced fanged beast took a quick 180-degree turn and ran away. 

If it couldn’t win, it would escape. This was the habit of the vast majority of beasts and humans. 

It was also the most correct choice for survival. 

Duo Kang and the others did not reach yet, but Shao Xuan blew on the wooden whistle once again and made a mark on a branch. Then he continued to chase after the beast. 

It was not easy for him to come into contact with a green-faced fanged beast. He can’t just let it escape this easily. 

However, when it really started running, the green-faced fanged beast with the round belly was really hard to catch. It always ran into denser woods and its hooves seemed to be carried by the wind. As it stepped on top of the tall and thick grass, it fled left and right. This was the first time Shao Xuan encountered a beast that was so difficult to catch. It had no fixed running route and direction, and it ran at such a high speed. Even if Shao Xuan wanted to throw a dart at it, he couldn’t.

However, was there really a need for the beast to run aimlessly? According to what Shao Xuan knows, many beasts that lived in the forest had their own hiding place to hide away from dangers. When they encounter undefeatable threats, they would run towards their hiding place, whether it was a hole, a cave, a river, a tall tree, etc. 

So, where was this green-faced fanged beast headed? 

This area surrounded by verdant mountains was much larger than what Shao Xuan expected. During his chase, Shao Xuan paid close attention to the geography and topography so in case he got lost, he could still find his way back. Throughout the chase, he saw many strange plants. Perhaps it was because of the unique environment. There were many flowers and trees that Shao Xuan had never seen before. This was understandable. The only weird thing was there were no giant beasts here. 

On the way, Shao Xuan had seen some other bigger beasts, but he had not seen any giant ones. This was very similar to the part of the forest where they first entered. 

If it was really because of the green-faced fanged beast, then how many green-faced fanged beasts were there that made it so hard for him to even see a giant beast? 

Was this beast in front trying to return to its nest? 

If that was the case, Shao Xuan should really keep up.

Normal warriors would probably have slowed down after running for so long after a prey. There was no way for them to stay at a full speed the entire way. Even Shao Xuan became tired when he reached this part of the forest. It was clear and obvious. But the beast still kept dashing at a very fast speed, except its snorting sound grew louder. 

When would it stop? 

Shao Xuan looked at the green-faced fanged beast as he thought. 

There was a mountain wall in the woods in front of them, and yet the beast did not at all slow down. It did not even turn. Although it was still running aimlessly, its general direction was towards the mountain wall in front of them. 

Could there be anything on top of the mountain wall?

Shao Xuan chased after the figure in front and rushed out of the woods. He quickly glanced at the mountain wall in front. There was nothing different about it. It looked just the same as the other mountain walls. 

No, that can’t be right! 

Shao Xuan’s eyes swept across the mountain wall and he saw a place close to the ground. 
There was a hole there, and the green-faced fanged beast was rushing towards that hole. 

Was this its hiding place?! 

Shao Xuan didn't know how deep the hole in the mountain wall was, or whether there were other entrances and exits. If he really let the beast rush in, he didn't know if there was a chance to catch it again.

Although Shao Xuan really wanted to stop the green-faced fanged beast in front of him, he was still one step behind. He could only watch it get closer and closer to the hole in the mountain wall, like a handsome horse galloping across the sky. The long hair on its head swayed in the wind as it drifted away. Its upper body was angled slightly downwards, and it tilted its head so its fang was facing downward. The beast bent its front hooves inwards and shot towards the cave.  

Observing the series of movements, Shao Xuan already knew that this was not the first time this beast did this. It was already very skilled. 


Shao Xuan’s footsteps slowed down. He stopped and stood there as he watched the striped green figure rush towards the hole in the mountain wall.


It sounded like the muffled sound of a hand hitting an empty bottle.

Shao Xuan looked at the hole, the muscles on his face twitching, and then lifted his foot and walked over.

At the hole in the mountain wall, the striped green figure was completely stuck in the hole. Half of it was still outside. Its round belly was stuck at the entrance of the cave. Its folded hooves faced outward, and it was stuck there too. It was struggling to get in. Its back legs that were stuck outside the cave kicked fiercely, but its hooves were too short. Its belly that was stuck in the cave limited its body movements so when its hooves kicked, there was a slight distance between its feet and the ground outside the cave, so it was unable to kick off the mountain. It kicked in the air with its short wiggly tail turning in pointless circles. Shao Xuan couldn’t tell if the beast was nervous.