Shao Xuan walked to the mouth of the cave to look at the mess of a beast. He thought the hole was quite small and this beast, in particular, was so fat. No wonder it got stuck. If only it was slightly slimmer or flexible, it could free itself. 

With the force it had when it slammed into the hole, the only way it could get out was through someone pulling it out or if it lost weight from hunger. 

The green-faced fanged beast was said to have thick skin. Shao Xuan also noticed that it had quite short fur in random shades of green throughout its body. It looked like a mess at a glance but this made it nearly impossible to spot in the forest. With its speed and force, one could safely say it was at the top of the food chain here or at least had very few competitors. 

He wasn’t sure if this beast had come across the traps set by the tribesmen or people from Rock Hill City, the only thing he was sure of was that this was the beast he met in his dreams, this was it

The beast kicked its hooves and shook as hard as it could but it was no use. It was stuck there. Its tail waved urgently showing that it was getting anxious. 

“If I knew it was going to come to this I wouldn’t have spent so much effort,” said Shao Xuan. 

He has spent the past week studying the traps made by the people from Rock Hill City with the intention to replicate something like that. Who knew that the beast jamming itself into a cave would work too. 

Shao Xuan looked around for some vines to tie up the beast. He was not going to let go of this great opportunity. 

After taking two steps, Shao Xuan turned back to the cave and took out the silkworm thread he had. He was planning to use it for the trap but he changed his mind. He wasn’t sure a normal vine could hold the beast, he felt more at ease using the silkworm thread. 

With its front hooves stuck in the cave, Shao Xuan could only tie the back hooves to prevent it from escaping after it was freed. It was way too fast to catch it again. 

Incapable of running and being as strong as Shao Xuan, it wouldn't be able to run no matter how much it moved its front hooves. Shao Xuan used the silkworm thread to circle its hooves until they were stuck together. 

After he was done, Shao Xuan poked the beast to test the thickness of its skin. He confirmed that the skin was thick but something was off. He felt it when he was tying the hooves too. 

He reached out once again to press it. 
He continued to exert force, his finger slowly sinking in. 

He had already used his special vision to find out there was nothing wrong with its bones nor was it pregnant. Seeing that it ran towards here with such assurance, it probably was very familiar with this area. If it couldn't fit into this cave before his, it wouldn't have run so fast. 

The only explanation for this was that it gained weight between the last time it was here and now. 

In his years of hunting, Shao Xuan hadn’t seen many animals that would gain so much in size from overeating. This case was even odder because it was soft, unlike the others. It was as if its stomach was filled with air. 

The beast that was poked a few times struggled even harder but that didn’t help free it at all. 

Shao Xuan heard a sound reminiscent of strong wind gushing. It was probably the beast’s roar. 

Without wasting another second, Shao Xuan reached out to the beast and used his arms like a pair of pliers. 


The beast was free. Its first instinct was to turn and charge at Shao Xuan.

However, it slammed face-first to the ground because of its tied up hooves. 

Shao Xuan immediately grabbed its neck with one hand and promptly tied up its front hooves and mouth with the other hand. 

It was now completely tied up and bound to the ground. It rolled around and exhaled loudly in frustration. It had a gloomy expression on its face. 

“Why aren’t they here yet?” Shao Xuan blew his whistle but didn’t see any sight of the tribesmen in the sky. 

They haven’t caught up yet? 

Or did something happen? 

As Duo Kang and the rest weren't here, Shao Xuan could only bring this beast back himself. 

After looking at the sky, Shao Xuan lifted the beast with its face facing outwards to prevent it from biting him. 
He wanted to backtrack his steps to the tribe but before he entered the forest he suddenly stopped. 

In the gloomy forest, there were only sounds of leaves brushing against each other in the breeze. Other than that, nothing else was heard. Shao Xuan didn’t walk into it; instead, he rapidly retreated. 

Right as he left, three bone arrows as thick as fingers shot out from a tree. One landed right where Shao Xuan was standing while the other two barely missed him and hit the wall of the cave. They dropped to the floor with two clean crisp clinks. 

Two spreadhead-like bone darts appeared at the same time as two figures. Shao Xuan avoided the bone darts but the two figures got closer to him. 

Although the two could not exactly fly like the green-faced fanged beast, they had very light movements. They barely made any sound as they stepped and jumped from branch to branch. 

Shao Xuan grabbed the tied up beast with one hand and pulled out his sword with the other. The action of pulling out his sword was so strong that it was as if it sent waves in the air. 

When he faced the green-faced fanged beast, he was holding back a little but that was not the attitude he had when facing his two. 

The duo split up with one jumping into the air and the other tightly following Shao Xuan and avoiding his sword. 


The sharp sound of metal pierced their ears. Shao Xuan’s sword was perfectly placed in the sunlight to make it seem that a thousand rays were shooting out of it. 

The person attacking him had heard of Shao Xuan’s skills before but they could only clearly know the extent of it now. With just one swing, the person could feel the brute force against their blade forcing the blade out of their hands. 

The person was quick enough to step back as soon as they deflected the attack.

Shao Xuan didn’t even look at his opponent before grabbing the beast’s tail as if he had planned this beforehand. He threw the beast towards the attacker with its head facing upwards and its tail facing downwards.

The one that was jumping through the sky realised they were the target of this throw and quickly retreated.