In this dark night, every tribe was fighting their own battles. 

Sometimes a painful cry was heard, other times a loud thud or crash. 

Shao Xuan had successfully caught his third green-faced fanged beast for the night. After injecting the poison in the beast, he blew the whistle. 

Soon, Duo Kang, Mai and the other tribesmen from the Flaming Horn and Hui tribe were there. 

“How was it? Is anyone hurt?” Shao Xuan smelled iron in the air, the blood of the beasts didn’t smell like this so it could only be from human blood. 

“No worries, just a small injury.” Duo Kang lifted his arm. There was a cut as long as a finger and an inch wide. It was already treated with a bandage on it. The fang from a green face fang beast had lightly brushed past his arm. Luckily, it wasn’t that serious. 

Each of the tribe members had minor injuries here and there. The more serious one was on the Hui tribesmen. If Duo Kang didn’t manage to pull him away from the beast in time, that wound would instead be a large hole gushing out endless amounts of blood.   

He She was very grateful towards the Flaming Horn tribe. He made a mental note to send them gifts when they got back. He hoped to continue working with them because compared to the other tribes, Flaming Horn was the one most likely to keep their word. 

“We all caught one each, Duo Kang caught two,” said Mai. 

The four of them collectively caught five beasts while Shao Xuan caught three. In addition to the one in the cave, in total, Flaming Horn had caught nine beasts. 

“Shao Xuan, should we continue?” asked Duo Kang. 

“No, let’s prepare to leave,” said Shao Xuan. 

“This early?” Duo Kang wasn’t willing to go yet. 

“We have to leave now since the beasts have their focus on the people of Rock Hill. Once they change their targets, it will be hard for us to get away. We shouldn’t be greedy.” Shao Xuan couldn’t wipe away the sense of danger he felt. Those city folk may run in their direction to lead the beasts here. 

Duo Kang thought about it for a while. There really was no hurry since their tribe was just north of the Fearsome Beast Forest. Compared to the other tribes, they were located quite close to this place. 
“Sure. Then let’s hurry, those slave masters are the cunning kind.” Once Duo Kang got Shao Xuan’s perspective, he couldn’t wait to get back with those beasts and try out wielding new weapons. He was wary of the slave masters. The slave masters on the other side of the sea were huge figures not to be messed with. Although the slave masters here only really controlled the desert, they were still slave masters. They had skills that they should be cautious of. 

Gu La blew his whistle to inform the other tribes. Then, Shao Xuan headed to the cave to bring the first green face fang beast out and gave it three doses of poison. He wasn’t willing to take the risk of bringing it back conscious. 

“Why aren’t they coming back?” Shao Xuan went downhill and noticed the members of the other tribes weren’t here. There was nothing important left in the cave, everyone was able to leave with their weapons. Gu La had given the signal for them to leave, did they not hear it or were they just unwilling to leave? 

“I’ll try again.” Gu La said with a sour expression. The tribes had worked together for years, everyone knew what the signal meant. What was the reason that everyone here wasn’t reacting to it? 

At that moment, bird caws came from a corner of the mountain. 

“It’s the Feather tribe, they don’t plan to leave yet. Let’s wait for the others then.” Gu La said with a frown.” 

“Tell them, either we all leave together or they stay here and we leave,” said Shao Xuan. 

Gu La did as he was told. The reply he got was that the others didn’t want to leave yet. 

“Up to them, let’s go,” said Shao Xuan as he let Gu La send one last reply. 

Soon, a short whistle was heard. 

“They agreed.” Gu La didn’t understand their logic. Were they really willing to stay here just for the green face fang beast? Were they really that greedy? 

Shao Xuan thought this was out of character for them. Unless they knew something about the beast and how important it was. 

The people didn’t know the secret, why were they so enthusiastic? 

A thought made Shao Xuan skip a beat. Rock Hill City!! 

The slave masters could have told them the secret! To make the tribespoeple stay, to divert the attention of the beasts!! 

“Maybe they already know about the secret,” said Shao Xuan. 

“What secret?” asked the tribesmen from the Hui tribe. 

“What use does the green face fang beast have?” This was the question they didn’t have the answer to. However, the people from the Flaming Horn tribe weren’t willing to spill their secret just yet. 


Shao Xuan only said two words. Gazes were thrown around with many emotions in them. 

“Metal?! So that’s why!” Shi Shi felt his blood nearly boiling with excitement. 

“It isn’t the time to speak about it. Tell the others that Rock Hill City only wants them there to divert the attention of the beasts onto them.” Shao Xuan said to Gu La. 

“Huh? Oh.” Gu La hasn’t come to his senses. With shaky hands, he hesitantly sent out the signals. Luckily, the message was conveyed. 

“Are we really not going to catch more?” He She had a bitter tone in his voice, he knew the answer to the question. No wonder the others weren’t willing to leave. 

Shao Xuan didn’t reply. Mai and Luo just grunted. The tribes didn’t have good enough relationships for them to be sharing secrets. Nobody really wanted to share information. Even the tribes with better relationships were also wary of each other. 

Now, due to the possible threat of Rock Hill City, Shao Xuan had told them their secret. Yet this bunch of people STILL wanted to convince him to stay? Did they want to die?

“If you want to stay you can, we’re leaving.” 

The five from Flaming Horn took their beasts and headed back. 

The members of the Hui tribe kept quiet and followed the Flaming Horn tribesmen. 

Just to avoid the people from Rock Hill City, the group went around two mountains and took the long route back. 

Soon after Shao Xuan’s groups left, the beasts did change their target and split into three groups, headed to three different directions. Each direction had tribespeople in the area. 

That was what Shi Shi made the slaves do so that he could bring his game away peacefully. As he was leaving, he noticed that although he caught eleven beasts, there were only eight with him now! 

“Robber Four!!” 

Shi Shi didn’t expect that robber to steal his prey! He was so careful about the tribespeople that he didn’t notice three of his beasts were taken away! 

Shi Shi was so angry he could have exploded but wasn’t able to lose his chill. He brought a portion of his slaves and the remaining eight beasts and rushed down the mountain. 

The sky was still dark. There was the scent of blood in the air, sounds of objects tumbling over each other and the sizzle of the blood flowing out from the dead green-faced fanged beasts. The blood burned through the beast's muscle leaving only its bones and fangs. Those fearsome weapons were left useless on this limp carcass. 

However, the number of deaths for the beasts were way less than the number of slaves lost to them. Shi Shi brought nearly four hundred people with him and now the number was just slightly above a hundred. 

More than two hundred people had lost their lives to the beasts. They could still hear their cries in agony.

Shi Shi didn’t care. The beasts were more important. If he knew this was the outcome, he would have brought a thousand of them here. 

Shi Shi still was upset over his three stolen beasts but still felt joy from leading the tribespeople to their misery. It was their fault for going after his prize.