After dragging his prey closer to him, Shao Xuan hurled it towards the person.

Its long and magnificent fangs were directly headed towards his opponent. Shao Xuan had used them as a weapon. 

Seeing Shao Xuan dragging the beast closer, the person knew they were in danger. With their amazing agility, they curved in their chest and waist into a perfect crescent as if they had no bones in their body. 

The beast’s fangs seemed to touch the enemy’s chest as it flew across. However, his arm was not spared, suffering a gash in the process. 

The scratch seemed minor in comparison to taking a direct stab in the chest. 

But it seemed that the pain from the arm was so unbearable that it caused the person to drop to the ground. 


With their experience, they should be able to guess the severance of their wounds without even looking at it. That cut seemed tiny but why were they acting like the wound was blasted open? 

Before Shao Xuan could inspect closer, the person had already retreated. Their target was the beast and they needed it alive. That was the request from the Shi family in Rock Hill City. They could be as ruthless as they wanted to be with Shao Xuan but they had to be careful when dealing with the green-faced fanged beast.

Shao Xuan could see their concerns and continued to use the beast as a weapon. 

The two couldn’t help but curse at Shao Xuan in their hearts. 

If Shao Xuan knew what they were thinking, he would have steam huffing out of his nose, how dare these thieves even complain about him when they were the ones stealing, no, robbing him! 

I worked so hard to find this one beast and you want to snatch it from me?!

Shao Xuan was basically using the beast as a hammer! It sounded as if he was whipping up a storm as he swung the beast around. 


One of them didn’t manage to dodge an attack and was impaled in the shoulder. Although he tried his best to avoid it, the cut was still half a finger deep. 
He actually did manage to avoid most of the attack but from the small scratch he got, his shoulder seemed to explode from the inside. 

Red blood splattered all around the green forest, painting a tragic yet beautiful picture of life and death. 

How could this be! 

The scratch-made no sense, that light touch shouldn’t feel like this, he shouldn’t feel this pain! 

The two retreated back, no thoughts to attack anytime soon. They wanted to figure out what was happening first. Finishing their mission was important but it wasn’t worth killing themselves over it. 

Seeing that the two had retreated, Shao Xuan found no point in continuing the fight. He had the beast with him, it would be hard to kill them both and he wasn’t sure what was the situation with Duo Kang and the rest. Running would be the best choice. 

Shao Xuan lifted the beast and left. 

Only when they were sure Shao Xuan had left, the two finally looked at their wounds. 

The one with a cut on their arm noticed that the cut was now two fingers wide and much deeper than he imagined. Those fangs of that beast were so odd! 

If they hadn’t avoided the attack on the chest… They would surely be lying on the ground now. 

The other one that got the cut on the shoulder couldn’t believe what they were looking at! They had never seen an injury like this from all their experiences! 

Their cut nearly went through their whole shoulder, blood was pouring out of it but none of their bones was damaged. More than anything, they could feel a chill, a freezing numbness spreading from their shoulder down their arm. Their bones were trembling at that point. 

On the other side of things, Shao Xuan had found a place to rest. Since there were people after him, he couldn’t use the same route to head back. He had memorised a general map of the area while he was chasing the beast and he used that knowledge to guess the location of the cave the camp was. 

Now that things were calmer, Shao Xuan had time to take a closer look at the green-faced fanged beast.

After being used as a meteor hammer for a while, the beast’s eyes were still bright and clear but there was an anger in those eyes too. Hot air was constantly exhaled through its nose, water vapour as hot as steam wilted the grass directly beneath it. 

When Shao Xuan was carrying it over, he noticed its rather high body temperature. Was this a trait of the green-faced fanged beast?

After closer inspection, Shao Xuan noticed the round stomach it had was slightly smaller now. 

With a few tugs at the thread tying the beast, Shao Xuan confirmed that the beast was indeed “skinnier” now. It had only been an hour since it was freed from the cave, how did such a big change happen? If it had been this size when it rushed into the cave, it probably wouldn’t be stuck there. 

It felt that the thread was slightly looser now and struggled harder to free itself so Shao Xuan hurriedly went to tighten the knots. 

Other than that, there was a cut on its face. It probably was made by the two robbers but it was no larger than his finger and not a lot of blood was coming out from it. 

A drop of green blood dripped out from the beast’s struggle. 

The droplet slowly fell to the ground as if it was a feather. It didn’t seem to behave like a water droplet or blood. 

Shao Xuan walked over to some grass that had blood on them. On the blades of grass, each droplet had tiny gas bubbles forming around the droplets. As soon as the gas bubbles formed, the blood seemed to evaporate vigorously, leaving no trace of it behind. The larger the gas bubbles, the quicker the blood evaporated. 

Shao Xuan flipped over the leaf. If he hadn’t seen the blood drip onto the leaf, he wouldn't have believed it was once there. 

Shao Xuan wondered before that why only the blood of certain species was used to construct weapons. Why didn’t the others use it? 

He even tested with some beasts they hunted back but it seemed that there were specific traits of the blood that made them favourable to the weapon-making process. 

The beast was rather light but Shao Xuan didn’t expect its blood to be this light too. Within a few breaths, all the blood evaporated.

The beast was still panting heavily, the plants all around it smothered by the hot steam coming out from its nose. Its body was ever decreasing in size, the round shape it had was no longer there. The cut on its face had a scab on it now. It seemed to heal pretty quickly. 

Shao Xuan stood guard at the side, tightening the thread from time to time. 

He was careful to avoid the fangs of the beast the whole time. He saw what it could do to human flesh and it was much worse than he thought. He had cold sweat thinking out how reckless he was when he grabbed it before. He couldn’t imagine what kind of injury he would have if it impaled him. 

That explained the state of the carcass he saw a few days back. Those fangs the beast had was definitely its most powerful weapon, before even taking its frightening speed and highly flexible body into consideration. 

This beast was surely the most dangerous thing in the forest. Shao Xuan was really lucky for it to get stuck in a cave. That was the only reason he could have caught it. 

When the beast was half of its original size, Shao Xuan once again tightened the thread and carried it back. 

After walking for a while, Shao Xuan noticed some people from the Hui tribe. 

There was an eagle soaring in the sky as if it was searching for something. 

Shao Xuan whistled to catch its attention. 

The people looked relieved to see Shao Xuan. Mai and Luo rushed towards him when they heard the whistle. 

They encountered some conflict with the Rock Hill City people and one of the tribesmen and an eagle got injured so they headed back. The rest continued to search for Shao Xuan. 

“Xiang Chen got injured so Duo Kang sent him to the cave,” Mai reported the situation they faced to Shao Xuan. 

“Is he alright?” asked Shao Xuan. 

“Nothing to worry about. He should be fine after two days of rest, and this is..?” Mai pointed to the green-faced fanged beast with anticipation in his eyes. 

“That’s right. That is the beast.”