Shao Xuan led his team out of the area surrounded by mountains, they only slowed down when they had left that area. 

“Let me go up and take a look.” Shao Xuan passed the unconscious beasts to Duo Kang and climbed up a tree. 

This area had more ancient trees in it. There were more birds resting on the trees too. Shao Xuan could hear some displeased chirps at him as he climbed up. One could hear the endless distant noises from the nocturnal animal’s activities. 

This truly was the real, normal Fearsome Beast Forest. 

The green-faced fanged beasts wouldn’t leave behind their precious territory. The background noise of other beasts fighting and interacting with each other was actually quite calming for the tribespeople. If the animals were interacting with each other, it meant this was no longer the land of green-faced fanged beasts. 

When he reached the top of the tree, Shao Xuan looked out to the great forest. He couldn’t see those odd green shades the beasts had but he could hear those misleading sounds of the wind. 

The birds on the tree seemed unsettled by those sounds. They murmured with a deep tone. 

When Shao Xuan got down from the tree, the members from the Hui tribe were still lurking about not catching more beasts but it was too late for them to head back now. 

Flaming Horn had nine green-faced fanged beasts in total, they would give two of them to the Hui tribe. This wasn’t them being unfair because during the hunting process Flaming Horn tribe was the one doing most of the work, whil the Hui tribe mostly assisted. The three great mountain eagles they brought were no use too. One was injured, the other seemed out of its mind, the last one just rejected the area too much to even get close to it. That was why two beasts was a fair trade for their efforts. 

The members of the Hui tribe understood this, hence they did not oppose the deal. Who knew those vicious beasts in the forest would help in the weapon-making process? 

However, since they knew where the beasts were now and they were the first tribe to work with Flaming Horn, they were sure that there would be opportunities for them to head back and hunt for more beasts. 

With such a mindset, the Hui tribespeople was glad that they made the right choice of working with the Flaming Horn tribe. 

“Shao Xuan, why don't we wait here?” said He She, his tone careful and hesitant. It was too dark out, he wouldn’t be able to see Shao Xuan’s expression, he could only guess his reaction from his breathing and movements. 

“Sure.” Shao Xuan didn’t plan to walk back to the tribe on the same day anyway. It was dangerous to travel at night in the Fearsome Beast Forest. The others also had difficulty seeing in the dark so unless it was absolutely necessary, it was not recommended to rush back in the dark. 

They didn’t dare use their water moon stones. They were afraid of attracting insects and beasts nearby. They found a place to hide and silently waited. 

They heard voices but it didn’t belong to the tribespeople. It should be Shi Shi’s group and they were walking in another direction. That meant they wouldn’t be meeting them anytime soon. 

They waited a little more but there were no other voices. He She blew his whistle again but there was no response. 

The sky was getting lighter, the day was coming. 


Leaves from shrubs rustled against each other as if something had run past them. 

“What was that?!” shouted Mai. 

Everyone shot up, alert. 


A figure swiftly ran past them. The motion was forceful enough to make a flower taller than a person sway from side to side. 

“I’ll take a look.” Duo Kang lifted his axe and moved in the direction the figure went. 

“Wait!” Shao Xuan blocked Duo Kang, “Don’t go there, look after our beasts.” 

As soon as they heard Shao Xuan, they knew what he meant. It probably wasn’t some kind of beast hidden in the darkness, it could be someone after their prize! 

Someone from Rock Hill City? 

Behind Shao Xuan, the remaining four from Flaming Horn formed an arc around the nine beasts. The members of the Hui tribe completed the circle. 


The figure hidden between the trees suddenly rushed out. Like a snake coldly looking at its prey, the figure ran towards Shao Xuan and the rest, zooming around like a lightning bolt with steps so light it made them seem like they were floating! 

A Robber?! 

It didn’t seem like someone from Rock Hill City, the slaves had no special powers like this. The next suspect would be the Robbers. 

The tribespeople tightly held onto their weapons. They increased their totemic energy, muscles throughout their bodies were taut, as hard as stone. Their bones couldn’t help but crackle from the insane rush of energy. 

What did the tribesmen hate the most? When other people came after their prey.

Just as everyone focused on the figure before them, another figure appeared and ran in a different direction. 

Unlike the figure that appeared before themselves, the latter had a stealthy vibe to them instead of the cold murderous vibe of the former figure. 

If the first figure was floating, this figure was leaping. They maintained a light stance too, like a mayfly in water. One moment the figure was here, the other moment the figure was at another place. 

That was why everyone had their gaze on the first figure, completely oblivious to the second figure’s presence. As soon as the second figure got closer to the circle, Gu La immediately reacted and swung his sword around. The other members of the Hui tribe followed suit. The figure was able to find a gap in the mess and made it to the centre where all the unconscious beasts were! 

As soon as the figure reached out for the closest green-faced fanged beast to him, three spearheads came flying in his direction. 

With one palm on the floor, he flipped through the air, avoiding all three spearheads. As soon as he reached out again, Shao Xuan had already swung his sword in the figure’s direction. 

“Die, Robber Seven!” shouted Shao Xuan. 

That was Robber Seven?!

The Robber they captured then released?! 

How dare he steal from Flaming Horn!! 

Duo Kang and the rest were absolutely furious, they should have killed him! 

The Robber Seven that was exposed seemed to feel no sense of guilt. 

So what if I am exposed? I need to steal your stuff!

However, because of Shao Xuan’s block, the rest of his people had time to react too. At this point, Robber Seven had lost his chance to steal the beasts. 

If this isn’t the time, we’ll just come back another time!  

Robber Seven and his companion thought the same thought. They were masters of theft not fights. They were not kind to fight with their victims. 

Even though he felt unwilling to leave the circle, Robber Seven knew it was the best for him to retreat now. 

But Shao Xuan had other thoughts. 

“Don’t let them leave!” 

These Robbers would drive them mad from paranoia. They have enough stress from protecting themselves in this forest full of beasts, the Robbers didn’t need to add on to it. Even if there were other Robbers out to get their game, they cannot let Robber Seven, who had the audacity to target them twice, get away!