Totemic power surged through every inch of Shao Xuan’s body.

He stomped forcefully, sending shock waves to the ground equivalent to a large dinosaur’s. 

Shao Xuan leapt forward, pursuing the figures that had left the circle of guards. He ran with such power that it produced a sound not unlike a cloth being ripped. 

He swung forcefully in Robber Seven’s direction. 

Robber Seven only felt as if the air was filled with ice-cold water that chilled him to his core. He only could think of one explanation for this. 


Oh no! It’s the same boy!  

The memory of the cabbage patch flashed through Robber Seven’s mind. He jumped up, flipping mid-air like a fish twisting its flexible tail. Just as he was about to use the rotational airflow to help his jump, a blade swung before him, consuming everything in its path. 

This again! 

He used this last time and he’s using this now!  

This felt like their last encounter-- no, Shao Xuan was even stronger now. His murderous aura sent shivers up Robber Seven’s spine. He tried his best to dodge the attack but something in his mind told him he wouldn’t be able to. Even if he did, he would still lose a limb. 

If he didn’t want to lose a limb, he would have to strike back. 


It wasn’t the sound of a limb getting chopped up but the piercing sound of metals clashing against one another. 

With that explosion of sound, Robber flew like a baseball to a nearby tree with a trunk thicker than an elephant. 


The clean sound of something breaking was very clear in the night. It scared away many wild birds. 

The tree had fallen from the impact of Robber Seven hitting it. Sawdust and leaves flew everywhere. 

The person who hit the tree vomited out a mouthful of blood. 

“Robber Six!” 

Robber Seven knew he was out of luck, he could only cry for help. 

Robber Six, who was just about to leave, cursed. Like an agile snake, he ran past Duo Kang’s axe and towards Robber Seven. 

Robber Six managed to grab Robber Seven before Shao Xuan could swing his sword at him. Robber Seven ran through the thick forest, not leaving a trace. He took each step with such accuracy and speed, even Shao Xuan may not be able to catch up to him. 

This was Robber Six’s speciality. He could sneak around like a mouse escaping its predator. 

That was the reason Robber Six even dared to steal here. He knew if all else went wrong, he would have the terrain to his advantage. No tribesmen would be able to catch up to him! 

Even though he wasn’t as fast as he could be because he was carrying Robber Seven, he didn’t care. I’m amazing. Even while carrying this lump of extra burden, I can escape those stupid tribesmen!  

This was a curse each Robber had. That endless confidence. Arrogance that made them conceited beyond comparison. 

Knowing the situation was disadvantageous to him, Shao Xuan didn't pursue the Robber and thought of another way. 

Shao Xuan placed his sword in his animal skin bag. He held the arm not holding the sword into a fist, placed his knee onto the ground. He sprung up with his entire body accelerating by the moment, his first leading the way. His target wasn’t the two figures but the fallen tree hit by Robber Seven! 

With rocket-like speed, the fist plunged into the tree bark. The impact didn’t split the bark. Instead, Shao Xuan’s arm seemed to just sink into that solid tree bark. 

Not wasting a moment, Shao Xuan leapt into the air, at the time lifting three barks as thick as an elephant as if it weighed nothing. 

Although the Hui tribe couldn’t see everything clearly. The near dawn sky was bright enough for them to see the humongous trunk being moved by a single man. 

They knew people from the Flaming Horn tribe were strong. They thought they had understood them from the few days they spent together but it seemed that they had underestimated them yet again. 

This tree with countless number of branches and that was so tall one could barely see its top from the ground was swung downwards. 

Robber Six and Seven lifted their heads up. 

Above their heads were tightly packed branches and flowers with a dense network of vines that blocked their vision. At that moment, they could feel something falling down on them. 

“Lo… Look out!” Robber Seven said as blood poured out of his mouth. They nearly crashed into a shrub while looking at the sky. 

Robber Seven had all sorts of scratches and cuts from branches around them. His hair was a mess and nearly all the bones in his body were broken. He felt like crap. 

“I know! I don’t need you to…” 

Before Robber Six could finish his sentence, 


The ancient tree smashed into the ground. The other trees stood no chance against it, also falling under the pressure from the ancient one. 

Everything ahead of the two had fallen, leaving them exposed in this area of fallen trees. 

Where are they going to hide now?!