Mai and Luo were ecstatic when they found that Shao Xuan had caught the green-faced fanged beast. They couldn’t wait to bring it back and study it. However, they knew the other tribes wouldn’t let them off so easily since they hadn’t got anything yet. 

Mai wanted the Hui tribesmen to bring Shao Xuan back. They would face fewer troubles in the skies but the eagle was unwilling to cooperate. It screeched and ran whenever Shao Xuan got closer with the green-faced fanged beast. 

The great mountain eagles all disliked the area. They would even fly further out to rest instead of staying here. Now, they were rejecting the beast even more intensely. 

In the end, Shao Xuan walked back with Mai and the rest. They met some people from Rock Hill City but the group had no intention of picking a fight with the slaves. They went around them knowing that the team from Rock Hill wouldn't be able to catch up with them. 

Shao Xuan wrapped the beast in leaves and vines, only exposing its nose and fangs. The slaves were suspicious of them but didn’t do anything since they were unsure. Up until now, the Rock Hill City people and the tribesmen hadn’t had a proper fight because they were conserving their energy for the search for the beast. 

When Shao Xuan’s group headed towards the cave, the group of slaves searching for their target also headed back. 

When the slaves got back, they were greeted by a gloomy Shi Shi. They didn’t dare make excuses for anything, they just honestly reported whatever happened that day and waited for their punishment. This was becoming a regular occurrence. 

“Did you get anything?” A vein was near its bursting point at the edge of Shi Shi’s forehead. His voice was heavy like a boulder waiting to crush them. 

The slaves, who were already hanging their heads low, hung their heads even lower. 

Shi Shi’s gaze was sharp like a blade, he was taking his time to pick out his victim. 

On this hot day, buckets of sweat were dripping down the slaves’ tan faces. 

“Master, we saw the tribesmen on our way back.” The leader of the pack, a high-level slave gathered up his courage to speak, “There were some from the Hui tribe, the others had totemic tattoos, they should be from Flaming Horn.” 

The two beside Shi Shi lifted their eyebrows at the mention of Flaming Horn. One of them was Robber Four that Shi Shi met a few days ago and the other was Robber Seven who got here recently. 
Shi Shi stared at the slave for two second before slowly saying, “Continue.” 

Even though Shi Shi remained rather expressionless, they could tell from past experiences that if the story didn’t meet his expectations, they can expect a punishment coming soon. 

The slave stuttered as he spoke, he also told his master his predictions. He took a quick glance at Shi Shi’s expression and saw that Shi Shi’s eyes were glimmering. He knew that he had done the right thing. He could even expect a reward.

Sure enough, Shi Shi thought that the thing the tribesmen from Flaming Horn was carrying was the green-faced fanged beast. He called for his men. He ordered the slaves to head to Flaming Horn to confirm his suspicion. 

“So, I wasn’t wrong right? Those Flaming Horn tribesmen were the ones who found the green-faced fanged beast first.” Robber Seven jumped then sat atop a wooden bench. He swung his legs as he spoke. 

Robber four glanced at him and said, “You told them everything?” 

“Yes. If I didn’t tell them that much, they wouldn’t be able to find it. The fact they got it so quickly is all my effort.” Robber Seven didn’t think there was anything wrong in telling Flaming Horn about the beast, he even thought it was a good decision. It made sense to him to let others catch a target as hard as the beast and then steal it later. 

Robber Four was about to say something but then until his face immediately fell. Even the delighted Robber Seven’s face turned cold. They both rushed out of the mountains of Rock Hill city. They heard the calls from the other Robbers. 

The ones that sent out the all were the two that wanted to steal the beast from Shao Xuan before this. The two went back and warned the other robbers about what happened to them. Although the Robbers usually worked alone,  this was a rare occurrence where it was necessary to work together to catch the beast. 

At that moment, a crowd of people gathered at the cave to look at the green-faced fanged beast. Their eyes filled with admiration but they couldn't help but think- what do the people from Rock Hill City want this beast for? 

There were some that thought of stealing the beast for themselves but after considering the fighting skills of Flaming Horn tribespeople and the forest they have to use to escape, they killed those thoughts. 

It wasn’t possible that there was only one green-faced fanged beast in that large forest so some people asked Shao Xuan about his route and went off themselves to look for another one. 
Of course, they would need to be extremely careful when facing the beast. Shao Xuan warned them about it, whether they chose to listen to his advice was solely up to them. 

Shao Xuan knew that the people from Rock Hill City probably guessed that they caught the beast already. His plan was a temporary solution for their situation then, he knew that they wouldn't be able to lie their way through. There should be some plan in motion on their side now. 

“Would those Rock hillbillies come over and snatch the beast? I’ll go add a few more traps in the mountains,” said Mai. 

However, out of everyone’s expectations, the people from Rock Hill City didn’t head to the Flaming Horn tribe, they headed to the area where Shao Xuan caught the beast. 

They did soon find another beast lurking in the area but it was too fast. When it ran into a cave, Shi Shi sent people in to look for it. Not long after they went in, horrifying screams were heard, some blood came gushing out too. Then, it was complete silence. 

Shi Shi decided to throw in some burning grass that produced a pungent smell to force the beast out but it had no response. Maybe there was another hole on the other side. 

With no other choice, Shi Shi and his men went around this hill and the other hills to set traps. 

Shao Xuan went over to check up what they were doing and it seemed that they planned to catch every beast there. That was the reason why they weren’t going after the one in the Flaming Horn tribe.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sounds echoed throughout the mountain. Shi Shi planned to use the sound to force about all the green-faced fanged beasts in the mountain.

Shi Shi was cornered into this, he had no other solution. The ancestral notes stated that the beast was hard to catch but not hard to find. That was the reason why he set up camp in the mountains, he wanted to catch more. However, it was hard to even spot one. At this rate, when would he be able to go home?

It has been nearly two hundred years since the last green-faced fang beast was caught. By this logic, there should be more of them. Why wasn’t there one to be seen anywhere?